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Question: How Should the Left Judge Biden's Success? Answer From a Leftist: 'How Many People Stop Going Hungry' Is One Good Way

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/question-how-should-left-judge-bidens-success-answer-leftist-how-many-people-stop


Biden’s success? So selfish to think only of the US when the US continuously causes so much suffering abroad.

  1. Stop all sanctions against other countries. I just read that one of these sanctioned countries was criticized by US media and by the US for some poverty within their country. Sanctions cause poverty! And poverty causes panic and crime in the struggle to stay alive.
  2. Normalize relations with Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran. Long overdue. Straining relations was stupid on the first place.
  3. Stop places white countries and English-speaking countries as allies ahead of other countries. Promote more foreign language learning in the US.
  4. Stop the dumb wars. Stop the smart wars. Close a ton of military bases.
  5. Forget about Mars and the moon.

Sorry but j. biden has said there will be no changes and as we have seen in his picks for govt. it’s true.

Oh well business as usual from dnc


Business as usual from Bidenista Democrats holding some power bases ( House ( Senate? ) & Presidency ) will be quite different than from The Trumpster Adm. If you don’t see a difference, if only in tone*, I’ll be shocked. And, we’ll (progs ) get clobbered in 2022. Deserving or not won’t matter, either. *Biden is certainly no Trump!
The Trumpster’s Gang is hoping the Bidenistas roll up their sleeves and tidy up swampy things enough so they can steal another E. C. win in 2024. Then, plunder and pillage the country some more, of course. What else do they know; being shit bags and one trick ponies, anyway?
Their Corporotocracy is about 1/3 mafia, 1/3 white supremacist and 1/3 police and security state fascism, imo. Your formulation may differ.


“Deserves has nothing to do with it” - Clint Eastwood in The Unforgiven

The “leftist” advocating the “going hungry” obviously hasn’t been watching what has been going on inside the beltway since McConnell took over six years ago.

The single biggest threat to Biden’s success will be an empowered GOP.
Biden failing to indict GOP operatives including Trump, his appointees and other enablers on January 21 and failing to promptly put them on trial will empower the GOP more than they ever have been, thereby weakening Biden AND the Democratic Party beyond repair.

The number of GOP operatives Biden locks up will determine “the number of Americans going hungry” more than any other action Biden could take, and will determine not only “Biden’s success”, but whether the Democratic Party even exists four years from now.


“Promote more foreign language learning in the US.”

Unfortunately, most US Americans/USians seem to be terrified of learning an international language or hearing other world languages. And even in major cities where there is a large Latino population, the corporate media enjoy mangling and mispronouncing words from español. The talking heads usually laugh while doing so, as if they think their ignorance of international languages is funny. Off camera, do most of these people say the word “like” every other word?

As for “How Should the Left Judge Biden’s Success?” how is one defining the Left? Or is it assumed that the Left is a supporter of the right-wing Democratic Party, a major contradiction in terms?


We already have Biden back-tracking on pledges to use the power of presidential executive action to indicate how to treat his promises.


We already see how they are seeking to de-fang the left progressives by claiming they are culpable of empowering Republicans with de-fund the police slogan instead of explaining it clearly.

And why should we be surprised? All of us who said it was a mistake to support the lesser evil rather than make the break with the Democratic Party are vindicated.

But the liberals will now begin to re-define the debate



There’s only one way for us to evaluate “Biden’s success?” How badly we’re ALL fucked, now! How we’re all powerless, hopeless and fundementally unchanged? Just how back to NORMAL we are: being fed to a pandemic, our eviction from rentals (that replaced our foreclosed homes), exponential climate change; our poisoned air, water, food; indentured by chronic illness, usurious debt as 615 billionaires rob us of a further trillion since March, while SCARY 1099 virtual share-cropping gig returns 1970’s pay BEFORE our loss of “health insurance,” overtime, unemployment, social security, sick days, worker’s comp, Medicare, OSHA… any SAY in our lives. Rich white liberals need to STOP spewing silly Panglossian diversion. Biden was installed to shut US the fuck up? Next!

