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'Pure Propaganda': New York Times Condemned for Comparing Sanders Green New Deal to Trump Border Wall

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/15/pure-propaganda-new-york-times-condemned-comparing-sanders-green-new-deal-trump


The New York Times is always in the tank for the moderate.

If Bernie won the d-party nomination, the paper would endorse a Hillary write in campaign.


The New York Times Won’t Stop Pushing Democrats Right


NYT is part of the propaganda wing of the Duopoly cabal. What do you expect?


The NY Times is a corrupt rag of conflicts of interest and blatant ass-kissing of the DINO right-wing (and “conservative”) hucksters and corporate criminals. The days when the Times was actually a respectable news source are loong gone!

Who do you trust to tell the truth? The Times or Bernie? To me there is no choice; it is Bernie without doubt!


It would appear as if the NYT still loathes to loose advertising $$ from the fossil fuels mafia.


It’s quite clear that the Fossil Fuel Cabal owes the WORLD for the Mess it Created.


For giving cover with lies like this

If we had a REAL PRESS, They might report NOAA FACTS like EMERGENCY HEADLINES.


Jeez, I have autopay donations to both CD and a cheap teacher rate subscription to the NYT - the NYT because, for basically selfish reasons (selfish because what I write doesn’t make a practical dif.) - I like crossing swords w/ liberal and right wing editorials and threads.

I don’t even remember my yearly NYT rate…it’s cheap…but I’m thinking there’ll come a point where I give up articulating responses to dumb-assed editorials and posters and just give more money to some other progressive org…

Now, individually, my cancelling my subscription won’t make a dif…

…but, I wonder if there could be a ‘progressive consortium’ NYT subscription that collectively withholds monies/subscriptions for periods of time when it goes with especially stupid-assed shit like this? So their financial department gets immediate feedback and is immediately, ideally, concerned about ‘reduced viewership of our commercial contributors’?


In every instance, it seems, people named Friedman are enemies of the People.


Don’t you silly leftists understand?. The adults in the room propose policies that are nowhere near what is needed and pretend we have more time than we do. And if Mother Nature doesn’t agree, she too will get a finger waiving explanation on pragmatism. That will convince her and the laws of science will then change. Do you all now understand how the grown ups in the room operate? Neat, right?


I’m still angry at the useless deficit mongering by Reagan-era scarred Democrats in Congress. If Republicans can put it behind them, those idiots can too.




Lots of Democrats came of age in the Reagan era and its long running afterglow. I’m not as hardcore pro-Sanders as others around here, but if there’s one thing I appreciate about him, it’s his open rejection of the phony-baloney Reagan era deficit scoldery we’ve been in the loop of since that cruddy presidency (which was baloney at the time). That some Democrats would sign up for another go-around of it is just stupid.


Aye that. Of course, Republicans “put it behind them” only when they hold the White House, and resurrect its desiccated corpse to prop up as a divide-and-conquer tool when Team Blue moves in.


If you want to see nearly 100% renewable energy, go to Duluth, Minnesota and plug your laptop into the wall. The local utility, Allete, has a deal with nearby Manitoba Hydro where Manitoba Hydro put extra turbines in their dam. When the wind blows, Allete sends 100 megawatts north and water builds up behind the dam. When the wind doesn’t blow, Manitoba Hydro sends 100 megawatts south. It’s a cheap and dependable trade.

If we, the people, want 99.99% renewable electricity, it’s better that progressive states start building those prototypes right now.* If your university isn’t building anything because they’re cheap and they’re maybe bought off, you have a problem.

*Useful prototypes: bird-safe versions of solar power towers, improvements to hydropumping, mountainside solar chimneys, battery improvements, hydrogen fuel cell systems, devices that raise 30,000 tons of concrete/rocks 3,000 feet and then generate ten megawatts for 72 hours with that weight. More ideas wanted.


The NYT article is good news in a way — it clearly shows the popularity of Sanders’ ideas, and how afraid of him the Establishment has become.


Dear Common Dreams, thank you for your article. I checked the NY Times piece, and it appears that after publication of articles like yours this afternoon, as well as immediate protests from environmental groups, the Times changed its misleading headline (real “experts” having come down hard on them) and deleted the sophomoric comparison between the Green New Deal and Trump’s wall in the first paragraph. You have performed a service to truth. Science tells us that only a World War II scale effort can hope to rescue our planet, and that even then, it’s touch-and-go. As another has asked, would it have been wise for “moderates” to have given FDR only a fraction of the planes needed to defeat the Nazis – as if we could do no better? We can do better and must never give up the fight.


Welcome to one of the best progressive sites, with the some of the best commentators, on the net. If you agree with me, please financially support Common Dreams…thank you.


That damn liberal, pinko, Nazi, communist NY Times. Again!!!


People still wonder as to how Trumps claim that outlets like the New York times as being “fake news” gets so much traction.

Try and cite an article from Tass or Venezuelanalysis. and the same people linking the New York times as a source will claim this outlets unreliable or biased.

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When I saw the headline in the Times, I thought it was garbage and didn’t bother to read. Such garbage about not being able to do anything to turn our economy more in line to stop the CO2, I have heard that since the 60s’.
It certainly seems that they are making sure we can’t stop the harm.

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