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Putin Didn't Win This Election for Trump. Hillary Clinton Did


Putin Didn't Win This Election for Trump. Hillary Clinton Did

Doug Henwood

The US political and media establishment is in a state of mounting frenzy over alleged Russian interference in the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. The source of what has been called a “swell” of “circumstantial evidence” is the CIA, an agency which has been known to interfere with an election or two itself, and isn’t really a paragon of honesty.


"But as with many psychological defenses, these sorts of evasions are very damaging to long-term health."
Well, you only wish this is done for psychological defense reasons - which would mean that they are doing this "naively." But alas, the real reasons are much much more troubling - as one might expect from a complex political machinery that has perfected the manufacturing of truth.

To any average technology person, this entire charade, is just a bogus. But their target is the rest of the populace.


I remember when Carter was blamed for Reagan.

Then Mondale.

Then it was Dukakis' fault that Bush won.

Remember how everyone blamed Gore for Bush winning?

And how about the vitriol heaped on Kerry?

Don't remember that?

Huh, actually, me neither. What is it all those candidates have in common with each other, something that separates them from Clinnton? What could it possibly be? Think real hard.


??? I do remember.
Yes, Carter was blamed for being too weak--Iran hostage crisis, etc. And people were not amused he let Ronnie Reagan win.
Dukakis was blamed for dumb photo-ops and getting outmaneuvered on Willie Horton.
Gore was blamed for being a stiff know-it-all in debates.
Kerry was blamed for not responding faster to the swift-boaters-for-truth (although they were lying).

The blame is harsher this time because of the growing anger against Bill and Hillary for taking the party away from average people and embracing Wall Street instead. It's righteous "you-abandoned-us" anger, and it's felt even by many people who voted for her and would have been excited to have seen the first woman president. It's not just that the DLC abandoned the people and the planet--they abandoned their post, and now the world is in a very dangerous place because Bill should have been reining in Wall Street, not letting it run wild, and Hillary should have been voting to make bankruptcy laws tougher on companies, not individuals, and Obama should have fought hard for single payer--and then negotiated from there. And all of them should have sounded loud alarm bells about climate change, and educated America about how we have to change our habits--instead of promoting trade deals that supersize our environmental problems. Yes, the feelings are stronger now, partly because this loss allowed he-who-shall-not-be-named win, and partly because people are turning against the Dem establishment that turned against the people long ago.


As far as why Hillary wasnt elected, it was a combination of everything mentioned in the article to create the perfect storm that denied her the presidency.

But make no mistake. I totally blame her and her DNC cronies for Trump.

Because the system is already skewed against Democrats, we needed the best candidate possible. With all the voter suppression in the country as well as the Republican friendly Electoral College, the Dems start out witha massive handicap. Any Democratic presidental hopeful will need to win
enough votes to overcome the built-in corruption that exists.

Hillary was despised by both the left and the right. Trump on the other hand was only despised by the left. There is no real "middle" anymore to win. You have to be enthusiastically supported by one of the wings. These days, it should be winning elections 101 for democrats.



When Bernie said he was going to acquiesce and obsequiously back the most corrupt Hillary at the DNC convention because "we cannot allow Trump to become POTUS," Bernie did exactly the opposite of what he said was why he must back HRC!. And what is really ironic, if Bernie would have had HRC back him there is almost no doubt that Bernie would not have allowed Trump to become elected.


Very nice comment.....enough said.....


It is correct (at least in my old mind) that the villain for HC and the DNC losing the election is the DNC itself.
Corruption, lying, misleading the people, trashing Bernie Sanders, public not getting the lowdown on the "emails" that would have put the ordinary gov worker behind bars, flip-flopping on the trade deals.....and, most of all conducting the campaign under a grim dust-up of "entitlement".
No, DNC....you lost the election because you all are too politically greedy.
(Caveat: I'm neither a D or R...a pox on both their corrupt organizations)
And, 42% of this country's registered voters chose not to vote at all....
That's millions on millions of American citizens who say....stick it!!


Well said. The corruption of the DNC backing a crooked, loser, candidate, to whom I agree with Trump " should be in jail" and throwing the DNC's potential winner, Bernie under their politically, corrupt bus cost Hillary the election..not Russian hacking.

Example: look at this way, if the DNC would have given Bernie the nomination all the adverse Russian hacking, in my opinion, would have still failed to give Trump the election.


...sniff, that's exactly right...I love you man! :joy: