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'Putting Politics Before Science,' Trump's EPA Restricting Grants for Climate Research


'Putting Politics Before Science,' Trump's EPA Restricting Grants for Climate Research

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"To sum up, someone with no scientific expertise is deciding on science grants for reasons of ideology and spite."
—Don Moynihan, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Folks in Houston who are flood victims can thank EPA head Scott Pruitt for blocking rules changes that may have helped protect their homes AND/OR financial loss. “Scotty…you’re doing a heckuva job.”


Profits matter far more than all life here and around the world. It is always all about the money with these criminals/brigands/profiteers. Science and facts be damned.


So now we are to have Political Commisars overruling scientists and other experts. Back to the USSR!

I’ve got a “double-C” word for this guy: “Clueless Conservative”.


Hi Hawk! Ya beat me to it! :wink:
Little changes, does it.


4-c’s: Cruel Curmudgeonly Clueless Conservatives


Let’s see what this dummy says after Irma’s rampage!


And after Mal-Y-Loco is blown down, swamped and swept away, might the demented dimwit consider the possibility that CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING is REAL and HERE? Denial persists until the denier personally suffers the destruction and ravages of 500 year storms. Harvey, in comparison to Irma and the prediction of its lethal force, will go down in history as a minor storm rife with moisture causing massive flooding. Irma will level anything in its path, if predictions hold.


How many people will die? How many cities will be destroyed? How many scars can Mother Earth collect before she just gives up and stops supporting life one Her planet? How can all of this be the result of one incredibly ignorant and stupid individual? When is Congress going to do something - when we are all under water?