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Puzder Opponents Demand Trump Drop 'Most Anti-Worker Labor Nominee Ever'


Puzder Opponents Demand Trump Drop 'Most Anti-Worker Labor Nominee Ever'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Labor unions and workers' rights advocates are pressuring President Donald Trump to drop his nominee for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder, over the fast-food CEO's recent admission that he had hired an undocumented immigrant as a housekeeper.


Demanding that the emperor drop any nominee makes the despotic dimwit dig his heels in even deeper to ram that nominee down everyone's throat. Do not play his game with his rules as he has no integrity, character, compassion or moral convictions and is besotted with his newly acquired omnipotence. Find a circuitous, conspiratorial, down-and-dirty way to deflate his power and undermine his authority. And use the courts to jettison him and his flying monkeys out the door....


While he did repeatedly say he would bring back jobs throughout his campaign, in all fairness to Trump, he never said they would good jobs with much pay or any benefits.


Wonder how those who voted for him because he promised to bring back good jobs and make sure that the 1% don't get all the gains. Are you waking up yet?


All fifty or so of them gathered on a corner in New York City last week: http://kwqc.com/2017/02/05/supporters-attend-pro-trump-rally-in-new-york/

...then went back to their caves or Club Xenophobe.


Has our "socalled" president made any cabinet appointments that are in the least reasonable? I keep waiting for Grover Norquist or Carl rove to appear at any tweet,


So while the media focus on the latest Trump tweet the WSJ reported that numerous companies are still planning on moving to Mexico. This is all smoke and mirrors to drive a right wing elite agenda. Its so funny MSNBC keeps asking dem if they are worried about 2018, if they keep going against Trump agenda??????????? Its also ironic I seem to remember MSNBC asking dem what will happen in 2010 if you don;t work with republicans???????

And yes Joe Manchin should face a primary challenge from the left.


Boycott Carl's Jr and Hardee's.