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Putting Out the Syrian Fire


Putting Out the Syrian Fire

Jo Comerford, Mattea Kramer

As war between President Bashar al-Assad and various rebel forces raged across Syria, as the Obama administration and the CIA armed rebel factions of their liking while continuing an air campaign against the militants of the Islamic State (ISIS), as Russia entered the quagmirewith its own airstrikes, and as millions of Syrians fled for their lives amid untold violence, a Connecticut congressman


That Obama praised Zbigniew Brzeziński, was elected president, retained Robert Gates as Secretary of "Defense", and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize all in the span of one year is testament to just how little control he exerts in the process. Complete puppet. Elected to put the spin on the policies of the puppet masters. The same is true for "trade" (corporate control) issues.


I am always smiling in amusement when partisans on the right or on the left trash current policies without offering solutions. Actually, this article is not very extreme and gives quite a toned down critique of the Syria situation with a balanced history of the conflict, but what are the solutions?

Resettle all 20 million Syrians to the US? Are we going to do this with every civil war ravaged country?


The article whitewashes the true degree of US involvement in the conflict.

As Wesley Clark revealed Syria was on the hit list of countries that the US was to force regime change on long before the "Arab spring"

As the memoes from the DIA reveal and as admitted by a US general the training and arming of radical extremists was both anticipated and planned for.

I and others have also posted a wealth of articles showing senior ISIS leadership worked directly for the CIA and were trained by them. John McCain in fact was photographed meeting with them.

A number of articles from press outside the mainstream indicated ISIS members were trained in Jordan and Turkey and were supplied by the USA (see Toyota trucks)

This article once again pretends the US was nobly supporting freedom fighters while the results of ISIS and Al Qaeda taking over were just something they did not allow for.

Absurd ! 7000 air strikes against ISIS did nothing to slow their progress because the US was not attacking ISIS.

ISIS members are now in retreat because the few hundred Russia has launched is hitting them


Your definitions are very loose and you go even further then czar Putin. He loosely calls all anti Assad forces "the terrorist" as it is a very convenient label to excuse one dictator support to another, you call them ISIS.

ISIS beheads Americans it might take their Toyota trucks as a bonus, but only after beheading!


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That ISIS beheads Americans is immaterial. You seem to be under the impression that the US government cares for the well being of Americans.

I suggest you review the history of that Government and the contempt they have had for American lives.

You might start with the coal miners shot dead during various strikes. You might continue on to the attacks on the bonus army and the 300 plus experiments done when they were testing the spread of contagious pathogens on peoples living in San Francisco Miami and elsewhere.

You can continue on to the 1000 plus shot dead each and every year by the police or the tens of thousands who die because of no access to health care.

Some 58000 died in Vietnam wherein that same government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin episode so as to receive authorization to send in more troops.

You can review The Iran contra affair and the CIA working with drug smugglers which led to a spike in heroin addictions and deaths in cities like Los Angeles.

I can detail hundreds of other examples . If the Government of the USA can promote more wars abroad and thus profits for the one percent and it comes at the cost of a few Citizens getting beheaded nothing in the historical record demonstrates they would not pursue such a strategy.

The fact is they do not care about you.


In the1980s Ronald Reagan equated the military dictatorship ruling in Guatemala as the equivalent of the founding fathers and persons wanting freedom and liberty this as they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of peasants.

He called the Contra's freedom fighters this as they murdered nurses and nuns and committed mass rapes against villagers.

In Angola groups that slaughtered the populations of entire villages Were called freedom fighters even as the USA kept them flush with arms.

Now this so called free Syrian army and other groups which Patreus wants to arm have be headed Christians and Alawites and entire populations have fled regions they occupy.

The USA calling these thugs freedom fighters is no different then Reagan and his backing of the contra's.

I find Putin a bit more honest then Obama.


It is far too late for any diplomacy to do anything. The fabric of this society has been rent and no amount of sewing will ever put it back togetherfor generations if ever. Well done US. Well done...


I wonder if you read the article since it doesn't offer an instant oatmeal recipe, but explains what is required in the way of diplomatic negotiations with ALL "interested parties" at the table.


I think it's more accurate to say the government that is under the influence of corporations, banks and the military-industrial-complex.


We've been taking in war refugees like these Syrians for quite some time now. It's not a flaw in the well-oiled machine of war, it's a feature. Syrians have some very real problems which, along with the Israelis, we are exploiting to their full potential. War is a racket and so is creating one crisis after another just to keep the flow of refugees moving right along. If they were allowed to stay in the place of their birth, within their villages and cities, it would gum up the works something fierce, right? And, along with the trains, the oil pipelines and refineries must run on time, correct? Even those not yet built but in the blueprint stages, possibly? Murdering millions for a few bucks nowadays is as American as slaughtering Indigenous People was, back in the day. You know, like yesterday or last night or early this morning, maybe? " Is this a great country, or what? " Michael Keaton in Night Shift. After finding out his boss, a former stockbroker, is planning to open a brothel in a NYC morgue he now runs. Sounds so American and so accurate in our historical efforts to make a place for everyone and everything here: E Pluribus Unum and Carpe Diem, y'all! Hell ya!


Correct they are one and the same. Virtually every sitting member of Congress and the Senate will end up on the board of some Corporation once they leave Politics. Very few will return to their constituencies to help the people that voted them to office.


South Koreans would disagree with you.


You staple of democracy is Russia? Russian parliament authorized Syrian military operations within minutes, without a debate, unanimously by "request" of president Putin. I think you consider it democracy compared to Georgia war authorization , which came post factum.

It is not a democracy in my definition.


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