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'Pure Fear-Mongering': Trump Bizarrely Warns of Left-Wing 'Violence' If Democrats Win Midterms

'Pure Fear-Mongering': Trump Bizarrely Warns of Left-Wing 'Violence' If Democrats Win Midterms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Multiple accounts of a meeting President Donald Trump held with evangelical Christian leaders Monday night revealed that the president warned of "violence" from both Democrats and anti-fascist protesters if Republicans fail to retain control of Congress in the midterm elections.

When will the Omarosa Show be cancelled…

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You would think people would catch on to right wing extremists stoking fears of violence by the opposition but they never seem to. It seems to always work. So millions of Americans have been urged to support Trump because because of violence by Muslims, Hispanics, and blacks. Creating fears about the antifa is really stretching it. I am opposed to the violent tactics by the antifa but there aren’t that many of them and most seem to be in northwest around Oregon. They mainly seem to show up to counter white supremacist events so unless people are planning to attend neo-Nazi hate-filled events or rallies by the violent Proud Boys they are unlikely to encounter the antifa. Compared with the right the left in the US is not very violent. The number of acts of violence by the right in recent years far outnumber the acts of violence by the left. Only the right has armed militias. There are people foolish enough to believe the crazy talk by Trump of left wing violence. Considering all the total nonsense these people believe they are pretty much dupes waiting for the next lie to believe and act on.


These are Christians?


Projection, he is a master at it and works so well to his benefit. Can we blame the lamestreet medai? Repulicons have been doing this for decades and they’ve gotten away with.
When will there be accountability? When will facts matter, truth be protected, lying a crime (hard to prove) Truth in Lending, Truth in Advertising. Truth in programming of our air waves?
We’re so down the slippery slope of holding not holding corruption to account.

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If you watch/listen to Thom Hartmann you would know Paul Waywrick who talked to Christian about wanted everyone to vote. He state they did not want everyone to vote, we know that when people are educated and vote, they vote democrat. So don’t encourage everyone to vote.


What is the difference between Joe McCarthy, George Wallace, David Dukes, Joseph Gobbles and the Grand Wizard of the KKK? NOTHING. They are all Xenophobic Bigots that traffic in HATE.


You have to hand it to him, he is very good at delivering the power elites messages.

More like their religious fascism, racism, and xenophobia will come under attack!

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Well, it’s not exactly “pure fear-mongering”…

Mind you, it would be fantastic if Trump looked like a complete lunatic for saying such dangerous nonsense, but sadly the Democratic Party’s (Rove/Brock-emulating) tactics of recent years have come close to legitimizing even his ugliest rhetoric on this subject.

Mainstream conservatives won’t soon forget – and nor should we – the DNC’s deliberate attempts in 2016 to provoke violence at Trump’s rallies: https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2016/oct/20/trump-says-clinton-and-obama-caused-violence-his-r/

As someone who abhors violence, I consider that moment one of the all-time low points for the formerly liberal (presently neocon-exalting, neo-McCarthyist, environment-destroying) party of our neo-fascist duopoly.

"The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. I mean honestly, it is not hard to get some of these (expletive) to pop off… message them to punch you."

“…do these actions, you will be attacked at Trump rallies. That’s what we want. The whole point of it…”

– Scott Foval, DNC subcontractor and National Field Director at Americans United for Change



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How about the violence of Trumps evangelical, religious fanatics, called Christians, like Pence?

The US and Saudi Arabia just murdered many young school children by bombing a school bus in Yemen. But not condemned by Pence or congress and not a peep from any of Trumps evangelical, church followers.

Talk about violent people!


My comment had little to do with “party politics” and everything to do with “The Prince of Peace”.

WTF? are you talking about? You write like a lunatic.

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So trump is stirring the pot again. Yesterday afternoon after seeming to strike a deal with Mexico, he told reporters “We will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.” That got a big reaction from the Mexican government.

I heard about it on NPR yesterday, but so far nothing on Common Dreams or most US news media. Did Trump scare them all off with the Google Rant?

Just Google: “trump says mexico will pay for the wall.”

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I guess linking to the PolitiFact story didn’t make it clear what I was writing about: the DNC trying to foment violence at Trump rallies in 2016.

(A helpful reading hint: you have to read the words sequentially in order to get the sense of sentences and paragraphs, not just skip around, getting distracted by the symbols. Together, the letters form words, and then the words form sentences. Stick with it, you’ll get there. For future reference, “are you talking about?” is not a sentence.)

Thanks for the grammar lesson. At least I didn’t shout it, nor use the word “fascist.” And BTW, Who is BOB MUELLER?

One of the best sources of information about Mueller is former Time Magazine “Person of the Year” Coleen Rowley, Mueller’s FBI colleague who blew the whistle on corruption and crimes committed by his Bureau, on his watch, at his direction: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/06/06/russia-gates-mythical-heroes/

But here’s my quick take on “Who is Bob Mueller?”

Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI for over a decade, under presidents Bush-Obama. He sold W’s bogus case for war with Iraq, testifying falsely about “WMDs” to the U.S. Congress, leading to the deaths of over a million human beings, per multiple peer-reviewed studies, including those published in the respected British medical journal, The Lancet.

Mueller’s Bureau illegally rounded up and imprisoned thousands of U.S. Muslims in the days after 9/11 and refused to acknowledge their civil rights, denying them phone calls and lawyers for weeks. Many were physically brutalized.

