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Pushing New Economic and Political Vision, Left Surges in Spanish Elections


Pushing New Economic and Political Vision, Left Surges in Spanish Elections

Jon Queally, staff writer

Local elections across Spain on Sunday saw the further rise of left-wing parties and candidates as an ongoing populist push from below resulted in the worst performance of the ruling People's Party in a generation.


Spain’s glory days are far in the past, and a leftist leadership will lead the country into chaos that makes the current economic struggles look like Disneyland.


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It’s called Government by the People

Get ready >>>>>>>


Molly Ivins famously said, ( paraphrased ), " the political fights are not between the left and the right, but between the up and the downs. " Ivins, a national treasure, hailed from a country not unlike Spain in many ways. A belligerent, militaristic, elitist place run by the 1% er right, which had only recently escaped a state sponsored racist, Fascist past. ( Well, they’re working on it. ) She was from Texas, of course. Coalition gov’t, eh? Well, those are sometimes a mixed blessing as we see with the current situation in Israel. But, that’s not really a coalition so much as a menagerie of wealthy lunatics and deluded theocrats. On the other hand, Germany of all places, has seen the Green Party win some important victories, especially in the trade union and renewable energy areas. Spain, btw, has a very good policy as regards the energy sector. Israel, too, has a strong energy sector but it focuses quite heavily on compressed nuclear energy and the bombing of women and children. The current Israeli gov’t appears to following the Texas model, I’m guessing. I think we in the U.S. should emulate Spain and Germany, going forward. It is elections like this, however, that give me the strength to hope for a better world; congrats Spain.


Yeah!! and our ‘glory days’ are all the many wars of plunder to build up our empire and force a New World Order on the earth. They have been great days for the 1% while 99% of us fall into poverty, with declining social programs and no liberty and justice for all but the banksters. Our best hope is to follow the moves in Spain to sharing the wealth of the nation between all the people.

People in the United States have very little to hold their heads up with pride. We have been nothing but liars with our claims to be bringing democracy to nations around the world. How can we do that when we don’t have any democracy in our nation? Time to take a left turn, like Spain and Greece are doing, and get a new government that will take care of our people and preserve our environment.

You know, (don’t you?) that this means STOP VOTING FOR ANYONE IN OUR ROTTEN GOVERNMENT NOW. To start over on a new path we need to get rid of the evil greedy people in government now—and the political parties they rode into power on. There is no lesser evil between the Republicans and the Democrats. Bury the bastards and let’s march over their burial place next Memorial Day. We’ll get to spit on their graves with a great deal of satisfaction. Good riddance! (This is a metaphor. I am a peaceful person and do not want to kill anyone—just get them our of the way of our progress to a better nation which really has liberty and justice for all—and a sharing of the wealth of our land and the work of our people.)


Yeah, but Spain is a survivor, and will be around long after the State of Israel is a bad memory.


I wouldn’t say that capitalism is a great system. It has many horrible flaws. It is, however, the best system we’ve got. The alternatives are just so much worse. Socialism breeds corruption at incredibly high rates. Just look at the disaster in Venezuela. That is government by the people, for the people. That is what leftism brings: empty shelves, lack of medicine, hopelessness, and the overriding desire to get what you can when you can because you know there is never enough for everybody. Things in Greece are about to get worse, much worse. Spain is following. The great EU dream is likely to collapse.


The current Spanish economic strife has strengthened the Baseque and Catalan separatists. They will only get stronger as Spain falls deeper in the socialistic abyss. I am all for government health plans and intelligent regulation, but giving everything away for free only works until everything runs out.


Podemos’ founder, Juan Carlos Monedero, a respected Spanish political scientist, said, “The results mean the end of the two-party system in Spain."

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:
http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Interview-with-Podemos-Founder-Spains-2-party-State-is-Dying-20150525-0030.html. If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/english

Yes, as noted, Spain and the Spanish people are making progress, as
can be seen by reading this insightful article, and understanding
Monedero’s analysis of his own organizations ‘calling-out’ of the truth
about the corrupted and deceitful dual-party facade in Spain.
"Monedero said, “The results mean the end of the two-party system in
Spain. They mean the end of a political system that has worked
throughout the last 35 years … that was based, thanks to the grassroots
pressure, on a certain social state, but which we began to lose in
recent years with the neoliberalization of the economic model in Spain
and in Europe.”

