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"Quasi-State of War" on Korean Peninsula as Tensions Escalate


"Quasi-State of War" on Korean Peninsula as Tensions Escalate

Jon Queally, staff writer

Military tensions and international worries are growing as North Korea and South Korea exchanged new threats on Friday just a day after a shots were fired across the demilitarized zone along the border that separates the two countries.


Let’s keep a careful eye on this, so something else can be done somewhere else…


This kind of “emergency” happened regularly when I was stationed in Korea. A loudspeaker war sounds interesting. I guess NK can’t afford loudspeakers. But SK will get more aid from Uncle Sam.


If you didn’t know these were fully grown adults, you would think this comes straight from a junior high playbook. Seriously. Grow up.


I was working in military intelligence for the Army in 94-95 during the early days of the Jong-il regime and this is pretty much the same fare, although this SK government is considerably more strident and reactionary than the one in the mid 90s.

Un is being tested as has his two predecessors. With a drought, some reactionary twit in Seoul probably thought they could facilitate a destabilization by provoking Un.

In any event, I would counsel against assuming that this is a “diversion” so some other ploy can be cooked up. These plays are always serious, as the risk of miscalculation is generally always high. And a war on the peninsula would bring a concentrated level of carnage few alive have seen before.

It’s unfortunate that after all these years, these two fiefdoms can’t get their crap together to find a way to coexist in a mutually beneficial way that offers something for all the Korean people.


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This shit gets scary. People talk about the USA facing off Russia in the Ukraine but that doesn’t seem scary. Yeah of course we are talking nuclear which isn’t going to happen though.

But f’n nutcase North Korea and hard case South Korea are moving significant amounts of force to the borderlands. That gets difficult to ignore. Anybody see big troop movements and stuff in the Ukraine? In the Koreas the timing is just about right for something to go wrong. China is bristling in the China Sea and Japan is remilitarizing. Too much tension in that part of the world. Along comes Junior with something to prove. There is the big IF. Junior!

Is he nutty enough? South Korea seems to think so or are they being more aggressive than they normally would be (given the rising tensions in the region) and want to mix it up too? Is Junior’s flakiness making the South edgy? Is the South pushing a bit more than it should?

Historically whenever there is a shift in the technology… f’n big wars happened. The first world war used electricity and went from the horse to early forms of internal combustion and the technology that resembles ours but only in what were its early stages. The second world war used a far more mature version of that technology and saw the beginnings of a technology that we’d recognize from jets to nuclear and radar. Computers came along but we are on the cusp of a big changeover and whenever the world makes big sweeping changes… for some reason it gets to us and f’n big wars can start from small nasty ones like a War of the Koreas.

If they pop … it gets scary. Not scared of them but scared that other ‘collateral’ wars might possibly pop elsewhere. Just my opinion. The coincidence of war throughout history, as it were. Sometimes wars over here cause wars over there to just happen. Almost like an infection where others get ideas… others see their opportunity… others get the urge.

How crazy is Junior? I hope history never finds out. I hope I don’t know shit and am just talking. But Junior scares me. He wants to prove something and has an army … but he also has no experience of war to dissuade him from … wanting a war. Meanwhile the South is poking him with a stick (those loudspeakers).



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Too true to be funny, funny though it is.


It’s “intended” to prepare us for yet another war. Truman’s undeclared Korean War served no purpose other than to keep the war machine rolling and the war profits rolling in…just like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…


Relax. Both North and South have agreed to talks about this latest spat.


The operating principle was containment. The creation of a South Korea, bases in Okinawa, the Phillipines, and then South Vietnam (intended). That was its purpose.


Yes they play this game but if you read my post the situation is not ever to be dismissed lightly. Junior has the bomb and what So. Korea is doing seems equally as stupid as the provocations that he does. The fact that China is heading out into blue waters is adding stress. That Japan is remilitarizing is adding stress. Both Koreas are playing a dangerous game and to my mind, Junior is not having fun playing it. He is not predictable to put it nicely.

However I wasn’t saying that I thought they’d go to war. I was just pointing out that the timing is not good for any of this.


Korea was divided by Russia and the US following WW II, as part of the traditional sharing of the spoils of war. The war that began there in 1950 was really a battle between Russia and the Chinese and the US.= over the resources and tactical location of the Korean peninsula.

Do you really think that Korea makes any decisions without the approval of one or more of those three nations?


Yes, as I said…to keep the American war machine rolling.


I do know very well the history of that region, hahaha. And yes, there was a report of a meeting between US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and his South Korean counterpart “to respond to any further provocations by North Korea with counterattacks.”

It does seem ominous if what North Korea said earlier was true, that they (North Korea) “did not fire a single shell or bullet on August 20.” This is especially when the report also noted that Seoul’s use of loudspeakers to broadcast military propaganda over the border was “a practice it had suspended over a decade earlier.”

So what JonnyJames says above about “provoking” North Korea might have some validity. It was also on Friday that the North called on the UN Security Council to accuse South Korea and the United States of “laying false blames on Pyongyang.”

However, I think a real war over there benefits no party. For the South, a war is risky as most of the South Korean population are against any war with the North. For the North, China might not, this time, support such a war as the latter needs more time to develop itself, at least militarily. For the Russians, supporting the North would be costly when the Russian economy isn’t doing that well, and when Putin still wants closer ties with the European Union. For the US, a land war is downright risky when both the Russians and the Chinese could have no choice but to confront it, and fighting against two nuclear powers is not something even the neo-cons would relish.

So it’s a good sign that both North and South are talking, and not do anything that would only destroy the entire Korea, to the delight of their old enemy Japan (the South has been more anti-Japanese than the North, surprisingly, largely because of what happened during WW2).

I have a theory for the present spat between the two: South Korean President Park is supposed to attend China’s military commemoration of its WW2 struggle against Japan in early September. I think the US might not like the idea, so this minor crisis could be the excuse that Park should stay home during this period. If this is the reason, the whole “play” would end soon.

P/S I knew someone with your nick (ahimsa) a long time ago. He used to work in Missouri - could be you?


‘‘Seoul refused to remove large loudspeakers set up along the border, which blast pro-South Korean messages.’’

This is psy-ops – the only purpose being to provoke a response
from the other side.

Given that the North Korean leader just executed his second
in command, trying to provoke a response from him may not be
such a good idea.

The asians have a strong taboo against ‘‘loosing face’’ which those
in power take very seriously – especially the North Korean
leader because he’s not exactly on anyone’s ‘‘most admired’’ list.

Somebody needs to remove the neocons from their positions of influence
and power before it’s too late.


I do remember A top, or THE top Russian Army General of that era, in his verbal memoirs, years later, recounting that the Chinese were pleading with the Russians that if they could lure the US Army into China that Russia could then drop A nuke right in the middle of them-
Russia wisely abstained from the plan-
And we had the audacity to arrogantly dismiss this War by labeling it “A Police Action”-


MacArthur wanted to nuke the north Koreans btw. Eisenhower fired him for his mouthing off about not getting his way.


MacArthur also stated that any American President that would commit any of our ground troops to A war in South East Asia needs his head examined-
JFK took this advice seriously and used it when trying to de-escalate the Viet Nam conflict-

And, I never thought I would have one good thing to say of Henry Kissinger until I heard the taped conversation of Him and Nixon, where Nixon wanted to use Nukes in South East Asia and Henry stated that he thought “That would be A bit extreme”-Nixon chortled, “Come on Henry, I want you to think really big here”- (Quoted from memory)