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Pushing Carbon Tax and Fracking Ban, Sanders Lays Down Gauntlet on Climate


Pushing Carbon Tax and Fracking Ban, Sanders Lays Down Gauntlet on Climate

Jon Queally, staff writer

While debating in the U.S. city arguably most threatened by rising sea levels caused by the warming of the planet, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders challenged Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night to strengthen her positions on climate change by joining him in calling for a tax on carbon and a total ban on fracking nationwide.


Her position is clear and it is not one that anyone who cares about a having a habitable planet should support. It IS unconscionable.
She repeatedly states -----just as Obama did------ “we need an all of the above energy policy”.
Seriously, does anyone think she will change this while being funded by fossil fuel industries?


The slower humanity moves to address climate change, the faster it will HAVE to move to accommodate it. Only one smart path and humanity has been slow to respond. Bernie is the leader the world needs for the planet’s most prolific polluter.


Carbon tax and restored taxation on corporations and the uber-wealthy! Equivocation and dissembling, serving big-money and power have been the MO of Hillary and Bill most of their lives.

Hillary Clinton will not bite the hands that have and do feed her because she is a political creature that returns quid pro quo benefits to big-money common greed.
Bernie Sanders has also been political but generally (given the cesspool of US politics) an advocate for justice, racial equality and opportunity, education and health care, and other issues that benefit the 99%, the Common Good for most of his life.

The ability of big-money to buy candidates, elections, legislation and the directions our republic takes are so destructive and corrupt we must fight now for our lives, and are fortunate we have a champion who speaks to many issues that begin to take us in the right direction


Again emphryio (as I think I told you about something else yesterday)----so well stated.

I am still in a state of shock that we do have Bernie Sanders at this point in history when we were are in environmental collapse.

Prior to his run, I did not believe a compassionate, intelligent, bold, brave person would step forward and enter this brutal, corrupt system that contains the presidential race. It was so depressing. I had given up.

I did not believe that someone would be brave enough to call out the FF industries for their role in this oligarchy------same goes for big pharma, wall street, unaffordable health care act and on and on. I’ll throw in his statements about Henry Kissinger here too!

Frankly, I am still stunned and thrilled (and terrified) he is doing this.
I do not believe he is doing this because he has a burning (no pun intended) desire to be president (like HRC). It is not about ego.

Yes, we have a champion who speaks to many issues and it is utterly mind boggling so many people don’t get this. This is a fight for our lives and all life on earth.


Thanks for your advocacy Caroline! We are indeed fortunate as you write and now is our time to do all we can to fight the power! The more people flock to Bernie’s banner the more others will look and see the truths he speaks - for all of us. Any short-comings we will have to influence down the road, but his essential humanity and moral compass is intact!


Pushing for a Carbon Tax and Fracking Ban is fine, Bernie, but of much more importance is a push for an end to the stupid and insane US practice of starting wars throughout the world in order to expand and enrich world capitalism.

Until this idiocy is stopped, the US will remain recognized as the world’s premier cowardly bully by all nations except its craven lap-sitters.

An offensive military budget of $736 billion, while infrastructure crumbles and there is talk of privatizing national parks for want of $3 billion to keep them functioning under government control.

Are you up to calling the US out on its bellicosity and lack of good sense in this regard, Bernie?


350 Action said Wednesday’s debate was a testament to how far grassroots activists have moved both candidates on climate change.

Aaaaaarrrrrgh! You have not moved HRC one iota. She would dismiss you the same way that Obama has. This is one reason I don’t support 350 more–always pretending to believe proven liars and warmongers.


I think a carbon tax (some mechanism to put price on carbon) is critical but Sanders should be directing his offer to join him to the Republicans. They are mainly the ones who prevented a cap and trade bill from passing and have signed pledges not to raise taxes. A national ban on fracking would be a positive step as long the it did not result in increased burning of coal. It is the Republicans who are main supporters of fracking in various states. I am not concerned about Clinton when it comes to fighting global warming but the Republicans represent arguably the greatest obstacle to fighting climate change in the world. It will be interesting if the the Republicans are finally asked a question about climate change tonight in their debate. Asking the Republicans about climate change in these debates is long overdue.