But the deeper truth which Americans, the English, and all people of
the advanced world’s countries must go the next step in understanding is
that ALL of the supposedly political freedoms of people choosing
between multiple parties, such as the neocon ‘R’ Vichy party and the
neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party in the US are nothing but the tricks of
the ruling Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist EMPIRE in allowing the
people to vote for either of the Vichy facade parties of the EMPIRE.

We, the citizens of the world, must learn the deeper lesson that this
is all a deceitful political facade of Vichy parties merely shilling
for, and ‘covering’ for the one single, seminal, and metastasized Global
Empire — the New World Order is nothing but the New World EMPIRE —
and the people of the world must learn and strongly reject all aspects
of this cancerous, and like cancer, ‘disguised’ and hidden, New World

And the people must learn that the only way to EFFECTIVELY protest
NON-violently is to publicly, loudly, and continually; ‘call-out’,
expose, and educate Americans that the US is acting like an EMPIRE
abroad and TYRANNY at home.

Signs and protesting needs to be focused on ‘shouting-out’:

“Stop the EMPIRE”

Liberty, democracy, equality, and justice


It’s tough when things don’t go according to the script. According to El Pais and the Guardian UK, separatism in Catalonia didn’t do too well in the latest election, and separatist sentiment in the Basque Country was barely newsworthy. Now that the Spanish economy is picking up steam-predicted to be the fastest growing in the EU this year- people in those areas are having a re-think. You might be better off asking why this is so. Is it because austerity was a success, or is it because austerity intensified and prolonged the recession, and it’s taken 8 years for a recovery to get going? By the way, Spanish GDP dropped 3% or so at the worst point of the recession, whereas Greece’s GDP remains 25% what it was before the recession began. Spain’s economy is large-the fourth largest in the Euro Zone, where as Greece’s is tiny. Not much to fall back on there.


Venezuela’s struggles are what happens when a countries workers fight for their freedom from international banks. Just like everywhere else, Spain, Greece, USA, Germany, everywhere. Even when the USA was attacked by terrorists, they attacked the World Trade Center in NY City. They went after the symbolic center of international finance and the military that supports it. They did not attack our hospitals, or our farmers or plumbers. The saddest thing is that the Police and Fireman who died in that attack went in to rescue those individuals who worked in finance, but are now also under attack, as suddenly finance with former NYC Mayor Bloomberg (Bloomberg financial news) told those same Police and Fireman how their pay is to high and their pensions are to lucrative and need to be cut. The poor Mayor and his friends were just not getting enough from their investments to afford small people retiring. Now five years after needing to cut pensions due to poor investment returns our investment banks are found guilty of manipulating interest rates for personal gain, yours manipulate LIBOR for personal gain, all at the expense of pensions, retirement funds, Cities like Detroit in the USA and Countries like Greece and Spain and German workers pensions.


Venezuela’s struggles are with corruption. International banks and corporations have certainly profited from such corruption, fed it even. However, the corruption’s source is within. Strong central planning of economies just doesn’t work. It never has. The Soviet Union was no workers’ paradise. It was a land of shortages and misery. Strong socialism takes away all incentive to be honest and successful, replacing it with the need to get yours since there isn’t enough to go around, which is why Venezuela is in such a mess.

I totally agree that austerity has been a disaster. Why did America weather the economic storm so well? The money floodgates were opened. If we also put more into government spending, or at least didn’t cut back like we did, the US economy would be going gangbusters right now. The Republican idiots just got in the way.

Go to the center. All this far right and far left stuff just ruins the world. Balance. Sensibility. Negotiation. Compromise. Those aren’t sexy words, but they get things done in the best way possible for the longest amount of time.


I’ve looked at some statistics on Spain’s GDP. It doesn’t seem to be leading, nor has it been. At least they don’t appear to be in position to default. The Euro zone is waging a currency war with the US and the world right now, trying to get the economy going. This may not end well, but I hope it does.