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'Quiet Revolt' Brewing at USPS as Postal Workers Defy Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's Mail Sabotage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/quiet-revolt-brewing-usps-postal-workers-defy-postmaster-general-louis-dejoys-mail


Mail Sabotage is a felony. Arrest these MoFos and let the good people of the USES get back to doing what they do best.

Delivering the mail.


Thank you, USPS employees, for fighting back!


I second my fellow CD posters above, and where’s that steady pressure from the left side of congress to remove and charge DeJoy with the felonies he earned and deserves?


Sorry, good people of the USPS.


the really sad part of this fiasco is that when Obama and the Dems had control of the government and could have relieved the USPS of the odorous retirement burden designed to destroy the USPS in support of much more expensive services of the private sector–THEY DID NOTHING

just to remind --that was when the Democrats bailed out the criminal corporations who caused the crash and left the rest of us on our own to rot–just as the national political establishments have done this year-- both times exacerbating the extreme income inequities we see on steroids now

Just as Trump is the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP’s most recent godfather, DeJoy is Trump’s most recent USPS executor…our local post office has had their resources cut ever since Trump ascended the throne…some days our letter carrier never shows up, other days at 7 PM.

Please re-read your history. The GOP has been trying to privatize and corrupt the USPS for decades. Whataboutism doesnt fly here son.

and when the Dems had the chance to do something that would have benefited the USPS -as in eliminating the retirement scheme foisted in the USPS by the Republican criminals— they instead did NOTHING–it was the Dems lack of action that has left this country vulnerable–again

My dad was a postman in the UK and great people decent and care. Respect to them from the UK.