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Push for Controversial Trade Deal Continues With Pitch From Defense Secretary


Push for Controversial Trade Deal Continues With Pitch From Defense Secretary

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on Monday trumpeted the administration's so-called Pacific pivot and urged passage of legislative power that critics say will allow a massive corporate-friendly trade deal to be rammed through Congress.


How cool! Let’s have the Global Corporate Oligarchy outsource its military functions to the Pentagon.


I assume that most everyone commenting here or reading these comments has already called their representatives to tell them to Vote No to Fast Track, but in case you do not know I wanted everyone to know that it is also strongly suggested that we call Senator Ron Wyden, who has a very important voice in this right now, to ask that he publicly opposes fast track and helps us stop the TPP. Also there is a petition online on Credo Action that we can all sign: Make secret trade agreements public, demanding that we, and Congress, be able to immediately read the texts of all pending trade agreements, so that they can be revealed and exposed. Please keep spreading the word.


Perhaps it’s time that the amerikan sheep have a look at his, Michael Froman’s and Slick Oily’s investments, including the investments of their wives and children, because that’s where politicians usually hide their financial conflicts of interests.
As far as job growth goes, remember that President Slick Willie promised great job growth with the passage of NAFTA. The result was a loss of over a million amerikan manufacturing jobs! Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on . . .!


ASHTON CARTER WAS CO-AUTHOR OF 1998 PAPER “CATASTROPHIC TERRORISM” ALONG WITH PHILIP ZELIKOW AND JOHN DUETCH!!! (www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/54602/ashton-b-carter-john-deutch-and-philip-zelikow/catastrophic-terrorism-tackling-the-new-danger etc.)
Just google it. This paper is a neo-con’s wet dream fantasy which positively lusts for an act of terror such as the previous attack on WTC but this time with thousands of deaths. it would be a transformative event! We could wage wars of our choice whilst severely restricting the rights of US citizens etc. Such ramblings ought to have put these madmen away for a very long time. Imagine their susrprise that the evil fairy granted their wildest wishes and had not one but 3 WTC buildings explode/collapse (though, strangely, only two were hit by aeroplanes…). Such phenomenal insight is on a par with the BBC reporting on 9/11 that the Salomon Bros building (aka WTC7) has collapsed (due to the heat from the other buildings) a full 20 minutes before it happened. Now I know the BBC are very smart and knew there were WMD in Iraq despite Hans Blix assertions, but thats like announcing that President Kennedy has been shot BEFORE he has even left Love Field in Dallas! Well done Carter & Zelikow. Zelikow is likewise a very talented ‘academic’ who specialised in the manufacturing of myth - specifically related to the assassination of President Kennedy. Zelikow then went on to micro manage the 9/11 Truth Investigation (why not since he himself has predicted it?) just as Allen Dulles (ex CIA chief) managed the Warren Commission whose only job was to hide the fact that Oswald was a CIA ‘patsy’ and that the CIA were not part of the conspiracy. N.B. those were the days before the CIA invented the term “Conspiracy Theorist” as a pejorative to anyone who dared question the Warren Commission’s official version of events into the JFK assassination. Zelikow doesn’t miss a trick. I wonder when he’ll join Carter at the Pentagon - or maybe he’ll get Langley…