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Pushback After Trump Says NRA's Views to Be "Fully Represented and Respected"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/pushback-after-trump-says-nras-views-be-fully-represented-and-respected


The views and bribes of the NRA and other gun industry shills have been the only things fully represented in the gun debate for decades.
Now’s the time to ignore the gun nut lobbyists and listen to everyone else for a change.
The second amendment wasn’t meant to Trump all the other amendments, or to enable gun fondling weirdos to turn our country into an armed madhouse.
But Trump and the GOP have received tens of millions of dollars from the gun fetishist lobby, and they’re not willing to let that money go by passing common sense gun control legislation.


Trump & the NRA vs. The People of the United States of America


Wayne LaPierre is nothing more than the top salesman for the gun industry. His job is to scare the public into buying more guns. During the Obama administration it was, “The black guy is gonna take your guns.” With R’s currently in charge of the executive branch, a majority in SCOTUS and control of the senate, Wayne’s had to get more creative. Now it’s lefty anarchists and, of course, the swarthy horde invading from the south.

There isn’t a single elected government official on the federal or state level advocating for taking pistols from ‘law-abiding’ citizens. Not one. The issue comes to trigger locks, background checks, red-flag laws and the biggie - machine guns. Hard to scare all but the dumbest on those grounds so fear is the reliable go-to trope for the despicable LaPierre and his corporate buddies. And to think republicans and dems are afraid to confront such transparent amateurs.

I’m sure some paid actors will be triggered by the headline to comment. A question for you: Why is it mandatory to perform a background check for purchasing a weapon from a city or town gun store, but the same weapon requires none if sold at a ‘gun show’ a few miles outside of town?


Yeah, the NRA bought and paid for their right to dictate legislation.


The NRA should be given the “respect” Any supporter of Domestic Terrorism deserves.


The gun show at the county fairgrounds has the same exact precise rules that the city or town gun store has. There are ATF agents in attendance monitoing all.

A potential customer at a counter is approached by a person who offers to sell him or her a weapon on PERSONAL basis. This is allowed under current laws everywhere. So they go outside to the sellers car, open the trunk, and make the sale. The buyer leaves right now with the gun. No waiting, no checking their background.

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A regular Indiana resident purchases semi auto pistols at Crown Point gun show. Passes background check and receives the pistols. Drives west, into Chicago and sells them. This is called a straw purchase and is illegal. Federal prison for a few years.

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Let’s stop pretending that anything is going to be done this time, or any other.
This won’t get addressed until sept when the Senate gets back. It will either die in committee, or get just under 50 votes ad be sent to trash heap. And by then most Americans will have long since forgotten about gun violence once again, as it will be football season. Then the Christmas shopping season will roll around, the 2020 election cycle will start, and no one in the American body politic will remember ElPaso or Dayton.
Oh, and the Democratic Party will never mention it in any phony “debate” after September.
Sorry for the wake up call, but if the site of kindergarten kids in body bags, or 400 killed, maimed and wounded in Las Vegas didn’t change America these two paltry incidents will do nothing either.

This morning, at apnews.com, there is a 20 question survey posted by the NRA. Many are trick questions, trying to acquire a ‘yes’ or ‘supports’ to dumb ideas. Like teachers being concealed carry. If you take the survey, be careful. then they ask you to join.

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Once again the public wants to take the easy road. Just ban guns, (wave a wand) and all the things that bother people strongly enough to lash out at strangers are put on the shelf.
Take away guns and we don’t have a clue as to how people will act out their grievances.
People want an easy answer to a multifaceted problem.

I don’t care for the NRA due to their political activism. But I have no problem with them defending gun ownership as long as they do nothing to promote violence.

Why do we suppose so many Vietnam veterans covet their guns?
Well it’s not to shoot people in a hostile way.
Most of us carried a weapon daily for a whole year. 15-20% actually fired them. So 80% of us who keep firearms do so in a defensive mode, just as we did in Nam.
Those stats don’t comfort anyone who lost someone due to one of these domestic murderers.
Watch the surge of sales the day semi autos banned. Most anyone who wanted one found a way, even if they did not plan to use it illegally.
PS A shocker for me while looking up these numbers. Four out of five people who claim to be Vietnam veterans, are not. 10 million as of the 1995 census. 13 million as of the 2000 census. And I thought there might be a few hundred.

Who the hell does this moron Trump think he is telling me or anybody else whose views they should respect. This failure of a human being and illegitimately elected president may not to blame but IS responsible for the current increase in hate crimes and mass murder. His presidency needs to be expunged.