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Putin Heads Off A US-Russia War


Putin Heads Off A US-Russia War

Eric Margolis

Has Russia’s Vladimir Putin pulled Barack Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire for a second time?

Will the shaky cease-fire in Ukraine that began this weekend hold up and end a conflict that was threatening a nuclear war between the United States and Russia?

The answer to the first question is yes. Remember back in 2013 when the Obama White House was threatening to attack Syria over allegations it was using poison gas?

As it turned out, the UN found it was the US-backed Syrian rebels who were likely to have used chemical weapons rather than the Damascus regime.


" Ukraine has been a bankrupt failed state since 1991 run by incompetent politicians, gangsters and oligarchs. The U S-directed IMF is now preparing an emergency 17.5 billion just to keep Ukraine afloat. Another 40 billion is seen as urgent in the near future".

57.5 billion to keep afloat a a government in the Ukraine that is run by incompetent politicians, gangsters and oligarchs? OH! I forgot. They are our gangsters, corrupt, incompetent politicians and oligarchs that the US needs to keep afloat!


The IMF never gives loans to anybody without forcing countries to sell of their publicly owned assets. The IMF is a tool of corporations seeking to undermine the public interest at every opportunity. The largest threat to the Ukraine is corporate fundamentalism and not Russia or even NATO.
While I agree with Margolis' article, he did say that the "U.S, has no strategic claims in the Ukraine" but that has changed now that Monsanto, Cargill and other U.S. multi-national corporations have exploited the chaos to buy up the country's 80 million acres of fertile farmland. These mega-corporations have far more influence in D.C. than the American people do and therefore we shouldn't expect the truce to hold. It is in these halls of corporate power that the decision to stoke more violence are made. Though Putin's aims may be noble as well as defensive, the sociopaths we have put in office will prove to be relentless in their pursuit of money and power.
It is imperative for Americans to get rid of their corrupt representatives in government if we are to avoid a wider conflict. Unfortunately the extent of converting the populace into a nation of corporate worshippers may have gone beyond the point of no return.


I remember thinking back in the late 80's "Thank God for Gorbachov!"


T. Boone Pickens and Joe Biden's son were salivating for fracking the begeesus out of the Ukrane for cash. American capitalists couldn't care less for the catastrophe that would befall not only Ukraine, but the whole of Western Europe. Like a Swedish exchange student told me long ago "We're not afraid of the Soviet Union, its the US that we fear." After all, the US doesn't have to worry about rebuilding when they dirty up other countries.

Putin is still a master chess player and skilled politician. These US global militarist adventures are a consequence of near complete loss of diplomacy among United States Foreign Service politicians over radical right wing domination of policies by military force and intimidation. It doesn't take a degree in Political Science to see how anti-American forces within our own government are clumsily falling into potentially calamitous consequences is their efforts to destroy the republic.


I did not know Monsanto and other corporations had bought up so much land in the Ukraine. It is ironic because some of my friends are very much taken in by the anti-Putin propaganda and yet are able to see that Monsanto is a major problem.


Actually the first time was brilliant example of US-Russia international politics cooperation. The US threatens to bomb Syria, for using chemical weapons. The US Secretary of State Kerry says off the cuff that won't happen if Syria allows UN control of its chemical weapons. Incidentally, the Syrian Foreign Minister was just meeting with his Russian counterpart, Lavarov, who proposes that Syria allow UN control of its chemical arsenal. Voila, Syrian chemical weapons neutralized.

Perfect example of US-Russian cooperation.We need more of the kind.


Many good points here. The prospect of NATO in Ukraine from Russia's POV is not spoken enough. One bone to pick: Noble Peace Prize Winner Obama and his lady strategists? What is that?


" The US-directed International Monetary Fund is now preparing an emergency $17.5 billion loan just to keep Ukraine afloat. Another $40 billion is seen as urgent in the near future. Kiev just managed to pay off half its $2.2 billion gas debt to Moscow, likely with US aid. But the winter will be long and cold."

This is the giveaway. Debtor colonialism in action. "Loan" the country more than it can ever pay back (with interest) and they own it demanding privatization, destruction of any social institutions and heavy austerity. This is why NATO (the CIA) installed a fascist leadership and why some Ukrainians refuse to accept either the fascist puppets or the selling of Ukraine into World Bank dept slavery.

It's not just Ukraine. Our own government is doing it to us.


Hi Space Cadet, do you have a link for the land purchases?


"Putin is still a master chess player and a skilled politician."
Does he really have time to play chess, and what has that got to do with anything?


It's "Ukraine"....not " the Ukraine "...smh


Just Ukraine. ..not the Ukraine. Would you say the Russia...or the Germany.