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Puzder Out? Fast Food CEO Expected to Drop Nomination to Head Labor Dept


Puzder Out? Fast Food CEO Expected to Drop Nomination to Head Labor Dept.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This story may be updated.

Fast-food CEO Andy Puzder, President Donald Trump's pick to head the Labor Department, is expected to withdraw his nomination, news agencies are reporting Wednesday afternoon.


This is excellent news - and much needed success for all working people and the many protesters who have been fighting Trump's agenda.

What isn't good news, and should not be overlooked by the people who voted for him, is the fact that Puzder's nomination was a big FU to the people who voted for Trump. I wish I thought they would wake up soon - as far as I can tell, they really don't get what a favor the progressive left has done for them.


Finally....Maybe some GOOD News!
We will have to wait and see just who DT plans on replacing him with-


Good news. Wait for DeVos to step down because she, too feels abused and knows that she is in way over her head. She is witless, worthless, and will do incredible harm to our nation's public education.

And what other horrendous unqualified, inexperienced billionaire will the chief of Chaos throw into the ring? James McNerney, former CEO and labor antagonist at Boeing? He and T-dump are neighbors in Florida (McNerney owns two mega mansions there). How about any of the anti-union, anti-human, anti-worker Walton family? Mr. anti-union, Frederick Smith of FedEx (worth more than $2.3 billion)?


This is probably for the best. But why is it that from the pool of potential candidates to run this country there is such a dearth of people who might enjoy basking in the love of their fellow man? To go about the country amid waves and cheers? To look down from above on the day of the burial of their bodies to observe the tears of the multitudes who genuinely miss them? All it takes to gain the goodwill of the people, and of God, is to act out of love and fairness.


Poor wittle snowflake. Doesn't like criticism. Baby. Sad.:sob:


I think Carson will see an early exit.




Seek and you will find. And when you find you will be overjoyed. Best wishes, ~garry


Agreed. Unlike his time at Johns Hopkins, he does not have hundreds of doctors to cover for him....


Imagine: Someone too sleazy for even this Republican Senate. I didn't think it was possible, after DeVos.


Most Trump voters - the greatest numbers of Trump votes came from those with incomes higher than $50K - were not for stronger federal worker safety, health, wage or benefit protections. And they hate unions. So it is probably not accurate to say that Puzder represented something different than what Trump voters wanted.


Puzder was kicked out only because of news of him employing an "illegal". He will almost certainly be replaced with someone promoting exactly the same anti-worker policies.


To answer your rhetorical question, it is because there is something in the breeding of USAns that makes them just about the most uncompassionate people on earth.


You must be the life of every party you show up at....


This fellow may have had still a sliver of conscience left, so he dropped out. He will surely be replaced with a 24 karat fascist.


Probably a relative of DeVos


I look for someone worse if there is such a person.


So, you expect the Senate, nominally controlled by the Republicans, to lose by even a larger margin next time? Do you feel better, personally, when you quit hitting yourself in the head with a hammer? Just curious, sort of. BTW- R U and Yunzer catching horseshit together on weekends?


Waiting for Good News:

My dream candidate for US Sec of Labor is Dennis Kucinich.

DT would turn some heads with this choice.