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Putin Was Ready To Go Nuclear Over Crimea, Documentary Reveals


Putin Was Ready To Go Nuclear Over Crimea, Documentary Reveals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Russian President Vladimir Putin was willing to ready Russia's nuclear arsenal during last year's conflict over Crimea, he reportedly said in a pre-recorded documentary broadcast on Russian state television on Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of Moscow's takeover of the Black Sea peninsula.


Why is CD parroting this obvious MSM agitprop? Don’t they think we get enough of it already? I have seen no evidence whatsoever of the “readiness to use nukes” claim, not in this article, and not in the MSM articles, from which you can surmise that it’s not in the Russian documentary, either. It’s all innuendo of the US and Western propaganda machines. The only facts we’ve got point to the Russian readiness to fight over Crimea, not to “use nukes.” The shamelessness of it all is sickening, especially as it bespeaks a desire, on the US’s part, to find “justification” for its own desire to use nukes. Sickening.


“My” narrative? Don’t you think that if any Russian had actually stated it, the fearmongers who run our media and government would have quoted it? It’s your narrative that’s the problem, especially because it’s not your narrative, but the one fed to you by the constant drumbeat for wear hammered out by those in whose interest it is to destroy and murder for profit. Give me a f***in’ break.


You are either a gullible fool or a disinforming troll. Anyone with even a semblance of critical faculties knows that, whatever their other faults, the Russian media, in its face-off with the West (a face-off desired by the US neocon mafia and its stooges in Washington the media, and decidedly not desired by the Russians, who want nothing more than peaceful, economically fruitful ties with Western Europe), have been far more reasonable, rational, and forthcoming with facts than the US media and the Western European media.

The fact that you’re even posting here makes me think you’re a troll. Well, troll all you want; it won’t work. The truth has a way of raising its head even amidst a sea of lies.


Don’t forget to punch your card with the Thought Police clock. Have a nice day. Adieu, as they say in France.


Sorry, I don’t feed trolls. Adieu.


Your just a professional troll aren’t you?


The world has never been without another Hitler. Hitler’s economic miracle was never a miracle. Hitler was chosen and financed by the USA elite including Henry Ford and GW Bush’s grandfather. The real money behind the German Third Reich are still in power in the USA.


Willing to use Nukes? Will you come out and condemn the use of nuclear bunker busters. Will you come out and condemn the use of tactical nukes. Will you condemn the use of nukes in Hiroshima and Nagisaki? Ordinary people do, but I doubt that a CIA disinformation troll such as you would be capable of it.


Come on tell us about your allegience to the CIA.


He is not a gullible fool, or he would have left months ago. He is a paid disinformation troll.


Yes, we have another major military force banging the drums for war—and it is not the Russians. It is the Americans. The USA is like fascist Hitler and ready to start a new world war for the profits of the munition makers that Eisenhower warned us about.

The Russians did not invade Ukraine. The eastern Ukrainians voted to leave Ukraine and rejoin the Russian Federation, as is their right under international law. The vote to return to Russia was peaceful and monitored by international people. The people voted nearly unanimously to return to Russia.

The overthrow of the legally elected President of Ukraine was financed and armed by the United States. The American choose the new President. One of his first moves was to say that Russian was not a legal language in Ukraine. It was then that the people voted to leave Ukraine.

The United States wants to go to war to retain our title as the world’s only super power. The people of the United States must somehow stop the United States from poking the Russian Bear and starting World War III. Russia has the right to defend herself. Napoleon invaded Russia and so did Hitler and they lost. It will be the same for us. This proposed war is based on lies. We need to mind our own business and take care of our problems at home.


Putin is clearly more honest and reliable than is Obama or anyone else in the US Government.


Spinners spin.

No nuclear alert was issued. No state of nuclear readiness was put into effect. Putin considered and rejected the option.

OMG!!! We must attack immediately.


And I guess the belligerent insane dangerous Obama is willing to use his nuclear arsenal on Venezuela too. Right? He declared Venezuela “an extraordinary threat to the security of us all!” This is proof that he was reading his nuclear arsenal…


Well said from an informed citizen. " The real money behind the German Third Reich are still in power in the USA".

That is why I have called the Amerikan Empire…The Fourth Reich.



Владимир Путин: Ядерные силы РФ могли быть приведены в готовность из-за событий в Крыму

Россия была готова к неблагоприятному развитию событий в Крыму, а власти рассматривали возможность привести в готовность ядерные силы, но исходили из того, что этого не произойдёт. Об этом, как сообщает РИА Новости, заявил президент РФ Владимир Путин в фильме «Крым. Путь на

Vladimir Putin: RF Nuclear Forces Could Have Been Alerted Because of the Situation in Crimea

Russia was prepared for unpleasantness in Crimea,and the authorities were ready to alert the nuclear forces, but as things turned out that wasn’t necessary. RIA News reported that RF President Vladimir Putin confirmed this in the film “Crimea. Road to the Motherland”.


Do you have a credible cite for that? Because the people in that area who are Russian-identified don’t constitute a majority as far as I’m aware, and thus would have no standing in international law.

[quote=“http://www.interpretermag.com/few-in-ukraine-including-in-the-east-support-separatism-or-joining-russia-poll-shows/”]But a new poll shows that few of the people on whose behalf Putin claims to be acting are interested in separatism from Ukraine or in having their regions become part of the Russian Federation. Instead, even in the eastern portions of Ukraine where Russian speakers form a large share of the population, overwhelming majorities want to remain in Ukraine.

According to the results of a poll by the Democratic Initiative of Ukraine released today and discussed by Andrey Illarionov in an Ekho Moskvy blog post, 89 percent of the residents of Ukraine consider that country their Motherland.

The poll, conducted in March and having a margin of error under 2.3 percent, found that the regional variation on this point was far less than Putin and many commentators in the West have suggested. Thus, 97 percent of the residents of the western Ukraine view that country as their own, 89 percent of the residents of the Donbas in the eastern part do as well.[/quote]


rewqski is a US political operative, perhaps self-appointed, but still a noisy little irritant. I’d say ignore, but time to start flagging his posts en masse.


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