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'Quantum Leap in Gender Equality' Demanded on Eve of International Women's Day

'Quantum Leap in Gender Equality' Demanded on Eve of International Women's Day

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the eve of International Women's Day, United Nations labor experts decried three decades of failures to close gender gaps in the global workforce and offered a pathway to achieving "a better future of work for women."

Things were pretty bad in the 1950s for black people and Latinix people and the Japanese , and women of every race. BUT THEN-----more people went to college and more women worked and then-----depression of 2008, so things looked bad for everyone. We were HOPEless and CHANGEless—as the 21st century moved on and --------yet nothing changed; Oh wait -----somehow in the 21st century women still weren’t promoted because they were of child bearing age and —you know----or maybe they were overeducated and —you know. So here we are on the Eve of International Women’s Day--------
and we have a new president, a Congress and a Judiciary who really seem to love the 1950s! Where’s a QUANTUM leap when you need one.

Overcoming conservatism.

Women know how to gather, to unite, to coordinate, and to govern as a body as much as individually. If our men could be the same, we could see change. Egos be damned.

Hi GANDOLF, yes that gathering and uniting skill is true for many women…but then there’s that weird blond woman in charge of all those" CAGED KIDS,’’ who is there to remind people there are as many weird and awful women as there are awful men. ie men like the Trumpet, with no mute, PompousAss, BlowTONS up and AngryRams . : (

I don’t agree with your assessment of women being as harsh and unreasonable as men in politics.
Nielsen is a political hack, not of the average cut of women.

Hi GANDOLF, oh but they can be. : ) Margaret Thatcher, and this new one the Teresa May, and of course, the Hillary, and not to leave out Gena, the torturer. I think that gender is less important in having a philosophy than in how a person is raised and what they seek in life as free time or as work. AWFULNESS is an equal opportunity mind set for all humans.