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Putting a Knot In Pinkwashing


Putting a Knot In Pinkwashing

Karuna Jaggar

This October marks 25 years since the multibillion-dollar cosmetics corporation The Estée Lauder Companies helped launch the pink ribbon and with it the global marketing bonanza.

According to Breast Cancer Action, October is really "Breast Cancer Industry Month." (Photo:  WCN 24/7/flickr/cc)


Thanks for the work, i signed the letter.

SO SICK of corporate blood-suckers distracting from their TOXIC PRODUCTS with phony marketing. Their industrial chemicals CAUSE cancer, while they focus our attention on “finding the cure.” A “win-win” for the corporate profiteers who make billions from these diseases, but a terrible loss for life and humanity.

Cosmetics are a huge source of these chemicals. So are plastics, and pesticides. Industry turns the ecology into a soup of hormone-mimicking chemicals that cause delicate life systems to go haywire.

We need laws that FORBID production and sale of carcinogenic endocrine disruptors. We don’t need “consumer awareness” and “consumer action” we need ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.


Yes. How about “consumer boycott”? Boycott every unnecessary product. Most (all?) cosmetic products are unnecessary.



Consumer education means making a connection between buying a problem and then paying for an even more expensive solution. Eliminate non-essentials and teach your children how beautiful they are, just the way they are.


Even more than the life systems being delicate, is failure of industry to recognize the dynamic balances being disrupted by their ‘product’. Human skin, is not treated as the organ it is, but rather an insensate canvas on which to slather a chemical soup of manufactured color and texture.

The organisms from which the manufacturers of “cosmetics” extract ever greater “value” to make their claim in a “niche” of an equally highly suspect hierarchy itself flaunting specious claims like the emperor with the bare backside.

The aggression on women by the advertising industry is a travesty. Anyone who falls for it should be provided FREE COUNSELING to free them from the addiction fed behavior patterns foisted by these parasite industries.

“Beauty” - my ass !! is more beautiful !!

ps - also signed and second the thanks


“The aggression on women by the advertising industry…”

It is important to see the advertising assault as the ASSAULT that it truly is. It is violence against our being, our psyche, our emotional selves, as well as against our bodies.

“Corporate persons” should be STRICTLY limited in their areas of operation. Bombarding public consciousness with incessant, 24/7, cradle-to-grave PROPAGANDA should be forbidden.


Great article, agree with everything in it. But, the photo used in the headline of all those balloons being released reminded me that we still haven’t understood what a bad thing for the other species on the planet this is. Those balloons have a habit of landing all sorts of places and often being inadvertently devoured by animals who subsequently die of starvation with a hunk of rubber in their stomach. Please be aware and remind others, balloon releases are a bad idea.


You might already know about this site it includes a data base on safe and unsafe personal care products.



Let’s scope out a bit. The equivalent of breast cancer in men is prostate cancer - and it’s rates are also increasing. (Though it doesn’t get pink - or even blue - ribbons. Nor does it get the funding that breast cancer gets, but that’s neither here nor there.) Scoping out a bit more, 1/3 of women will get cancer in their lifetime, as will 1/2 of men. It’s not just the planet that’s on fire, it’s our immune and detoxification systems too, and they can no longer cope.