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Putin Was Ready To Go Nuclear Over Crimea, Documentary Reveals


Naw, rewqski is too far down the food chain to be a paid CIA or even State Dep’t troll. Probably a local Rep or Dem volunteer political wonk, thinking he’ll rise in the Party if he proves his ability to disrupt real discussion on newsite comment sections.

The correlation between his posts appearing and framing, and State Dep’t tactical media “info” is indicative of some pre-release and coaching channel though.

Ineffective, clumsy and grossly misinformed, but still showing correlation.


History. Current practice. Just because it is not reported on Faux or CNN doesn’t mean the US isn’t and hasn’t been doing it since shortly after 1776.

The US has for the last century or so operated on an “if you can’t steal it, break it” system. Readers can esily look up the dozens of countries the US has destabilized, attacked by proxy or outright invaded. Since Obama came to power promising to end the current wars and not start any new ones, we can hand him Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. If we include ongoing and new regime change/colour-revolutions, we have Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela plus a ton more in Africa.

Ya, no US imperialism. And 1 million military personnel scattered in 1,000 foreign bases. And then there’s the entire IMF/WTO/World Bank/US$-reserve-currency system that invades/cripples economies and dictates terms to sovereign countries. Thee is no need to show “proof” of imperialism, the US claims such rights regularly. Obama putting it all under the euphemism “indispensable nation”.

Empires have learned never admit to or call itself an Empire. But the US is by any reasonable definition, an empire.

“An empire is a geographically extensive group of diverse states and peoples (ethnic groups) united and ruled by a central authority, either by a monarch (emperor, empress) or an oligarchy.” The US just happens to elect its monarchy and political aristocracy which are controlled by the oligarchs.


The US has all but declared war on Venezuela, and Obama said (I paraphrase, because you’d never accept the actual phrase either) all option were on the table. If he DIDN’T mean nuclear options, he should have said so. HE DID NOT.

Given he said he would close Guantanamo and end all the wars and not start any new ones, we can expect the worst from this serial liar. The Nobel Peace Price Pres has become the biggest warmonger Pres.

Rational people have no reason trust anything he says to be as it seems. Much less his simpering propagandists.

Nice try putting words in both my and Putin’s mouths. Putin has carefully explained why he did what he did. Obama on the other hand, couldn’t come up with convincing enough a lie that Psaki, a highly paid professional liar, could keep a straight face while she told it.

It is not up to posters here to prove anything. It is up to you to prove the US “administration” is not a psychotic and desperate regime. They sure are acting like it.


As for people who TWIST others’ words, NEVER SAID the US openly stated an imminent plan to nuke Canada. But there are openly admitted US contingency plans to nuke virtually any place on earth. Otherwise why would the US have its nuke stockpile? It looks nice? It will make other countries “like” the US? More like the stockpile is used to bully and intimidate, just like the rest of the 1 million US military on 1,000 foreign bases.

So nitpick the details to your heart’s conent. The broad strokes of what I say is true and you know it. You fear that people will look at the sweep of history and see the US-elite and 0.01% masters for what they are. Murderous, psychopathic, greedy.


Well you can lean on your “labels” again, if it makes you feel superior. I am neither “liberal” nor “left”, as those labels have been rendered meaningless in a morass of propaganda and rhetorical gibberish.

The bottom line is history supports the wider premise that the US Empire is anything but a benevolent force for peace and democracy world wide. Where US soldiers, proxy soldiers, covert/NGO-ops, diplomats and IMF/WTO/World Banksters go, deprivation, chaos and death will follow.

Even the triumphalist WW1 and WW2 narratives were set up by proven conspiracies by the US /European elites to support the likes of Hitler. The 99% pay in blood and deprivation for the “glories” and wealth of the elites. In the last century, the US elites have played the preeminent role in intentionally bringing death and destruction to the world.

Readers will see my “paraphrasing” as accurate enough. The nit-picky propagandists and pseudo-intellectuals like you and rewqski will not be nearly as effective.

To go back to the original article, Putin was calling the US’s bluff, the US always carrying the “big stick” of nuclear deterrents. Obomber will go down in history as one of the most warmonger US Presidents in history. Let’s see if the Peace Prize Pres has the guts to make the first nuke strike since WW2. As MASH’s Hawkeye said, “to err is Truman”. Will future gagsters say “to bumble is Obama”?


There was no “retraction” on my part, never will be, nor will I provide “proof” of the patently obvious. Again you and other readers can search to find the information, it is not my job to spoon feed or “prove” anything.

If nit-picking is your game, readers will soon tire of it from you.

There is no need to militarily invade Canada, Harper has surrendered all meaningful sovereignty. Canada is an economic and military vassal state of the US. I could provide endless proof, but readers can investigate the AVRO ARROW and Stelco/US Steel as a primer in how the US corporate/political class has executed a silent coup.


“Parsing statements” Do you even know what that means?

It is fact, there is no need for the US to militarily invade Canada AT THIS TIME, or for that matter in the foreseeable future.

That the US has accomplished the silent coup by political and economic means does not change the fact the military plans STILL EXIST and are regularly reviewed and updated as part of the Pentagon’s warmonger view of the world. And nukes are ALWAYS part of the Pentagon plan, even if only in worst-case scenarios.

As long as Canada subserviently sells the US all the oil, lumber, meat and minerals the US demands, why invade? And we send our micro-military to fight in the various US wars. Ya, our Fearless Leader PM Harper, cowering in a closet while leaving the men and women of the Conservative Caucus between him and the “shooter”.

Like all warmonger politicos, a COWARD. Too cowardly to stand up to the US taking over Canada by stealth. “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it.” Yup, I don’t recognize what a hollow shell of a society Canada has become. Led by a coward who follows a hypocrite Peace Prize winner.