More recently, leading the neo-McCarthyite RussiaGate farce – courting WWIII over a bunch of evidence-free charges coming from career neocons – Mueller has been one of the most reliable water carriers for the genocidal foreign policy clique known as neocons. (Neocons are the faction that has been running U.S. foreign policy for decades, now, making America the most feared nation in the world.)

It is this history that makes him a bona fide neo-fascist, IMO.

…Or are you unaware of the millions of predominantly Arab Muslim civilians that America has butchered over the past few presidencies – under Trump’s three deplorable predecessors alone? The vast majority women and children?

I apologize if my terms are confusing, but I was raised in a country that at least told itself that illegal invasions, mass-slaughter, total citizen surveillance, torture, domestically-aimed propaganda, and generally lawless destruction – particularly when aimed at one particular ethnosectarian group – amounts to FASCISM.

The present incarnation speaks the language of liberalism (even Bush, Cheney, and Trump have done so), much prettier than history’s last batch of fascists, but none can match the modern U.S.A. for total carnage wrought, to civilization and the planet: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=634

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When Obama ran for POTUS in 2008 self-identified T-Party Members showed up armed. There are thousands of photos of these " political terrorists " on the Internet. It has never stopped ( or been stopped by LE ) and the same cannot be said of the " so called " left.
When Neo-Fascists and Neo-Nazis or White Nationalists come into your commons, I suggest you make them some apple pies. That’ll soften them up.


Everyone, and I mean everyone, including the Trump Crazies know that if there is any violence at all during and after the midterms, it will be carried out by the Trump Crazies.


You’re entirely correct about the proclivity of the right-wing, not the left, toward violence. And yes, indeed, I saw the ugly messaging from Tea Party types following President Obama’s election. Some of the more fringe messages were blatantly racist, while others went so far as to threaten violence. It was disgusting. That’s why I responded to those protests with the following original political cartoon: http://invitation2artivism.com/?attachment_id=731

However, the American right was just experiencing its political awakening at that time, utterly disillusioned after eight neo-fascist, morally grotesque, and calamitous years of George W. Bush, who’d been aided and abetted by virtually every American institution going. (All of our institutions finished the Bush years sullied and changed – dramatically, for the worse.)

But the Tea Party’s two primary messages at that time, before they were co-opted by FoxNews and the corporatists, were: 1) Don’t destroy Medicare (a traditionally liberal position); and 2) Don’t bail out Wall Street on Main Street’s back (also a liberal, perfectly defensible position).

I’m not saying we had to bake pies, but if we’d subverted efforts to divide us by making common cause with the right around those two issues (and ending the wars, where there was also much agreement), the establishment would’ve had a much harder time completing their coup against the middle class and rule of law.

If we’d worked together, perhaps the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households would not have been erased by robo-signing, institutionally racist Wall Street criminals (who Obama saved, needlessly, with $16 trillion of taxpayer money, per Forbes, reporting on the GAO’s audit of the Fed, while creating millions of homeless Americans).

And the ACA might even have had a public option, or better, if we had treated these (very flawed) conservative political neophytes with civility and patience. Like human beings. Like our brothers and sisters.

Maybe we could have even prevented Obama from slashing Medicare – if we were adult enough to work together. But that’s not what modern Americans do. We swallow propaganda tailored for our group and hate, hate, hate… those who vote for the other, virtually identical, political party… and foreigners galore: Russians, Venezuelans, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians…

We hate whomever our corporate-owned media and corrupt politicians tell us to hate.

If we remotely understood what Abraham Lincoln meant about appealing to “the better angels” of each other’s nature, rather than declaring all who disagree with us “deplorable” and treating them like devils, we might still have some remnants of a democratic, open society. We might not be tearing ourselves to pieces over partisan propaganda in the info-tainment era.

Instead, we allowed ourselves to be divided and conquered, as Obama became torture-legalizing, citizen-assassinating, Mujaheddin 2.0-creating, society-surveilling Bush on Steroids: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=1491

And FYI, President Obama also ceased the DOJ’s monitoring of dangerous, violent, right-wing groups in America, which has had disastrous effects on our society.

Obama never acted as if he had a left flank to protect, only a right flank. His Chief of Staff notoriously called progressives “retards” and his administration treated the left worse than it treated KKK types. That kind of appeasement is dangerous, and in many ways, all of these capitulations led us to Trump.

And while spending his presidency delivering for neo-fascists and sparing the extreme-right wingers, Obama worked assiduously to brutally, violently, illegally crush left-wing policies and activism. It wasn’t Bush or Trump who obliterated OWS with an illegal, brutal, 18-city crackdown. And it wasn’t the GOP that rigged their 2016 primary, denying the majority of lefties – and the country – President Sanders, instead of the current trainwreck president.

And it was Obama, too, who pulled off the improbable miracle of rescuing the genocidal neocon agenda and the unsustainable, financialized economy of fraudsters, just when they were both in tatters. The next crash will be larger and more permanent, thanks to Obama.

The mainstream “left” come across as total hypocrites, excoriating Trump (the scumbag) while mythologizing Democrats who’ve done virtually all the heavy lifting in normalizing neo-fascism.

Until we start acting like grown-ups and working together, the 1% will keep shredding our futures and burning our planet.

We need to stop pretending that mass-incarcerating, serial racist, genocidal Democrats are so different from their Republican counterparts. Until we stop talking about personalities and start talking about policies, politicians like Trump will become the norm.

And that’s our fault as much as it is the establishment’s. Worst citizens ever.