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Putin Shuns Syrian ‘Quagmire’


Putin Shuns Syrian ‘Quagmire’

Ray McGovern

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s abrupt announcement that Russia would begin “the withdrawal of the main part” (????? ???????? ?????) of its military “contingent” (???????????) from Syria has been widely seen not only as a welcome surprise, but also as a hopeful fillip to serious negotiations to end the carnage in what is left of that beleaguered country.


Ray, the Mossad is in Syria for the long haul. After orchestrating 911 with the CIA, they have suckered the USA into footing the bill for decades of sabotage and subterfuge to enable the Likuds to create Eretz Israel. American taxpayers will be bled for the zionists.


Thanks for this wlawlor- Finally somebody gets it right on this site…
Liar and Zionist Likud Mobster Netanyahu must be licking his greedy chops over the Bekaa Valley and all of the highly profitable Narcotics there, waiting to be purloined and plundered-