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Putin Trumps Trump With New Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

Putin Trumps Trump With New Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

Eric Margolis

In December, 2002, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the U.S. would unilaterally pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that had curtailed the development of nuclear missiles and anti-missile systems to defeat them.

This week, President Putin stunned the world by revealing a new arsenal of nuclear-armed weapons that have stolen a march on Washington and left the warlike President Donald Trump looking foolish.

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Russia spends a fraction of what the USA pays for its Military and yet Russia is able to design and deploy technologies that are every bit as deadly if not more so.

A trillion dollar Military as opposed to a 50 billion dollar military is an astronomical difference , this showing how much corruption and rot exists in the US MIC. The US system IS about lining the pockets of the 1 percent with wealth and nothing more and when a spokesperson for the US administration speaks to corruption in Russia, they are projecting and are the pot calling the kettle black.


Arctic Sea Ice Trumps Trump & Putin


This is a repeat of the 60’s and the Sputnik fiasco that triggered, among other things, the eventual drive to improve American schools ( see “A Nation at Risk,” 1983). It’s interesting how American elitism has repeatedly created the fantasy that other peoples don’t have the brains, will power, or economic strength to create technologies that are equal to–or better than --ours. We’re big into “bling,” bigger, better, improved, new packaging! Meanwhile the Russians are quietly innovating. I am interested to see where this goes.


Putin seems to be making the Russians Russian again so there is a unifying force behind Russia that sharply contrasts with the divisiveness that plagues the USA. You are right about the US MIC; the pigs at the trough aren’t quite so nimble as the Bear of the forest. Putin wants peace through strength, which was a failed catchphrase when the US ran it up the flagpole. It’s time to take the neocons to the woodshed as they are ninety-nine percent responsible for the antagonisms that now vex the prospects for a truly cooperative and peaceful world.


It’s probably good that Putin did this. A smart bully avoids conflict with someone with formidable strength. Unless Trump does something really silly/asinine, Peace with Russia is assured.


Neoliberal Democrats attack Putin, attempting to deflect attention and blame for their own electoral corruption although America hypocritically interferes with foreign elections. It invented the “regime change” that is now producing the bitter fruits of nuclear holocaust.

It may be too late to address one primary cause of these natural disasters, overpopulation, thanks in large part to organized superstition. That’s something we could have easily solved using humane birth control. So nature will fix these problems as usual by killing off species that diminish its diversity and upset its natural balance. In our case, by nuking us.

The second primary cause of these natural disasters would be endless resource and power concentration. We may have to fix that ourselves.

Direct Democracy


What I see here as the bottom line, is that there will always be reasons to waste our resources on war tools rather than alleviate the suffering of humans and animals. Evolution should have stopped somewhere around the lemur.

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The new and improved US military build up will goose the economy, just like St Ronnie’s did.

Repubs will tell you the government can’t create jobs with one side of their mouth, and tell you the MIC is a jobs program with the other.

Among many, two of the most dishonest words ever spoken by US politicians were “peace dividend.”

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Please, rather than post things in “news and views”, could we be given the basic choice between “news” and “views”?

This article is masturbation for Putinists, and it has become obvious as of late that Savushka St is increasingly controlling the narrative between the content of stories, the silence on actual news, and the wave of newbies with “interezting” names coming here to praise the articles, Putin, Qaddafi, Assad, et al.

You’re dangerously close to being alt-right, commondreams. If you can go from decent coverage and discussion of our world at large and “left” issues, to sharing content with globalresearch, businessinsider, and veteranstoday, then there is no logical reason to believe that you won’t go full-tilt very soon.
I sincerely hope you realize how important it is to resist this, considering that you are, well… you. Supposedly.

Trump and Putin were dictator bros until the neoliberal Democrats started with the hypocritical “Russia meddled in our election” attacks to divert attention from how Dems corrupted the election. They made Russia our enemy again and started a new profitable and more dangerous Cold War.

Direct Democracy

Your assertion that CD is now in the hands of the “Putinists” is patently absurd.

I do hope that CD rescues you from your own personal difficulty in dealing with their publication and users who you don’t corn-sider genuine. You apparently are sabotaging your own well being by logging on (Facebook or otherwise).

I think of it in terms of an intervention that is warranted here.

It will be good for you, that is my only corn-cern.