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Putin: Success of Minsk Deal Key to Avoid "Apocalyptic" War in Ukraine


Putin: Success of Minsk Deal Key to Avoid "Apocalyptic" War in Ukraine

Jon Queally, staff writer

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking with state television, has warned that if the deal reached in Minsk less than two weeks ago does not soon take hold in Ukraine, a war of "apocalyptic" proportions remains a possibility on the horizon.

Asked about the likelihood of all-out war in Ukraine, Putin said "such an apocalyptic scenario is unlikely and I hope that it will never happen."


The Kiev regime is illegitimate, since it came into power by an armed insurrection, abetted by the US, and because subsequent elections banned all opposition groups and residents of the Donbass. The US needs to stop supporting and encouraging the regime in Kiev, which has caused so much damage in the East, killed over 5,000 of its own residents, and caused over a million of its residents to flee to safety in Russia.

Putin is straight-forward and transparent. He says what he means and means what he says. This is in sharp contrast to Obama and Kerry, who espouse peace and prosperity for Ukraine, but care only about a global strategy to encompass and weaken Russia.


This comment is the truth and states facts unknown to most Americans who are soaked in the lies of our major media which constantly chant that Russia has invaded Ukraine. The ‘bad guy’ in this situation is the United States of America. Our government is totally corrupt and we must do all we can to sweep our houses of government free of all Democrats and Republicans.

We need a new government in which our Representatives truly represent the people of their district and not vote as directed by their political party or their major donors. Those bags of money are not donations, but are bribes. This is the clear indication of just how rotten our government is.

Citizens!! Unite and kick out these unethical people from the government of our nation. We must demand democracy!!!


Unfortunately, the once-“moderate” now tea-party congressman Tim Murphy ® representing the district where I am currently sitting, is truly representing a probable majority of those here in this right-wing suburban-McMansion-belt area.


OK folks you have to hand it to Putin , up to now he has been extremely restrained and reserved. But now the rapier is out of the scabbard and things are getting serious.
Let us remember that when this war does “kick off " it is not " WE: that wanted it but the Bankers / MIC and the Elite, that would number maybe in the few thousand, THEY are the ones who want this, so this firstly needs to be etched into our consciousness before " everyone else” is dragged into this chaos.
Secondly this conflict in NOT about the Ukraine but about BRICS/SUCRE and alternative way of doing commerce that bypasses the WB and IMF. Putins “crime” is to go independent of this system, like all others who did " they have to go" whatever the cost".
Now we need to ask ourselves do we sit idly by while the “Elite” bring this about , our do we actively seek these " invisible ones" out, expose them, discredit them, dis-empower them and finally neutralize them to the point that they all can be brought to justice and stopped before they kick start this “: End Game”.
We know what they are like, what they want and how incredibly ruthless and inhuman they can be, the ball is in our court, the question now is " do we let them?"


Could someone please explain, for my admittedly simple mind, the sense of the last sentence of this piece?


LOL! I agree, it makes no sense - the only thing I could figure is that he was suggesting that whereas before only 30% supported the idea, because now 53% opposed it, 43% now supported it - of course one cannot assume that is so, unless explicitly stated … Very poorly written …


If you want the money out of politics, you need to vote for the candidates who don’t have any …


Russia is now a democracy. Putin and the other members of the Duma and Federation Council (the 2 houses of the legislative branch) were elected. The czar is long dead and buried. Of course Putin was restrained. He was given the authority by the legislature to use his armed forces to quell the violence in Ukraine. In an effort to uphold international law, he asked that this authority be rescinded, and it was. No one has provided convincing evidence that Putin has sent his armed forces or weapons to the rebels. Either he’s not doing it, or it’s VERY covert. The US would not have blinked an eye before it would have sent the marines to quell a similar uprising along our border.


OK so your a " paid shill " to " control the narrative" and bring it back to the MSM line of reasoning.
There are 100’s of you all over the web trying to " control forum discussions, all with 5 to 10 pseudo accounts , all posting the same tripe.
I have 2 things to say to you,

  1. I hope they are paying you well!
  2. Enjoy that Latte… I paid for it!


Your comment simply confirms there are millions and millions in the US like you who aren’t actually interested in truth, to the detriment of life on this Earth. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but US foreign policy has supported many dictatorships, and much worse. You simply like team A, no matter what that team actually does.


I agree that the current administration in the U.S. is a “de facto Czar”, but are you suggesting that the Ukrainians have a democratically elected government? The Ukrainians DID have a democratically elected government, until the American plutocracy decided that it wasn’t in their strategic interests for the Ukraine to have peace and democracy. If “Lefties like dictatorship”, that makes every Republican and Democrat in Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court a Leftie!


Though I applaud Putin for trying to establish peace in the Ukraine, it will be difficult for him to achieve this because the U.S. is hell bent on creating social chaos both in the Ukraine and in Russia itself. Because the U.S. is not a functioning democracy, the American citizenry are at the mercy of a handful of sociopaths who control our seats of government. Those same sociopaths are wholly aligned with the MIC, Big Oil, Big Agriculture and other ruthless corporations that expect a windfall from the current situation in the Ukraine. The fact that the Russian populace is more aware of the crisis on their border than Americans, is to state the obvious and are therefore frightened of the potential for this crisis to get worse. Even though most Americans, despite the endless propaganda fed to them by our MSM, don’t what an escalation of the conflict, they are powerless to stop it as they were powerless in the 50 or so countries that the U.S. has bombed over the last 50 years. In fact the inability of Americans to prevent their government from killing abroad, is proof in itself of just what a failed political system we have here at home.


News flash: Russia supplied the entire Ukraine with weapons for the last 85 years!


Please don’t feed the troll. Most here know that it is a waste of time to exchange claims and counter-claims with mr. counterinsurgency-ewski. It is only necessary to wait until the now “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last” Ukrainians get the bill from their new masters for welcoming in the western mafia - aka The World Bank, the IMF, and the bloodsucker bankers of the European Union. Do I sound angry? It is a good thing for mr. ewski and his ilk that I am not a young man.


It seems from the comments that when this all began, with the overthrow of an elected president, is coming to be accepted as the correct version, as it should be. There are, of course, broader narratives going back to the end of the Cold War, but they only support the later one.


Only 53% of “Americans” think another war is a bad idea? If true then “Americans” are hopeless.


I believe that the author is trying to say that the increase in opposition to a war in Ukraine may be ephemeral. As you and Aquifer have pointed out, it’s a poorly written sentence. Perhaps Queally was pressed for time.



I guess you missed that whole bloody US sponsored coup a la Neo-Nazis. I don’t “support” Putin any more than I support the dictator wanna be Barack Obama. I’m interested in calling out the power players in this whole mess, and in this instance it is US/NATO engaging in a dangerous power game with a nuclear armed Russia.


Oh gosh I guess you called us all out! Now I suggest you enlist and live your dreams.