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Purveyors of Global Violence, US Continues to Lead World Arms Trade


Purveyors of Global Violence, US Continues to Lead World Arms Trade

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. weapons industry continues to lead the world as the greatest supplier of major arms and munitions, according to an authoritative analysis, fueling the global violence and turmoil that has soared to unprecedented levels in recent years.

The report (pdf), put forth by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on Monday, found that the U.S. continues to dominate the global arms trade, driving 33 percent of total exports between 2011 and 2015.

'Homegrown Terrorists' Are Mostly Motivated by US Atrocities Abroad: FBI

Imagine my surprise! Just same old news about the best racket ever devised by man...the war racket!

If you are a war profiteer, the last thing you would want is a peace that would limit the demand for your products of perdition.


It appears that Germany is the only major weapons manufacturer that is decreasing its arms exports. USA number one, Russia a close second, China a distant third but doubling in the last 7 years...arms race seems to be running as strong as ever. Too bad that money couldn't be spent on something useful.


Just ran across this quote, he had some good ones:

"The Government is the Entertainment Division of the Military Industrial Complex."

Frank Zappa


Is this the best we can do as a nation? Is this the best our "leaders" can do for our nation and future? The US leads the world in military expenditures by-far feeding death for millions via endless for-profit wars either directly or through proxies, like Saudi Arabia.
The "Global Force for Good" is the Navy propaganda slogan. All of our so-called leaders & Congress are complicit to the crime and none dare challenge the monstrosity Prez-General Eisenhower warned against, the Military Industrial Congressional Complex MICC. Civilian priorities are ignored as military waste and corruption flourishes, at home and around the world. $1.7 Trillion in 2013 alone - a staggering amount that has lost all meaning for people conditioned to these numbers.

It is far-more than likely none of this will change as the power and corruption is just too great on our elected/selected representatives and the public too ignorant and brainwashed.......

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”
Martin Luther King Jr


"Is this the best we can do as a nation? Is this the best our "leaders" can do for our nation and future?"

I've asked myself those same two questions for several decades now and apparently the answer is yes.


Acceptance of profligacy seems inevitably to be built into the hierarchic "chain" of command in these "exceptional" societies. Exceptional blindness, exceptional levels of waste; exceptional levels of violence and fostering of aggression in the electronic entertainment models. These we need because any who are not us are the enemy. And heaven forbid we share across those ever present dimensions of diversity.

One of the tacit dog whistles in the contemporary political environment is a veiled threat by the system. If you value a perspective of sharing, which we are taught in our youth to be a virtue, and systemic support for doing so, you exhibit "communist" or "socialist" tendencies. On top of that also implicit is that you are "childish". Not so explicit is that to do so across cultures is to be viewed as as some form of traitor, not 'grown up', and a threat to the perversions of an imposed order with intent to also subvert the one with whom you would share into said communist or socialist. Double trouble.

No, sharing should be left to those who impose the order = trickle down = so that acceptance can be argued as proof of how mature one is. In the mean time...


If MLK were alive today he might amend that quote to: this nation has not approached spiritual death and after the CIA's attempt to assassinate me,...America has died spiritually.


About the only thing remaining is to bury the US MICC at a crossroad, its mouth full of garlic and a stake through its shriveled heart. Then, maybe...


And to the delight of Boeing, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, General Electric, Northup Grumman, and Lockheed Martin (to name a few of the largest war profiteers) bouncing all the way to the bank!


more US exceptionalism.


I just watched a clip of our president bemoaning "gun violence" in the US, suggesting that limiting access to guns would somehow solve the problem.

The problem is the bankrupt notion that killing people solves problems. And the one person in this country most responsible at this moment for pushing that meme is the same guy trying to convince us that limiting access to guns will solve the problem.

Peace isn't what happens when all the killing stops. Peace (at home or abroad) has to be built one careful decision at a time - after all the killing stops.


And for a donation to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary's stint as Secretary of State your country could have shipments of weapons too.



Proud of violence, proud of wars, proud to take it to anyone's doors.

Anyone with a conscience should feel utter shame and infinite scorn.


Imperialist amerika's eliist attitude will be part of the collapse of empire! The World sees fascist amerika for the war mongering world bully that it is!