Republicans and corporations including the fossil fuel industry supported cap and trade which is acknowledged to be a corporate scam. Cap and trade is not supported by environmental groups because it allowed the polluters to keep polluting for a small fee (particularly coal burning power plants who simply passed on the cost to consumers anyway).

Cap and trade was the system that would allow a dirty coal fired plant to keep in operation because someone had a forest somewhere. It didn’t reduce the amount of carbon being produced by one bit! It provided a permit to pollute to the worst offenders actually.


I am not concerned about Clinton when it comes to fighting global warming…

Why the hell NOT?

Here’s the lowdown on loyal fossil-fuel lobbyists and insiders who have donated to their friend, Hillary Clinton:

Mother Jones

You toss these BS bombs on this site all the time, but you never explain your need to stink up the place.

Is it just great fun spreading horsecrap, while you’re deflecting attention away from the darling of the fossil-fuel industry, Ms. Hillary Clinton?


Once again, my name is not flea.


Meanwhile the media focuses on vanity President Obama and vanity PM Trudeau’s meetings in DC to allegedly “bring the US and Canada together to work on climate change”, while both of them are zealous supporters of CETA, TPP, TTIP and TISA that will usurp any token action either of them takes that affects corporate profits, real or imagined.

Yesterday Vancouver Sun reporter Vaughn Palmer told NPR affiliate KUOW radio host that because low oil, mineral and other commodity prices have put Canada’s economy in a downward trajectory that Obama will have leverage to get Trudeau to push even harder for the “trade deals” in exchange for Obama streamlining the process for moving goods across the US border.


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no country does enter any agreement that does not favor it, that said we should look carefully at any trade deal this gov ernment makes and decide just who and what it favors - just follow the money - rule of thumb for all analysis. none of them have ever favored the lives and well being of the 99%! It’s the elites that wanted NAFTA CAFTA AND ALL THE REST OF THE BULLSHIT TRADE DEALS and now comes the TTP, the biggest monster of them all with regard to our rights as citizens of this country.


And the pentagon continues to do so.


Interestingly enough it is the international aspect of the trade deals that is actually helping to organize against them. The world is starting to organize itself around the fight against oligarchy and the One World Corporate Government and against its corollary - climate change.

Multiple nation demonstrations make the news …worldwide. Climate change is a worldwide problem. TPP and TTIP are not just this country’s problems but the world’s!

When everybody pushes back together… People win. That’s why they negotiated these deals in secret because they knew people wouldn’t go for them if they knew. People in other countries too.


Redravensounds-----very apt description of Bernie: “profile in courage”, yes indeed.
I’m with you on contributing, will do so again before Illinois vote. Polls not looking good here for whatever that’s worth.
I really appreciate your response to my post, thank you.


Any pro-globalization stance assures continued fossil fuel consumption, completely negating conversion to
low-emission energy. A carbon tax alone does not address how to develop local, regional, state and national economies that must displace most of today’s global economy if humanity is to avert the worst effects of global warming and climate change.

Think of globalization as an impediment to these ‘lesser’ economic structures the same way automobiles are an impediment to walking, bicycling and mass transit. Unless all modes of urban/suburban travel function adequately, nor can travel by car function adequately. Globalization cannot achieve a sustainable level without the lesser economic structures functioning to serve communities with least distance travel and transport.

Driving, flying, trucking and shipping goods around the world as much as we do is plainly unsustainable. The current popularity of self-driving cars is a complete ruse designed to serve domineering corporate interests, will only make traffic worse and increase the cost of living. That said, electric cars have the potential to ideally complement regional utility grids and reduce energy consumption overall when combined with matching rooftop photovoltiac solar arrays. Giant solar arrays do not offer households a backup power supply especially important in emergency grid failure nor as many economic incentives to drive less, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, ultimately leading to the growth of local economies that can function without undue influence of multi-national corporate interests.


3 Billion that F-35 costs more than that doesn’t it? Okay my bad…here it is but still. We don’t even need it and if you dropped 20 that they want to buy you could pay for the parks… nuckle heads…
But the program’s costs have snowballed, for an estimated 68 percent increase over its initial price tag. The Pentagon now plans to spend $391.2 billion on 2,443 aircraft, with each plane costing a staggering $160 million.