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Pushing Tax Cuts for Wealthy Amid Disaster, Trump Rebuked for Exploiting Storm Victims


Pushing Tax Cuts for Wealthy Amid Disaster, Trump Rebuked for Exploiting Storm Victims

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"After all," says one critic sarcastically, "nothing helps low- and middle-income people who have lost everything like a series of tax cuts mainly benefiting the rich."


Nature is making clearer than ever for us the insanity of Elites and Capitalism,
their economic system which is wholly destructive of nature and humanity and
in the end suicidal for everyone and everything on this planet.

Sadly, we are still in the same gene pool which gave us genocide and slavery
here – and a new shiny agenda for Mind Control over the masses.


What the grasping, greedy ghoul-in-chief does not mention is the push to eliminate the Earned Income Credit for the underpaid and struggling majority. His climate change-denying and irretrievably ignorant loyalist “base” (who probably have not filed their income tax in decades) will applaud this chicanery. And his billionaire and wholly corporatist cabinet are all experiencing (save one) premature you-know-what at the thought of reducing the tax rate to 15 to 20% for the wealthiest and the corporations (and with all their write-offs/deductions/offshore operations neither of which pays anywhere near the taxes that the 99% are burdened with). Grover Norquist has locked himself in his penthouse bathroom hearing this news. And as for property taxes, corporations make sure to broker waivers with city/towns before they even set up a building thus NOT contributing to the tax base in those communities that are revenue-starved and have to severely cut back on funding their schools, their public works, their libraries, their parks, etc.

And what the circus barker master prevaricator-in-chief does not mention is how such a tax cut will decimate myriad social programs, eliminate funding for urgent infrastructure repairs, and literally collapse our economy while throwing our communities around the nation into downward spirals and chaos. But then, he probably has not a single clue and only sees how much he and his trash tribe will benefit from such theft. As for taxes, I would wager that he has not paid a red cent in taxes for decades.

And we, the taxpayers are paying for his and his gold-digger’s jaunt down to Florida to check out Mal-y-Loco under the guise of surveying the damage done by Irma. Like he gives a s - - t.


Nothing says hypocrisy like climate resistance and tax cuts for the wealthy and regressive taxes on the rest, especially the lower 70% or so. The capitalist corporations are responsible for all the toxic poisons released and destroying of wetlands by deregulation of building codes. Wetlands are nature’s way of reducing flooding, they act like a giant sponge. Hand and hand politicians and big business work to maximize profit at Earth and her children’s expense. We are being bled dry by the vampires of capitalism and the poor pay the largest amount in figurative and literal blood. Trouble is there really isn’t a good way to combat these ghouls and the destruction they cause. The newest rounds of deregulation are just one of the many symptoms of wanton greed in a system that is long past overdue to end. The tax code desperately needs changing but certainly NOT in the direction being proposed by the billionaire ruling class and their minions in Congress.


The problem is about 3/4s of the top 10% of the Super-wealthy don’t give a sxxt.
But hey, you can get a screamin’ deal on some prime ocean front property in the Caribbean or on the Florida keys, right now. Use the tax cut as the down payment. Sssssswwwweeeeeeeettttt!


Richard Wolfe yesterday on local KBOO radio: the Falls River, Mass. Amazon warehouse jobs. $14.75 an hour w/college degree and some experience: =s lifelong poverty. Step right up, kiddies!.


…and you want more war? You pay for it; it’s in your interests, not ours.


From Trump,“With Irma and Harvey devastation, Tax Cuts and Tax Reform is needed more than ever before. Go Congress, go!” :This is completely irrational and in fact, the reverse is true.


Good post, Seatower! Glad you mentioned the EITC and the property tax issue. These corporate folks never build anywhere they can’t get a free ride. This has been going on since Saint Ron shat, I mean sat on his throne.


Rebuked and Repuked, my thumbs are up!!! Trump deserves all the criticism he can get. He is out of touch with average Americans. Why is he president?


It’s nice folks on twitter rebuke him, but it’s way more important people vote Republicans out of Congress in 2018.


There is no tangible evidence anywhere that tax cuts, break and loopholes for the rich results in any type of stimulus for the economy. Why? The rich and super rich tend to not SPEND that money in America. They tend to have illegal offshore tax evasion bank accounts, or invest in offshore shell companies where the money cannot be taxed. None of that money stimulates the economy because it is not spent in America. On the other hand, tax cuts for the middle and working classes is invariably SPENT in America, which stimulates the economy. Trump is the role model tax evader with millions of dollars in offshore banks and invested shell companies so he can pay no taxes as a multi millionaire. This is why I would call Trump way beyond any standard for being a bad president. He is way beyond just bad, he is nauseating and horrific. He needs to be impeached out of office. If that can’t happen because of Republicans in congress, we need to show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers in 2018 and 2020 to vote Republicans out of office and vote Trump out of office.