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Putting Dent in Olympic Diplomacy, Pence Vows 'Most Aggressive' Sanctions Yet for North Korea

Putting Dent in Olympic Diplomacy, Pence Vows 'Most Aggressive' Sanctions Yet for North Korea

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of the Olympic Winter Games—which kick off in PyeongChang, South Korea on Friday—U.S. Vice President Mike Pence fueled fears that the Trump White House "plans to try to disrupt any normalization of North Korea amid the feel-good setting of the games" by announcing on Wednesday that the U.S.

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As I’ve said before, it is past time the rest of the world sanction the US. Time for a new BDS movement.


Christian hate speaks loudly from the pulpit.


Unfortunately, I think you’ve touched on the real reason for Pence’s trip (and for bringing along Otto Warmbier’s father as his guest). It’s the same as his last trip to Korea, last Easter weekend. Pence is an apocalypticist christianist, who hopes that, by poking Kim in the eye, he can get him to provoke God into bringing on the Rapture. For him it’s self-justifying that Lent will begin on 2/14, during the Games, and perhaps an even more appropriate time for the Rapture than Easter would have been.

I can’t believe we are allowing this man to represent our country or a faith built around a man executed for political and religious provocation.


The above quote could only be made by a Bible, thumping, hypocrite! Pence is nothing but a christian,fascist, wolf wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of being patriotic. In some ways more dangerous than his boss.


“I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”
—Mohandas K. Gandhi


Perhaps his behavior in Korea will provide grounds for his own impeachment.

He is the same representative of the perversion of Christianity that founded the USA on the land and blood of the indigenes and the blood of Africans.


Hopefully, the Christians in Korea see through this as they lack the same baggage of US whites’ so-called “christianity”. And, not only this, they have suffered at the hands of these same “christians”.

A “christian fascist” is an oxymoron, n’est pas?

Actually, Korean Christians tend exactly toward Pence’s style of Christianism. But they don’t expect any Divine rescue that doesn’t start with reunification of their nation. I think he must be very confusing to them. I don’t know on what basis you claim that Korean Christians have “suffered” at the hands of US evangelicals. I belong to the first Christian denomination to be allowed into Korea, (now) the Presbyterian Church (USA). Yongtze University was founded by Presbyterian missionaries, who are very much honored there. And it’s said that more Presbyterians sit down in pews in Korea on any given Sunday than in the US, including the many immigrant Koreans now members of the PC(USA), other Presbyterian shoots, and the Korean Presbyterian Church in America.

This isn’t the place, but I could tell you quite a lot about the attitudes of Korean Presbyterians.

Probably the reason pence was picked to be vice president. Impeach trump and what you get to replace him is not any better.


I think Pence took to post to be there at the Rapture brought on by djt’s chaos. I think the GOP asked him to be a staunch conservative on the ticket, but one who would stand behind djt with a straight face (unlike Huckabee, who’s a scene-stealer). I think Pence was sorely disappointed at the first peak of the Korean nuclear standoff, last Easter, that God didn’t take the cue and rapture him right up out of his bomber jacket, so he’s gonna try again just as Lent begins (next Wednesday).

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Yes, but the moron is correct.

Does anyone know the bogus excuse the U.S. used when it illegally attacked North Korea back in 1950 calling it a " police action". No nukes then, but maybe it was to bring them freedom and democracy!

“Most tyrannical, oppressive regime on the planet.”

But not Saudia Arabia, which beheads hundreds of people a year for sorcery, locks up people for decades for speaking out against the monarchy, and funds radical Wahabi Islam and terrorist schools. No, they are our good buddies.


This beady-eyed weasel should rot in prison.

Did you get a good look at the photo for the article? You cannot see his eye’s.

So…what about those Russian sanctions your boss fails to enact, huh little buddy pence? Little Buddy Pence. Little Buddy. Little.

These b*stards just can’t miss any opportunity at all to drop a big turd in the punch bowl, can they? They seize upon every opportunity to kick more sand in the N. Korean’s face. When there is no opportunity handy, they make one anyway with their stupid war games and sanctions! We are poorly, and dangerously, led by psychopaths. Or should I say mis-led?


If they gave Oscars for hypocrisy, he’d be holding one!