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Putin-Obama Trust Evaporates


Putin-Obama Trust Evaporates

Ray McGovern

How did the "growing trust" that Russian President Vladimir Putin once said marked his "working and personal relationship with President Obama" change into today's deep distrust and saber-rattling?


With Obama falling behind schedule delivering tax "reform", TPP, TTIP and TISA he is getting more desperate to please his corporate masters, to the extent that he and Clinton are a tag team nurturing the restarting of the cold war with Russia to enhance miitary industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenue.


I would say the greatest threat to US National security. Is the US and Nato placing missile systems on Russia's border. This system can be used has an offensive first nuclear strike attack on Russia. Eventually Putin will be force to take out this missile system. Which means an all out Nuclear war is possible. Because our leaders are not listening to what Putin is saying. This is one of my main reasons I cannot support Hillary Clinton. Because her becoming President. Means it will be more likely. The US will go to war with China, Iran and Russia.


This is total insanity.. there is no other way to describe it.
Creating a situation, almost totally out of thin air, in order to increase corporate profits, or to add to America's sense of world power and control, a situation that threatens the very existence of life on the planet.... can only be described as sheer insanity.
It's bad enough when major war happens in reaction to real occurrences, but this situation just seems arbitrarily created by madmen.


It doesn't seem so arbitrary when you learn the back story behind it. (not on MSM). The US is being cut out of a major trade agreement between Russia, China and countries in between, it's being called The New Silk Road.
This will open up trade along a route that will carry oil and other exports in EurAsia. The trade deals Obama is pushing, TPP, and the rest have been billed as "If the US doesn't set the rules, China will", but are really meant to interfere with the Silk Road. The pipeline that Qatar wanted to run through Syria was declined by Assad, so he must go, according to the Generals.
We can't leave out that Netanyahu wants the Shiite crescent destabilized so he will feel "safe". This will give them and Saudi's a path to Iran and of course Russia. These are Clinton's desires too so hold on, it's going to get worse.


Thanks for the good information.
The facts you presented still come down to being just business interests, not a real existential threat to the 325 million people in the United States, or the rest of the world, that might warrant starting a nuclear war over.
It sickens me to see how the people in power feel the world is their plaything to blow up or not blow up, at their will.
I'm not sure life on the planet, as we know it now, will survive the next 4 to 8 years.


What I particularly dislike is US blood and treasure being put in the service of foreign interests, like Israeli interests, particularly when Netanyahu & company scoffs at our at our modest requests (like halting illegal and immoral settlement activity), and brags about controlling us (to pursue their interests, against the interests of the American people), and pushes us into and for conflict on their behalf, at the cost of death and destruction for us and for so many (with a better-than-free ride, and plunder, for them).


You've pretty much capsulized the history of the Cold War and the post WWII world right up to the present. It's why the US had a war with Japan. Pearl Harbor didn't come out of a vacuum. Real intentions were revealed when Mikhail Gorbachev tried to get an agreement with the west, getting a promise that NATO wouldn't move 'an inch to the east'. That promise was quickly violated with the justification that it wasn't guaranteed in writing. So much for 'trust'. If all of Russia became Quakers and destroyed every weapon they have, how would that effect NATO? Zero. It may necessitate the Victoria Nuland(s) of the world to update their propaganda, but that's why people with public relations degrees exist. There's always a job with the dark side.


As the deception and lies practiced by this administration increased, Obama's golden words became more and more meaningless. He spoke with fool's gold, and now we can ALL see, if we want to, that Obama has placed himself firmly on the side of the elites. He started his election campaign with a personal fortune of about $250,000; imagine how much he will reel in ( he believes) from those elites for speeches, etc. when he is no longer restricted to a public face/private face situation. He made the devil's choice. Let him live with it. Most of us, including Putin, learned alot from Obama; his head will never be on Mt. Rushmore if real American patriots have anything to do with it!


Watch out now, even Harry Reid is doing the Joe McCarthy tango.


I think Putin took those babies out of the incubators. Maybe he even controls Comey with his evil brainwaves. In any case:

Putin did it.


Wow... are you serious? The only "real" reasons one would have to condemn Obama's actions, are racist in nature?
That is beyond ridiculous!


1914: While there was always a definite threat of some pyschopath to ignore the concept of the mutual assured destruction of a major war, there is little doubt that neither the Czar or the Emperor or the Kaiser or the Sultan or the Third Republic or the Parliament would be so careless.


How ironic. NATO members may have to kick the U.S. out of the organization in order to protect themselves.


Another factor largely overlooked by the MSM have been the political and economic reprisals levied against Brazil, China, and Russia following the creation of the BRIC, a currency with the potential to challenge the US Dollar's status as Global Reserve Currency. BRIC member India has managed to dodge the worst of these economic reprisals so far largely due to Prime Minister Modi's implementation of the neoliberal economic policies favored by the West, and to a lesser extent, his anti-Islamic sentiments (to put it mildly).


I could't agree with you more madashellron!!! The main group behind our foreign wars of aggression are the neocons. Way back in 1998 they prepared a statement of intent by the think tank P.N.A.C. that described how they intended to establish global hegemony both economically and militarily. They named seven Middle Eastern nations to be targeted for regime change. Those nations were Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen. They also stated that in order to get the American people in line and supportive of military intervention in the Middle East they would need "A New Pearl Harbor" type of event. 9/11 occurred just a few years afterward with neocon Vice President Dick Cheney, neocon Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, neocon John Bolton as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, as well as neocons Robert Karen, Paul Wolfowitz and other such human garbage active in our upper government.

Now these same insane people have determined that in order for their insane plans to proceed they must also cause regime change in Russia and China. This is obviously a fools's game. We can't even beat a third world country like Iraq so what makes these fools believe they can beat nuclear armed Russia and China simultaneously? They can't, of course but chickenhawk Hillary will still try. Why? Because she is a neocon as well and also harbors such insane ideas as U.S. global dominance. It is for this reason I refused to vote for her and instead supported Jill Stein. Fuck the neoconservatives. We need to eliminate every last one of them from our government before we can ever hope for peace.


"Russia's reaction in annexing Crimea"

Mr McGovern. The Crimea and the Ukraine have been part of Russia for a few years longer than the USA has been the USA. We don't talk about USAians annexing the USA, which is precisely what happened at the point of a gun.. At least the Crimeans were allowed a referendum on the matter, unlike the original inhabitants of the USA.Russia started out centred on Kiev, in the Ukraine in around the 12th or 13th century. The centre of gravity moved to Moscow as the invading Tartars got kicked out in following years.


Sorry, why drop 1000lb bombs or drones on people in other countries?


No treaty in writing made by any USAian government has proved worth the paper it was written on. Ask the locals who got to the USA first for proof of that pudding.


Do you really believe this?

Has the entire neocon establishment lined up for HRC/KBH because they aren't sure of where she stands?

Shouldn't it be illegal to be trolling from Canada?


An empire in decline is the most dangerous. US losing hegemony has sent this country into panic mode.