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Pushing 'False Equivalence' Between Survivors and the Accused, DeVos to Roll Back Title IX


Pushing 'False Equivalence' Between Survivors and the Accused, DeVos to Roll Back Title IX

Julia Conley, staff writer

Advocates for sexual assault survivors criticized the Trump administration's announcement on Thursday that it would roll back Obama-era guidance on campus assault.


To be expected (sad to say) from a woman so far removed from reality as a result of her insular life of limitless wealth whose life experience and education consist of bible schools (K-university) and gated community women’s club fundraisers. She should be impeached for lying under oath during her Senate confirmation hearings but McConnell is too damn obstinate and obstreperous to face the reality of all the damage this hag is causing our youth day-in and day-out. 259 days and counting yet it will be decades before the damage that has been done by these jackals to-date to be rectified, if ever.



Yet another - near countless at this point - low-life action by this depraved regime of human scum/garbage! Can anyone list ONE positive thing this cabal of self-interested swine has done for the 99% - common good? For justice? The environment? For world peace? Just ONE thing! EVERY frelling day these pathetic scum commit another contemptible, short-sighted, ignorant, destructive/divisive outrage on our people, republic, environment, and world…ENOUGH!

Resist, Remove, Prosecute and Imprison!


Send DeVos on a date with the Baylor football team.


It must be a moment of cognitive dissonance for Betsy, after pledging her allegiance to the self professed “pussy grabber” in chief.


Well, she hasn’t died yet, so no…


If you think rape is underreported now …

That’s the sort of “choice” DeVos will give victims


American colleges and universities have tried to “handle” accusations of rape “in house”, which does not accord alleged victims a chance at justice. Title IX eliminated the special privileges that educational institutions appropriated. Rape on campus must be treated like rape in any other area. This insures than the accused of on-campus rape has no more nor less protections than any other accused. What Secretary DeVos is doing is according special privileges to those accused of on-campus rape. This would seem to violate the Constitution. It also implies that women who claim rape on campus are, as a class, more likely to be making false accusations than women claiming rape in any other area. This is surely discriminatory. I do not understand why Secretary seeks to protect men accused of rape on campus and accuse women who claim rape on campus of lying. While I realize that having lived a life of extreme privilege would give her a skewed point of view, she seems to have been raised on a different planet altogether.


This is the stuff of craziness. University policy with regard to rape is simple, report the crime to the authorities, end of story. If law enforcement is the problem, then fire the useless idiots you have and replace them with police officers who have at least an appropriate two year university degree, covering law, emergency aid, psychology, social services, politics and of course constitutional law.
Universities should have nothing to do with criminal matters, beyond providing security for their premises and facilities, in the event of any criminal activity, the authorities should be immediately contacted and that is it. Attempting to create a university pseudo justice system beyond the US courts, is just another sign of rampant corruption within the US with corporations making their own laws and ignoring the laws of the country.


I read a little about this story online and your comment is the most cogent assessment on the issue I have seen thus far. I only hope the courts will see this issue as clearly as you do.

I assume you feel the same way about rape in the military? (I do)


What in the hell is with this vacuous rich bimbo fascist bitch? Who got to her about poor baby maligned accused (and usually guilty) assailants on campus enough to make her overlook that by God, she could be the next rape victim? Did someone related to her get accused of rape and she’s taken his side no matter what the facts might show? Is she a perp herself? Is she channeling Phyllis Schlafly? Did she get raped herself and is in some Freudian defense-mechanism mode?

Start calling your congresscreeps, folks. Raise hell. DeVos is that wonderful combo of rich and stoopid…she needs to be bound and gagged just like the rest of the cabal needs to be…


If Betsy Devos is ever assaulted, can we then expect that the line between assaulter and herself will also be conflated, and that she will be shamed and imprisoned instead of the assaulter?


It is reasons like this article that I do not consider myself a full progressive. I can definitely see how the attack on the white male draws in folks to the Republican Party. DeVos did the proper thing here, addressing a wrong in the application of the law.


Fine, start treating rape like rape in any other area, in which due process and “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” are the standards that are met before disciplinary action is meted out.


Absolutely correct. These kangaroo so-called “courts”, used as always to carry out vendettas, sometimes completely unrelated to the claims at hand (which are usually some sort of “harassment” not anything like rape) have gotten completely out of hand. The courts are the proper place to deal with criminal proceedings.