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Putting 'Health of All Species' in Danger, Trump EPA Proposal Guts Restrictions on Toxic Herbicide Linked to Birth Defects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/15/putting-health-all-species-danger-trump-epa-proposal-guts-restrictions-toxic


Gee thanks, EPA (“Efficiently Polluting All”); you are helping me lose even more sleep than your previous actions against nature have already caused me to lose. Whatever Trump can do to destroy the works of previous presidents and others, he will gladly do. This is what happens when you let a mentally deficient,loose cannon with no real intellect sit at the controls of society-you watch society unravel. What will it take to stop this grand unraveling of science and of sound environmental policy, and of needed checks and balances? Revolution?


These “people” are UTTERLY INSANE!


Trump’s “America First” policy before Life itself? Absurd hubris. Orwellian. It will, like all else, be a moot point. Such nationalism will only speed us all off the cliff.


Hi webwalk:
Can you even imagine what will happen to the midwest when the Oglala aquifer
gets polluted from this stuff? NOTHING for anyone to drink!!! How many people will be without water? How many will die horribly? Do these pretend science people understand that once water is compromised-----it’s finished??? Read up on Flint, you dumb polluter people!
All life which needs water will die, and no one will help America because so much of the world has already been ruined by this nation. : (


Looks that way.

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For what it’s worth Giovanna, Yvon Chouinard thinks Trump is history within a year, and is planning to spend money during your next election campaign, but not the primaries. He likes Bernie, and calls himself an “avowed socialist.”

  • interview, Fast Company magazine, November 2019.

They’re all NUCKIN FUTS!


strong text
Like all narcissistic abusers Trump can’t stand criticism of their behavior. They hurt people but they still want to be loved by the people they hurt. Lefties won’t vote for him so he is against anything lefties like. People don’t want this extinction level overuse of pesticides but unless they vote for him then he will punish them by gutting the EPA etc.

Like the road sign saying - Men at work - there ought to be a sign that says -

                           Trump Spite At Work

Does the proposed new allowed level of atrazine need to be added to Trump’s diet?


In a sane world this wouldn’t just be banned, it would be outlawed.


As if this “administration” would do something constructive? Remember who we’re talking about here. I get saving money but not at the cost of all life.

Makes me think of George Orwell’s 1984 when Winston Smith is tortured until he believes 2+2=5. It’s the new science. Endocrine disrupters are good for you. It’s the new science. repeat incessantly.


in the future we will have the genetic tool Crispr. Crispr will save you. Crispr for Christ 2.0. It will give a whole new meaning to Born Again.

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"‘Health of All Species’ in Danger…

…Trump EPA Proposal Guts Restrictions on Toxic Herbicide Linked to Birth Defects…

…pro-industry zealots…running…EPA’s pesticide office [make] mockery of science…

…eliminat[e] key safety measures, all for company profits."

What can be said after the plain facts? - sad right wing scum are killing the planet, sad they’re homo sapiens scum…


Corporate Mammon Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. Just another example of not caring for the development of our children. No precautionary practices for the physical development of a fetus or the mental development of a child. The mental development: Another reason to cage and support the prison industrial complex pipeline from school to prison. Do the same Corporate Mammon’s pray against homosexuals because homosexuals have made a choice when what we can’t have a conversation about is the endocrine disrupting chemicals? The Corporate Mammon’s are preying not praying. Excuse me but this sounds like a pederast’s corporate agenda.

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Yes please!