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Putin Declares Federal Emergency After Diesel Fuel Spill in Arctic River That Could Take Decades to Recover

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/putin-declares-federal-emergency-after-diesel-fuel-spill-arctic-river-could-take


The oozing irony here is that Czar Putin and the rest of his fossil fuels mafia lackeys in Russia were previously happy about climate change as it would open ‘development opportunities’ in the Arctic Ocean.

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Stupid humans. Ironic indeed.

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The externalities of the true costs of Private profiteering off extractive resource depletion and exploitation again revealed in the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic model exported after the Cold War from Washington, London, Zurich and Bonn to Moscow (Beijing had already been opened by those paragons of the Public Interest Nixon, Kissinger & Associates and preferred investors in Boeing). Globalization decisions like the revolutions that Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson composed anthems about are truly NOT TELEVISED.

They are made in consultation with the Corporate Calilphate and Feudal Lords of Aerospace\High Finance\Life Sciences LLP\Tech\Telecomm\Natural Resource Speculation. Do trans national Robber Barons and their hirelings in government amid regulatory capture get any better more healthful results than the Revolutionary Commie Crony cult of personality masquerading as some sort of Workers’ Vanguard?

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Hey, I’ll give them a little credit, at least they didn’t spray it with dispersants to make it magically disappear.

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Thank you CD for covering environmental news. It’s definitely too hard to find these days.

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Note that a person arrested . 3 criminal charge investigations are going on.

Has a person in North America ever been arrested for the same?

Melting permafrost helped lead to the collapse of the Diesel fuel tank. This is going to happen more and more. The article notes this one of the most polluted areas on Earth. Norilsk profits off this no doubt and I somehow doubt criminal charges will force changes. There will always be a scapegoat to offer up in sacrifice.

What has to happen is Norilsk shareholders should have to pay the full costs of cleanup plus several billions in further damages and a few more people have to be arrested and charged. The concept of shareholders being shielded from losses and penalties has to end.

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Trump doesn’t have to start a war to be reelected as a war time president. He has caused enough mini-wars to have the same effect.

Quite the non-sensical ad hominem attack there upon initial glance (very Orange Anus like). Then the cheerleading for nukes (which is worst of all due to the half life of the waste & radiation – which no bandied about ‘newer technologies’ can effectively deal with) spews forth. YAWN!