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Putting Economy at Risk, Trump Vows to "Do A Big Number" on Dodd-Frank


Putting Economy at Risk, Trump Vows to "Do A Big Number" on Dodd-Frank

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the same day he signed an executive order aimed at massive deregulation, President Donald Trump told a group of small business leaders that he plans to "do a big number on Dodd-Frank," the Obama-era bill enacted to rein in big banks and prevent another financial crisis.


Is that big number #2?

/ I can resist anything except temptation - Oscar Wilde.


And, of course, right after they finish de-regulating financial markets the next step will be to privatize social security.


The Goldman Sachs parasites are giddy and celebrating in Lincoln's bedroom! Cohn is shouting that he wants to be on top.


All Americans should now take their monies out of banks and place them into co-ops.

To stay in an American bank now is to be foolhardy about the risks of losses to your accounts.


" well-capitalized, well-regulated banks can meet the needs of small businesses." Yes, well Pence knows all about that and will do his best to destroy any hope for the poor. Business? Of course. Ask him about the Hurricane Katrina business wins against the people. See Naomi Klein's take on this in an interview on the Intercept with Jeremy Scahill (sorry can't do the link).


"well-capitized, well regulated banks" is certainly not the situation now, Dodd-Franks or not. Trump has referred to auditing the Federal Reserve private bank and even the gold supplies. That would be a good one, serious reform, and probably impossible. The one good thing about the billionaire cabinet is that they cannot be bought off. Further their backgrounds in big business and banking could be a good thing, not making them necessarily evil, but knowledgeable. If Trump is just another agent of the deep state and the oligarchic elites, why are they all out to take him down? Why is their controlled media hitting him every hour? Why did he cancel their secret TPP? Anti-Trump activities should be selective, otherwise it just plays into their hands and frustrates any possible improvements that might occur. Hit him hard where he is wrong and support him where he is right.


Fine, if indeed he is ever right!


May the Fates "Do a big number" on this monster!


Washington will explode before Social Security is privatized.


So henceforth the country is to be run strictly by presidential decree? Isn't that the definition of a dictatorship?


How can it be stopped? They have all the power, and even Democrats since Bill Clinton have been trying to cut benefits preparatory to privatization.


He's erratic and irrational. He's a menace. Who knows why he does anything except as narcissist's impulse. Any good coming out of his Ovular office is purely accidental. Picking and choosing is pretty dicey.


Exactly how I feel about his word choice. What a tiresome t__d.


From your lips to Allah's ear.


Yeeeeeeeees!!!!! Thank you. Executive Orders aren't supposed to be issued daily.
We've got a congressionally enabled junta here!
This can't go on.


Good and persuasive citizens must act. I wish I knew what else to say.


But it can, at least for two years until a new Congress is seated. The time to stop it was during the election but niche issues that are fading quickly mattered more. Sure, we can march, but they control the reins. After the new AG is seated, they'll control the ballot in a way not seen since Jim Crow.

I don't mean to be fatalistic, but elections matter. None of this would've been happening if Clinton won. We'd be marching to push her to do more, not marching to try and prevent disaster. But that's life.


But 2 years of this junta could do irreparable damage nationally...globally....hurt a great many people everywhere for no good reason. Aren't we as a nation better than this? Can't we do better than to allow so much chaos and collateral injury while preparing and waiting for 2018 ..And please don't use the phrase...elections have consequences... This is a completely manufactured...manipulated election cycle...voter supression, et al, an electoral college that abandoned their one clear designated constitutional duty, and congress irresponsibly rubber stamping an E.C. vote they knew would ensconce a horrendously unqualified person in the oval office. This was not an election; it was and remains a political coup.


Man, I don't disagree with you at all. It's scary right now. But no matter how many times myself and others noted prior to the election that Jeff Sessions could be on the Court (I thought that'd be where he went), Bannon would be in the White House, and labor and environmental regulations devastated, I was told I was pushing "fear voting." If progressives are willing to give up a chance to put a fifth vote on the Court that would lean their way to allow a hard right justice to sit for 20 years that cares not a bit for progressive issues, I'm not sure what can be done. March more? We are only barely over a week in.