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'Quiet No More': Hundreds of Thousands Ready to Strike on May Day

'Quiet No More': Hundreds of Thousands Ready to Strike on May Day

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and allies are expected to strike and protest on Monday, taking part in what organizers are hoping will be the largest national strike since the May Day demonstrations of 2006.


Wow! It has started. That being the beginning of the biggest protest Movement(s) in history, right here, right now, in our lifetime, too. “Who woulda thunk it?” (a Greg Brown tune) - Worldwide, too! The fight for Mom Earth Rules, baby! Ultimately Mom IS we humans - and we humans are Mom! Survive without her? Good luck and good riddance, you knucklehead banksters! lol

Our livelihoods cannot endure without Earth in great health. Business as usual MUST STOP! The un-ending streams of cash forcing increases in mineral and soil resource extraction, MUST STOP! The exploitation and betrayal of Earth Mom’s families by economically holding back food assistance to the homeless and poor - or much worse. Like using a cruel cornering tactic of dangling the "carrot"of cash inducements. This forces those of us who are trapped in the wasteland of zero good-paying, green jobs, the unemployed, to have to work for war-making corporations, against their moral judgement. Forced into a servitude with an outfit (like the pentagon) that blatantly wastes treasure and blood by protecting those corporations who over-consume and lobby for perpetual warring.

Those of us who want nothing to do with their dirty business, will not show up for work this Monday! Yes! We want green work that makes sense in our world that is dying. Raising our families or just living a peaceful co-existence, with our world neighbors only works when we stop the killing.

We as a world civilization, must come up for air from this “fog of greed” before another decade passes. There is a way forward, out of the haze in the air that we are forced to breath without a peep from the corporate media - and the pesticide-gmo ladened food presented to us without a word of caution that corporations have conned innocent folks into thinking it’s okay to eat. We are in protest mode for a long time, I think.


So, my point?.. We are too far gone folks… worrying about a job that pays better… when that job is a planet killing job?.. well… and there is hardly a job out there that isn’t planet killing. Yeah… We ARE STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE FOLKS… don’t get me wrong… I would love for things to work out the way we are used to. I now have a beautiful new grandson. However, … the changes that needed to be made to save LIFE OF ANY KIND on this planet… did NOT HAPPEN IN TIME… and will STILL NOT HAPPEN IN TIME… Let me ask one thing… most here are aware that we ARE ALREADY IN THE SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION, right?.. Well, what do you think that means?>… There is no going back folks… we are on that slide down and there is nothing to stop us. The methane is already squishing out if it’s holding place … and heating things up faster than a blink of an eye… get ready.

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If in Vermont come to the Vermont Workers Center at 294 N Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT march starts at 12 noon!