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Push, Push, Push: How Movements Succeed

Push, Push, Push: How Movements Succeed

Jim Hightower

There's a sports cliche, often applied to political races, that devalues strong-but-losing contenders: "Close only counts in horseshoes," they snort.

We’re also going to be in a battle with the MIC for money –
and very prepared to stand strongly now against all of the US/CIA “illegal
wars of aggression” - it’s fake “war on terrorism” – and the 70 cents or more
of every dollar it is getting from taxpayers now.

Now more than ever, democratic anti-war propaganda – spoken clearly by our elected
DP representatives must be heard ever more loudly.:

Not just again current wars but old wars and insanities – and against the MIC in toto.

JUST as IKE said it – liberal propaganda can be just as effective as right wing propaganda;
but it has to be heard and repeated regularly – wash, rinse, and repeat again and again.


Neil Clark isn’t hearing that liberal stuff often enough and he chose the two top liberals to give as examples. They cave under scrutiny of microphones.
Bernie is my favorite candidate with Tulsi as my second favorite. So I can criticize, right? Maybe they’ll hear me and change?

  1. Bernie the democratic socialist said Venezuela’s election of socialist Maduro wasn’t fair. Election expert Jimmy Carter says it was utterly fair.
    In 2015 he called socialist Chavez “a dead communist dictator”.
  2. Gabbard backpedaled on Syria’s Assad when questioned on the air by McCain, asserting he using chemical weapons repeatedly, calling him a brutal dictator.

As it stands now, antiwar statements are as popular on media as climate change was ten years back.

Helen –

Oh … will it all end in tears … are you expressing my fears about the violence
of the Establishment vs liberal candidates?

I’ll have to look up Neil Clark –

Well, Bernie (I guess) is confused because it was Trump (wasn’t it?) who started the
right wing propaganda that it wasn’t a fair election? Hey, can Bernie be a little
confused as he begins to come out to campaign again? Let’s hope he straightens
this out. Jimmy Carter is right – OUR elections are unfair – as Carter has said we have
so little going for our elections we couldn’t even be monitored!
Carter also tells us we have an oligarchy –
but I still don’t trust him. Just something about him … and Brzezinski putting troops into
Afghanistan 6 months before the Russians were baited in … “in hopes of giving Russia
a Vietnam-type experience.” AND, it worked!!
Really dislike the Bernie comment on Chavez … “a dead communist dictator.”
Wow! Chavez also had this wonderful knack of talking to the American people … he
knew what was going on and he hoped that we were waking up to it.

Re Gabby – know very little about her – missed her rise.
Really disliked McCain –
And when it comes to chemical weapons isn’t it the US who is always putting them into
the hands of their puppets?

What in the hell is going on with Gov. Northam/NC?
The abortion stuff sounded like a right wing play –
Passing out cotton to students at the Gov’s mansion?
And a yearbook pic where he’s in blackface?

Looks like the Dem Party is caught sponsoring a really KKK guy?

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helen –

I’m watching a bit of CNN every night now hoping that I’ll hear that Trump is
going to jail – and Pence with him. The entire administration is gone.

And that Joe Biden decides to stay home with his family!

But most be immense loss to MSM all across the board as everything has pretty
much moved to internet. Hasn’t it?

Surprisingly, despite the right wing nature of the Obama administration, it was still
better at letting info on Global Warming get out to the people…and they picked up
on it fast over those 8 years.