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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Cast Your Ballot


Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Cast Your Ballot

Greg Kaufmann

One of the biggest lies about poverty in our country is this: We don’t know what to do to dramatically reduce it.


Great to see poverty at last being addressed one day before the general election after never being addressed through the two year year election 2016 cycle by either Democrats or Republicans !


They've been asking politicians the same sort of questions since the 19th C and getting the same answer - we serve our pay-masters, the capitalist elite, not "the people."

Or rather, they aren't being given a truthful answer but continually getting palmed off with quack remedy palliatives for the social ills that cripple our society.


You have described the real problem in a nutshell -- our elected terrorists only care what their benefactors want, and have no qualms about lying to the peons just so they can continue to rake in the money from the ones who really count.


I didn't see any of those candidates on the ballot.


I òffer an additional question to consider, and that is this:
Am I comfortable with the fact that the very act of my casting a vote implies that I authorize, morally approve of and endorse both this obviously flawed process and it's outcome, regardless of whatever that outcome turns out to be?