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Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party


Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party

Robert Borosage

Will the Democratic Party open itself up to the new grassroots energy and activism that is rising in American politics, or will its insiders assume they can continue business as usual yet still reap the benefits of the resistance to Donald Trump?


Re “pushing for real change…”:

As they say in recovery programs, you can’t change somebody who’s not willing to change. But good luck anyway.


“If the DNC votes against reform – or the state parties torpedo it – it will feed cynicism about the rigged system and turn activists toward third parties, or away from electoral politics altogether”

Question Robert, is it possible to feed cynicism about a system, if that system is actually rigged in the worst possible ways? Wouldn’t that make the cynicism more like “speaking the truth.” The Democratic Party’s very purpose is to oppose progressive change of any kind. They prove this in everything they do and they do not intend to change. With more money then God and the power of the corporate fascists behind them they play their part in the great farce very well.


Thanks, you nailed.


Exactly. The Democratic Party has been called “the place where movements go to die” for a reason. Their job is to take over any kind of grass-roots activist progressive movements, that might actually cause real progressive change, stifle any momentum that might be building, and nullify it with pablum about “compromise” and other assorted establishment horseshit, where they eventually die slow, quiet deaths.

The more effective evil, indeed.


Well, there you go.

Like the ACA was “the first step to single payer,” we now have the DNC cracking open the door, so as to make it look like there is progress, but is really intended to shut up those who want to end the conservative or “neo-liberal” dominance dating back to at least the nineties.

ACA fooled most Democrats, but very few progressives. This will not fool progressives either, except those who stand to gain by the status quo.We already know, I think, what the majority of Democrats see as “a boon or a threat.”


Reforms are necessary if democracy is to return to the American landscape, but ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ who only serve their corporate sponsors they way Republicans do, will fight tooth and nail at any attempt to democratize the Party. HRC will spearhead this process by arguing that Wall Street’s support is necessary even though it undermines the 99%. If reform doesn’t happen, Trump will be re-elected, but people like HRC will be quite happy as they have supported the corporate agenda regardless of which party wins.
If a third party forms due to the indistinguishability between the Democrats and Republicans, it will also insure that Trump is re-elected as his die-hard 36% will be enough to overcome the popularity of the Democrats and a third party.
The only way to bring about change to the Democratic party is for a grass roots movement to call out all of the corruption of the Democrats and point out how they have supported a corporate agenda for decades at the expense of the 99%. HRC should be the poster woman of what is rotten about the DNC and a “Leap Manifesto” must be developed for the Party so that most people will actually come out and vote.


The GOP has mastered the electoral college game to the extent that they can get Trump re-elected in 2020 with 23% of the popular vote…half of what Trump got in 2016.

If not Trump, the GOP will be just as happy with Ayatollah Pence in the oval office turning the US into an extreme Christian theocracy.


The purpose of the Democratic Party in the USA is to distract & confuse liberals & lefties into thinking they might have a voice, to trick them, ala Lucy holding a football for Charlie Brown. But as we should have learned from the Obama years, is that even when the Democrats win, you lose.


Close, Space-sailor . . . but no Cigar!!  BOTH Krooked Hilliary (HRC) AND Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (DWS) should be the poster WOMEN of what is rotten about the DNC!

On the other hand – in spite of party machinations – there will be some real progressives running as Democrats this fall and in 2020.  Our job is to identify and support them individually.  Do Not Be Fooled!  Do not donate one thin dime to the DamnocRatic Party itself nor to the DCCC, DLC, DNC or DSCC.


Your " not one thin dime " is exactly my sentiment on this topic. Sen. Warren and the other progressive candidates get my contributions directly, since about 2011. Stein got my vote in 2016 and The GP needs to figure out what they’re about, going forward on a national basis.
After the 2018 Congressional tussles they’ll be a natural sorting out. This is just the first round in the fight.
The Duopoly is bleeding out and that’s the best we can hope for, presently.


If the DNC or any part of the Dem Party decided on positive reform of the party,
they’d be out in the streets calling for the nation to follow them in marches for
Medicare 4 ALL. Not happening.

We need to begin uniting the LEFT and all of it’s organizations …


It would be up to each organization to join … if we begin with Medicare4All will
NAACP join? Will Women’s groups join?

As each new organization would join, sss funding of the organization would increase
by a set amount. Start with $10 a month.

I like the concept of the New Deal because the pathways to follow worked and can be
easily renewed and put back in place.

How much does each of us give every year to these individual organizations?

How much do they spend on sending us mailings every few days?

They could continue to do their individual fund raising if they wanted – but this would have
to be an ACTIVE UNION of the left, ready to come out to support each and EVERY cause!!

Environmentalists supporting women, women and environmentalists supporting people of color.
NARAL supporting ACLU and vice versa. We might all be ACTIVE every day at the rate this
dismantling is going.

Fighting alone isn’t going to work –

It is UNITING to break down this wall of arrogance, crime and destruction is the only thing that will work.

The goals and actions of every organization would be decided in advance and there would be NO deviation from those goals allowed at any time.

PS: Corporate fascists have always been united and fund together their right wing organizations.
They’re united up, down, sideways and every other way.


This piece is more than 4 decades too late. Bill Clinton and his DLC bosses and their oligarch bosses including the Koch Bros.) took over the party and put it on the point of permanent warfare, global neoliberalism and austerity at home. Where has Borsage been?


If the DNC votes against reform – or the state parties torpedo it – it will feed cynicism about the rigged system and turn activists toward third parties, or away from electoral politics altogether.



Where have you been besides smoking that ol’ wacky tobaccy? Which you couldn’t do if the Kochs ran the Democratic Party.
Your trope has reached the end of its’ rope.


Which part?


Look at the original financiers for the DLC and its core members and the “Progressive” Policy Institute and the National Endowment for Democracy and its funders, etc. Oh wait. That would require effort to actually find and look at facts.

I don’t smoke any kind of herb or tobacco, but when did the law ever get in the way of the massive use of marijunana, tobacco, opioids, alcohol or the whole array of other addictive drugs that the people of this consume like no other nation in history?

And then there is the issue of the slaughtering industries that are supported by addictive behaviors. In any case I won’t bore you with verifiable observations as they don’t seem relevant to you anyway – no matter what you injest before you come up with a truly weird comment like the above.


It already is a Christian theocracy that has merged church and state and conducts unholy wars, using anti-Islamic extremism as an excuse.


Better caucuses? How about no caucuses. There are many people who work in the evenings or have other important things to do in the evening who can’t attend a caucus. Finding transportation to some high school in another town might be difficult. Is there something wrong with simply casting ballots at a convenient polling place without spending hours listening to people argue about the candidates? Some real reform please.


The DLC was founded 30+ years ago and not over 4 decades ago.
You could rob a bank 300 years ago but smoke pot legally 10 years ago? Not so much. Same goes for lying under oath, fraud and murder, too. Not so much on these, either.
And, you’re sure about U.S. all-time historical ranking on drug use?
R U 2 Much Coffee Man, per chance?