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Putting Democracy Above the Bottom Line


Putting Democracy Above the Bottom Line

Kelle Louaillier

This month, we will have a chance to chart a course toward a stronger, safer global society, where power belongs to the many, not to the few, and where those who have run roughshod over our environment, human rights, and public health will be held accountable. I am not talking about the United States’ presidential election.


I don't think most homeland living US residents understand or appreciate democracy any more than the upperclassmen who wrote the Constitution did.

It's mostly a braggadocio word that The People use to reinforce their delusions of "exceptionalism" -- we're a Democracy, the first one so that makes us better than all those undemocratic countries.


The Brexit vote is NOT in conflict or denial of the "truly global world", it is tantamount to a pressure control alarm or valve blowing off steam to warn us of the inevitable boiler explosion that awaits us if no corrections are made.


How can we put democracy above the bottom line when the bottom line runs the show?