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Pushed by National Uprising, Democratic Lawmakers Unveil Legislation to Overhaul Policing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/pushed-national-uprising-democratic-lawmakers-unveil-legislation-overhaul-policing


More moderate milquetoast from the democratic leadership.
There is nothing in this proposal that doesn’t already exist in some form or function at the local state and federal levels for law enforcement.
What spoke volumes today was the fact that, for the first time since this whole nationwide movement started, the Democratic Leadership actually bothered to be seen on camera. Talk about leadership. They should have been beating Trump over the head with this for the last two weeks. However the other very telling development is that Joe Biden came out today AGAINST defunding the police. He actually wants to give them MORE money and put them on double secret probation for awhile.
That’s right folks. The nation is up in arms, the economy is floundering, theres a pandemic taxing the already fragile medical system, but don’t worry! Joe is on the case, in his first response to a national emergency involving systemic racism and police brutality Joe is going to give those few bad cops a good talking to.
Status quo Joe to the rescue. Remind me African Americans, why is it that you vote for democrats again?


It is crucial that the Democrats avoid the term “defund” at all cost. Even if it doesn’t necessarily mean “completely getting rid of the police”, as some activists are trying to explain, the term is too easily construed that way and thus plays right into GOP talking points about law and order. Almost any other less-loaded term - “reimagine,” “demilitarize,” “rethink” - can convey the non-abolitionist interpretation almost as well, without scaring the suburban mom swing voters in Arizona or Wisconsin.

Seriously. Euphemisms matter.


This effort is a fraud that sweeps the most egregious cop crimes and behaviors -the entrenched culture of violence, and much more under the carpet What about hiring standards and firing offenders?. These new laws will be more of the same, easily avoided or manipulated.

The cop business will spew all the fear they can dream-up to frighten the public and threaten cowardly politicians.

Let’s face it “law enfarcement” is a business, part of the Prison Industrial Complex - workers and brass sucking off the public teat to fund their lives and retirement at the expense of their targets - the citizen victims used to justify their violence and existence

The cop business and its members, many who are really sick puppies, have been shielded from all attempts to change the culture and hold accountable depraved vicious cops from justice for their abuses and killings has predictably failed for generations with zero change! NOW is the time for serious adjustments, not empty legislation that does not address the root causes of the culture and how they milk and abuse and murder the public!


Defund the police
What a crock

Next thing they’ll want is to
Defund the military

Oh wait, that IS what We the People want !!!


It was an interesting ‘dog & pony’ show this morning. Then PayGo Pelosi spent most of the rest of the day crowing on multiple corporately owned media shows.

The ONLY thing that PayGo and Steny Hoyer should have been allowed to say was “We will not stand in the way of this legislation THIS TIME like we have in the past”.


They might as well stay out of sight, here’s Biden telling us he’s not changing anything, just more of the same, again:


Here’s Harris setting up the public for an acquittal for Chauvin:


Apparently Harris is expecting the jurors to be legally blind, or unable to believe their lying eyes.

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It’s not enough, but at least they are BEGINNING to pay attention.

And most specifically, Joe Biden, who has two former prosecutors (Klobuchar and Harris) and a former police chief (Demings) on his VP list.

…because it’s hard to prove what happened.

Oh wait, roll the tapes…

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I fear the only thing they pay attention to are the donation lists and the 24-hour news cycle. Check back in a few days or weeks and see…

This legislation is likely being pushed as an intervention to prevent any real reform. Defending the departments and rebuilding them from the ground up I’d the best option we have for making the public safe from people with questionable qualifications to be trusted to police the public.

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