~https://covidtracking.com/blog/our-worst-week-yet-dec-10 (tens-of-millions of uninsured, 1099 long-haulers!)


~https://econospeak.blogspot.com/2020/12/the-failure-of-public-health.html?m=1 (fool me ONCE… cui bono?)




Almost could’ve left it at that.

This is the part where liberal opinion spouters start moving the goal posts to avoid having to confront the fact that this particular evil is from their hands.


Biden has already shown us his agenda with the cabinet picks–a war mongering neo-liberal austerity cabinet that will produce for the corporations and leave the American public in a world of hurt-this is what he showed us this when he and his former boss did the job on millions of Americans in 2008 and this is what his cabinet is showing–a solidly corporate war mongering bunch of lobbyists and corporate hacks from the military industrial complex and the banks that fund our collapse into the 6th Great Extinction and their continual wars for profits


I’d almost edited it, to read “smug.” But, I’d been pissed at some asshole on W82nd St, repeatedly bleating a damn Maserati horn, trying to get through all the gig-worker serfs, delivering shiny Comorra Cartel “Italian” food processing machines at 4:40AM and wrote “rich,” without even going back to look at which smug-looking, Geeley-Volvo EV driving, POM Wonderful/ Fiji Water swilling, speciously obsequious suck-up was blasting Enya through 1971 Klipsch speakers, tapping this SWILL on a 1/4" thich Mithril, Chinese Child Slave Shop Macintosh… Yeah, you RIGHT!


Yesterday CBS evening news called it a “Team of Repeats” (from the Obama administration) as opposed to a “Team of Rivals” (Lincoln). How about a Team of Git’erdones or a Team of LookingOutForTheWorkingClass, and true be told, anyone that has to go to work every day is working class. That includes the well-compensated.


How should the Left judge Biden’s success? “The enemy won another battle in the class war” is the simple answer.

In every other country in the world, Biden would be recognised as an extreme right-wing corportatist warmonger, but in the bizarro world of US politics he’s somehow considered a “leftist.”

As for that ridiculous Politico headline, I doubt any genuine leftist thinks that a Biden administration will in any substantive way be a shift to the left of Trump.


…if Biden is able to keep his own campaign promises," says Justice Democrats co-founder Saikat Chakrabarti, “that’ll be pretty good.”

Which promises? His promise that we’ll never get Medicare For All? His promise to amp up suicidal aggression against Russia and China? His promise to “reach across the aisle” and collude with Republican pigs to gut and privatize the tattered remains of the social safety net?

Go, lowered expectations. Go, idiot tribalism. Go, Democratic wing of the Party of Wall St & war.


increased charity can end hunger, but it does nothing to change a brutal economic system. I will look for fundamental change in the distribution of wealth as my indicator of Biden’s success. Have very low expectations.


If Biden/ Harris were so BLATANTLY installed, obviously to bury M4A, GND, BLM, $15/hr (& ignore cascading evictions, usurious debt,1099 labor mis-classification & forever-wars). Exactly HOW could any Justice Democrat, simply locked out of this DNC watch Biden’s suppurating Woodstock of dead eyed Kleptocrats, oligarchs & neoConfederate thugs and tell fucking Politico… Yeah, once 2-3% of ofay MAGA nazis get $30-$40/hr, 1099… DCCC can stop any more down-ticket ACTUAL Democrats harshing our “back to NORMAL” buzz?

… glass half FULL type of guy. Just like Obama, in Flint MI? Damn Flav’RAid, still tastes like fracking brine, round here? Isn’t this how DNC “sowed divisiveness” in the 2018 DSA?






“Suddenly, to progressives, he doesn’t look so bad”? Says who? I’m a progressive, and he looks just as bad to me as he did the day Obama picked him as his running mate. It just seems not so bad because the bar has been reset so low that even he could climb over it.


It is time for a national bank, states banks you know those institutions who loan to the community to build better and the interest comes back to the people for further investment into communities.




There you have it; one of the methods by which centrists continue to appear reasonable.