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'Put It To the People': One Million+ March in UK to Demand Second Brexit Referendum


'Put It To the People': One Million+ March in UK to Demand Second Brexit Referendum

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the right-wing U.K. government of Prime Minister Theresa May under fire for the chaos unleashed by failed Brexit negotiations—and a final deadline swiftly approaching—more than a million people took to the streets of London and other cities on Saturday as part of "People's Vote" demonstrations demanding a new referendum on whether or not the country should leave the European Union.

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Theres a May - but its March
is single tasked for the archs
to babble bluster the live long day
to guarantee the UK STAYS

I cannot fathom even beginning to think that the TM of TM is anything other than kiss the a$$ of the EU. It is an economic autocracy - note there has never been anything else in the governance model. It is monetary RELIGION with the practices of record of the Roma emperor Constantine as virtual operations manual.

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May and the British plutocrats played rope-a-dope with the British peasants believing they would always be obedient sheep. Now they are trying to get them back in the pen with: A new style of ‘democracy’ … instead of a majority of voters let us do two out of three. Sorta like ‘slippance’ in playing marbles.

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So you are pro-brexit?

You do know that the primary reason for brexit was becasue the British right-wing didn’t like, along with the harmonization of economic activity, the uniformly high EU standards for worker, consumer, and environmental protection and action of global warming, plus protection for migrants and others moving among the EU countries to find a better life, right?


I don’t argue that at all. Its a catch-22. My understanding is that the advances you cite occur within the national governance structures. In other words people have been fighting tooth and nail for the duration.


Brexit was voted on and the majority voted for Brexit. Now the people demand another vote. It is a tricky situation. While I am against Brexit, I also like to give the voters what they asked for without another referendum. It is a complex issue in which there will be winners and losers regardless of whether Britain exits or not. A referendum on “How” Britain exits would be more in line with democratic values, but the world has always been leery of ‘ruling by referendum’.


BREXIT is something the people of the UK should vote on , just as the people of Scotland have the right to vote on leaving the UK and just as the people of Crimea had the right to vote and become part of Russia rather then be part of the Ukraine.

The first refrendum saw the exit side win.

In 1975 the electorate had a referendum to join the EU. What would have been said had they ignored the YES vote and held followup referendums until there a no?

This went to the people once already. Whatever our own personal opinions what juistifies forcing another vote if one group does not like the results?

I would like to point out the example of Greece as member nation of the EU. The EU demanded Greece cut Social spending and privatize Government controlled industry. The EU demands its members support sanctions on Russia. The EU is behind measures to control the internet and what the people can access on the same. The people in Greece were voiceless when it came to their own Government setting its policy as the Greek Government answered to the EU bureaucrats rather than the electorate. The EU is an Autocracy under control of the bankers which is why Greece had to gut social programs to pay off those German banks.

Centralized Political power is related directly to Globalization. It removes power at the local level and at the level of the individual and invests it instead into the hands of the Autocrats and monied interests. Since the founding of the EU , Corporate power in Europe has increased exponentially.

The UK , France, Germany and Itly ALL implemented their Social programs before the EU was formed and all of those are now under attack. The Yellow vest protests in France are in response to ever more power shifting to Corporations.

Finland Norway and Iceland decided not to join the EU and I think are better off for it.

As to my personal opinion, there should be another referendum and the Pros and cons of EU membership or leaving the EU clearly articulated.


The British people who voted Leave the EU, are/were just as deluded and dumb as the Americans who voted for trump,(referred in our house as “fuck face”). Just gotta wonder what some people are thinking!

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Hi RRR, sometime it’s not “what the people are thinking,” often times it’s way and what the media is presenting! : 0

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“the majority voted for Brexit” Are you kidding??
This is like saying the majority voted for Hitler.
Here in mild mannered Canada we learned that a Canadian company was just one of the outfits to manipulate the Brexit vote. I guess your ‘democrazy’ is ok with manipulated votes??

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From the following article:
‘Brexit is the product of the descent of British, European and world capitalism ever deeper into crisis.’

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So 17 million people voted for leaving the EU, 16 million voted against it. It passed, the people spoke.

Isn’t this how it is supposed to work? I get a million people marched today but what about the 17 million who voted to leave? Should they redo the election because it wasn’t what 16 million voted for? And then if the vote is reversed to the losers then march for another election?

