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Question: If Trump Willing to Exploit London Attack, What Would Attack in US Mean?


Question: If Trump Willing to Exploit London Attack, What Would Attack in US Mean?

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the city of London reeled from a deadly attack Saturday night that left seven people dead and many others injured, U.S. President Donald Trump was under fire for his response to the violence—first relying on reports from the far-right Drudge Report and then for an attempt to exploit the incident by using it to promote his desire for a ban on travelers from predominantly Muslim nations.


On Thursday, the House of Commons is up for grabs. A little pre-election fear. Cui bono?


Would Theresa May’s suggested toughening-up of laws against non-violent internet commenting about possible solutions to this “terrorism problem” block or criminalize posting comments that some countries “acting like global Empires”, or like the HQ’s of a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, merely ‘posing’ as a faux-democratic country, be prosecutable as so-called “non-violent terrorist internet speech”, or would such comments as the late 19th century American Anti-Imperialist League continue to be legal under the 1st Amendment free speech laws of that country, or perhaps if some group of people wrote something radical explaining and trying to non-violently write an 18th century Declaration of their need, like, “When in course of human events one people need to break away from a visible or disguised EMPIRE”?


Did I miss something? Is the UK on the travel ban list?

Don’t know about these latest, but the Manchester bomber was a local.


Watching the reporting on the London attack this morning and the politicians in England
talking about how horrible it was and that steps need to taken to better protect the public from
these horrific “terrorist attacks”. I thought this coming from a country that is perhaps the
worst and most brutal colonial power in history? The hypocrisy is without parallel…
All they want is you out of their region, to be left alone to decide their own fate as the western
powers so hypocritically pronounce is every nations right. The right to self determination.
It makes me think of the joke about the little boy watching the news asking his dad, “ dad how did our
oil get under their sand?”
But we all know after all that unregulated capitalism is the end of history and the middle east needs to get fully inline with that idea, or else it will be the end of history for them.


Trump’s “Tweets” become the press’s “Quack Quack”…


Since Trump’s reaction is exactly the one desired by both those who commit the terror acts and his most ardent followers, a target has been put on large venues and the streets of major US American cities. Minor disaffected actors can be boosted to major status by Trump’s responses, and recruiting among those harmed by Trump’s actions will be increased by orders of magnitude. This kind of power seeking, a spiraling social destructiveness, has consumed societies historically as they move into states of decay.


it’‘s certainly timely. two attacks in short order just as Corbyn is rising fast. If anything, it removes the manifesto from the headlines and goes back to good ol’ fear, which usually favors reactionaries.

same old song and dance.


Over assigning false-flag actions is as dangerous as failing to realize them – not an easy distinction. What can be known is that political figures will take dishonest advantage of every event possible.


Trump was just filmed dancing a war dance with Saudi billionaires who are apparently the backbone of his infrastructure plan as he privatizes to them and other billionaires what’s left of the once great American Republic. The Saudis were the terrorists who committed the World Trade Center attacks in 2001.
Meanwhile to fund a tax cut for said billionaires, Trump plans to eliminate the healthcare for millions of poor, elderly and disabled Americans.
God help us all. There is true evil in the presidency.


I didn’t know ‘buddha nature’ was a quality within us bitterly twisted and poisoned by hatred. I must have misunderstood it, eh.


I think the U.S. may be the most brutal imperial power in history simply because it has far more resources, killing technology, etc. That said, it is undeniable that the taproot of of U.S. white supremacy and imperialism runs directly from the UK.


“Would President Donald Trump exploit a national tragedy or a violent terrorist attack to further clamp down on civil liberties or push through anti-democratic policies?”

Would any president exploit a national tragedy or violent terrorist attack to eviscerate the Constitution, crush civil liberties, and declare a permanent war? And further, would the national media and most of the so-called ‘liberal intelligentsia’ go along with the Big Lie used to do all of this? Haven’t we seen this movie before?


Lets see? An attack in the US? Oh yes - we had one last week when someone stabbed 3 and killed 2 on the MAX train in Portland. But since it was a Trump supporter who did this Donald Trump took his bloody time in responding and then only did so begrudgingly. There were no calls by him to ban Knife-wielding White Supremacist Trump Supporters. Perhaps there should be.


I hope I am wrong but people’s first reactions are revenge and more police protection both of which might harm Corbyn’s bid for prime minister of Britain. The conservatives are hell bent on hanging onto power, they fear Corbyn policies.


It wasn’t just the Saudis, there were Israelis, Americans at the highest level and Pakistanis


I would certainly hope I am wrong, but I think Trump would welcome a major attack by Muslims in the US, because it would give him a great opportunity for demonizing the Muslims and exploiting the situation. Perhaps, a shocking doctrine to open Muslim internment camps?


I’d go further and say that false-flag actions are rare and related to actual combat operation between belligerents. There are no cases where there is any kind of consensus that a state committed terrorism using disguised agents against its own ordinary citizens and then blamed foreign agents. That stuff lies only in the conspiracy-fantasy-sphere of the internet.


The Manchester incident had no effect - or even maybe helped Labour. The British are better educated and have better thinking abilities than the mass of USAns (disclosure - I am a USAn).


Operation Northwoods, however stokes the flames of conspiracy smoke makers:
“Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962.”