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Putting Common Good Over Billionaires and Arms Industry, House Progressives Unveil "People's Budget"


Putting Common Good Over Billionaires and Arms Industry, House Progressives Unveil "People's Budget"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Offering an ambitious alternative to the House GOP's "morally bankrupt" 2019 budget proposal—which demands over $5 trillion in cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and other life-saving programs—the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) on Tuesday unveiled a budget that calls for massive investments in infrastructure, healthcare, and education while proposing significant cuts to the completely "


There’s nothing radical here. Just the same type policies that have been tried AND worked under FDR and LBJ.


I don’t doubt that’s true (haven’t read it yet), but I’m sure there is plenty worth discussing. E.g., what does this mean?

Modernizes our defense system to create sustainable baseline defense spending

Does that mean upgrade computers or does that mean develop new (perhaps more cost-effective) weapons systems? If the latter, it’s going to be hard to get behind that aspect.

I think having documents we can refer to over a much longer time period and continue to discuss is MUCH more important than debating the news which is very transient. I would prefer Common Dreams introduced the concept of sticky threads with respect to important documents such as HR676 and perhaps this one and seek out and support the creation of other important reference documents.


Why are these proposals considered radical or socialist. They are rational, Humane and patriotic. At the rate our forests are going up in smoke and earth temperatures rising steadily since the 1980’s we’ll be frying our planet and everything in it.
I think those fat pig republican, democrat or just plain stupid and irresponsible people be tried and put in prison for deliberately ignoring our worsening weather and economic conditions. They are the enemies of not only America but the entire planet.


Hi timber----------That’s an intriguing thought . Say, there’s a lot of space left in Guantanomo—and if we’re going to stay there— Although, I wonder, can America corporate and congressional crooks go there or not , since the crazy lawyer man Loo or Yoo or Who----- decided that American laws don’t count there?


Become a Green and work for all those things every day starting now.


It means step back and say, “Don’t mess with us at home. We will relate commercially with the world without resort to military force in undeclared wars.”


Thank You X’s 3.

The sad and honest truth is the Progressive Caucus puts out a sane budget every year and it think it’s been going since Dubya but I’m not sure when they started. It never gets any, or very little, press coverage. It’s up to us to spread the word and share the link because it will never make prime time.


Pretty sure it means whatever anyone wants it to mean, which is usually the case with vaguely defined policies.


Ok, I read page 24 and 25 now that discuss defense spending and I agree with all the points - modernization is to mean a smaller force structure that is trained to handle modern threats like cyber warfare (though in my opinion there is more of a need to regulate the computer industry and networks to get some real security experts to make the necessary changes - I don’t think the military is the best vehicle for that).

I look forward to reading the rest of it at some point.


These facts should be used as a selling factor by any and all who have the power to promote “The Peoples’ Budget” including the media. But we know who owns the media and other powerful persons.


You are right, patricia. Just a New Deal 2.0 is what progressives are after.

I really got angry when I heard Elizabeth Warren say she was glad that (progressive) Ocasio-Cortez won, but that her message wouldn’t work in Midwest America. WTF!? is what I had to say to hearing that from Warren. She’s becoming more of a conservative Dem, still very passionate, I am sure Warren will win–she does a good job, it’s just that I want to see our more established and popular Dems be passionate about the ideas progressives believe in.

Our party is gaining in popularity, and we will sustain our numbers and get better if and only if our establishment Dems understand that’s what our country needs. Bold New Deal 2.0 and stop pandering to false center, who either are of the richest 10% or ignorant or apathetic basically of what Dems stand for.


NFL games will perpetuate the “military hero” bs and how they are keeping us safe. The only protection we need is protection from the out of control U.S. military.


I think you got your facts wrong - It was Tammy Duckworth who said Ocasio-Cortez" “socialist” message and platform - really its an American platform that benefits 'ordinary" people over the ultra-wealthy! - “wouldn’t work in the Midwest”…I cannot find, nor do I remember any comment like that from Liz warren.

If you have any evidence that Liz said anything like that, please post it Andrea…


Thank you for that clarification.


2018 is the last chance for midwest voters to shake their denial syndrome lest their region become a permanent rust belt and toxic dump with anybody who is not delusional and can afford to 86 the region does so post haste.

Before any of them scream “radical”, they need to recall George Orwell’s admonition that “in an era of widespread deception, telling the truth is considered a radical act”.


“I’m sorry… there is no Common Good for the People at this time…Try again in a Century.”


The problem with these budgets is that they are purely proposals as compared with an extensive evaluation of their objectives. I have a difficult time voting for anything, when a political group expects me to vote on a major project without doing my due diligence of the feasibility of such a feat.

Based on past research I can already assert the claim that infrastructure spending is not even remotely close to enough funding to " transform our fossil-fuel energy system, overburdened mass transit, deteriorating schools, lead-contaminated water systems, and crumbling roads and bridges" with just $2 trillion. (Mass transit alone is more).


“Bold New Deal 2.0”

I would like to hear an explicit and informative explanation as to what exactly this requires. I don’t mean that the US Government makes a bunch of laws and then we achieve everything we want. I mean breakdown and calculate exactly how a country with our budget would create your world with New Deal 2.0?


This is from my representative’s Facebook page:

“Arizona’s servicemembers, military families, and veterans are some of the most patriotic men and women I have had the pleasure of meeting, and today, I was proud to support them by passing this critical legislation. After years of dangerous cuts, this legislation gives Arizona military installations a much-needed boost. We are giving our troops the highest pay raise in nine years, investing in our military’s readiness, and ensuring our Armed Forces have the tools they need to complete their missions and protect our nation.”

I know what you’re probably thinking, this being Arizona and all, but this guy is a Lesser Evil ® Democrat, not a war monger Republican. He brags constantly on Facebook about how bi-partisan he is.

Vote blue. Vote duopoly.