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Questionable Assumptions Behind Critiques of Sanders’ Economic Plan



Lawyers are trained to argue both sides of an issue. Oftentimes, they represent clients who ARE guilty but they work off the presumption of innocence as skillfully as they can.

The assumptions behind Sander's economic plan are NOT questionable in and of themselves. They're made to appear that way by those interests who would like to cut Social Security, eradicate food stamps, freeze the minimum wage, and rob the poor to continue to pad the coffers of the already embarrassingly rich.

Anyone who's studied rhetoric can make a FALSE argument sound good, realistic, and compelling.

The Old Guard who've salivated over eradicating the New Deal now have ownership of so many academics, influential think tanks, and a corporate media working for the same interests... that it's not hard to find polemics, legal minds, and masters of verbal Jujitsu who are able to twist the most sane and moral of objectives into an untenable pretzel. THAT is the job they're paid 6-figure (or more) salaries to fulfill.


In a nutshell, Siouxrose, if the US propaganda industry was identified as an industry category, it would be one of the biggest industries in the US.


Anyone who considers these post serious economics need to see the study not the spin.....The Timing has a peculiar smell to...now that Clinton has for the moment moved to the left on this issue expect her best friend forever at the post to follow suit.


Imagine if there was this kind of debate and nitpicking over feasibility and affordability before the Government would enter us into a War.


Healthy people produce more and help make the country strong. A farmer who cares for only half the field will soon fade into a bankrupt memory. The same fate comes to a nation that fills the pockets of evil doers by denying health care to citizens.

Average US males are shorter since austerity began in the seventies. Female life-spans are decreasing. Greed of the fat cats translates to shorter lives and shorter people. What more proof is required to begin the easy changes which will avoid destruction of all life on Earth?