Little confused by all of this.

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“Know the primary reason for brexit was British right-wing avoiding economic activity to uniformly higher EU standards for worker, consumer, environmental protection to address global warming, protection for migrant refugees moving among EU country and city hoping to find a better life.” I just had to edit that as somehow quotable.
Just don’t forget to drag the oil boys down first, their pleasure flight vacations, their walled neighborhoods, each neighbor fenced separate from neighbor.
Poetic in some way wouldn’t you say? Don Quioxte?


Whoever that outfit is, brand them for boycott.
GM/Ford colluding with Exxon/Uber.
What happened to the FWD GM 450?
Its replacement paratransit/truck chassis crap?


The truth about Cameron’s referendum is that it was a vanity project that he didn’t expect to lose. The truth is that the problems that Britain faces are not the fault of the EU or the trade unions or immigrants or the man in the moon but forty years of thatcherite policies ably advanced by Tory B Liar. Cameron carried on kicking the people so they kicked back. Even so, out of a population of about 63 million, only 17 million voted leave, the other 46 million didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t. Many of those were young people who didn’t have a vote at all but who will suffer if the UK leaves the EU. We were lied to to by the brexiteers and we want a vote on the terms of our departure - that IS democracy.


I wish there were a lot less emotion in use on this issue. The pro Brexit vote was fully legal and binding. People voted to leave the EU for good reason. As others mor articulate than me have already pointed out The EU has increasingly betrayed it’s founding goals and hopes. It’s treatment of the smaller countries like Greece, Portugal etc prove that beyond any doubt. If I were an English subject I would have voted to leave the EU too.


Just leave already. The EU is nothing more than a capitalist “Fortress Europe” run by the European Council. The European Council is made up of the heads of government of the 28 nation states in a capitalists’ club unanswerable to the population and controlled by German and France. The European Parliament is a show pony and no matter how many workers rights they approve, the Council will overrule them. The question should be after Brexit, will the UK go left or will the Tories move it further to the right and into the arms of the USA oligarchy. The left and Labour should quit wasting resources trying to remain and concentrate on building a socialist UK after.


I hear you SuspiraDeProfundis, but when does the voting stop? This is a pretty evenly split with those favoring leaving beat those who wanted to stay by 1 million votes. Try it, if it doesn’t work then look at ways to rejoin. It makes little difference to me being in the States but elections anywhere should mean something. Redoing them because you don’t like the outcome undermines any faith citizens might have in their system of government.


Really, the question is to be decided by the British (and by the Europeans), and discussion here is peanut gallery stuff.

An opinion I think worth sharing is
Wall Street Journal Tuesday Jan 23 2019 page A17 ‘Charles de Gaulle Saw Brexit Coming’ big text “He said British membership would weaken the EU and divide the UK.” Excerpt Said de Gaulle “the nature, the structure, the very situation that are England’s differ profoundly from those of the continentals.”
– de Gaulle blocked Britain’s membership in the EEC (as it was known then) while he was president of France.

Side response

Yunzer is writing crosswise to good progressive thought. Such high standards should be established by the people and the workers, not imposed by elites of central Brussels. If the people object, then progressives like Yunzer need to ask themselves “Why?”

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Let us just say we had a referendum in our own Province of Quebec wherein that Province almost voted to separate. Here was the problem. The question was deliberately vague. The Majority of Quebecors thought they would still get Canadian Pensions, keep their Canadian passports and enjoy all of the privileges of being a Canadian Citizen even as a separate Country. Added to that the First Nations people living in Quebec wanted no part of it and indicated if the separation happened they would vote to separate from Quebec.

The Parti Quebecois suggested that while Canada was divisible , the Province of Quebec was not.

In other words the electorate had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

It my belief that in such a referendum the pros and cons have to be made very clear and the question has to be very clear. As well it my belief that in order for such a referendum to pass not only must a majority be won but the majority of the voting population has to vote.

Again , I do not believe the EU is a good thing for Democracy the way it structured and If I was in the UK I would vote to leave the EU for a number of reasons unless there significant changes in its structure. Right now it is a super state being run by Corporations. This does not mean that leaving would mean the UK suddenly a State no longer run by Corporations but it would mean the voice of progressives inside the UK could more directly act against that.