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Quiet US Oil Pipeline Build-Out 'Dwarfs Keystone'


Quiet US Oil Pipeline Build-Out 'Dwarfs Keystone'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite public opposition that has so far blocked the building of the Keystone XL pipeline, the fossil fuels industry has successfully—and quietly—expanded the nation's domestic oil network by installing thousands of miles of pipeline across the country, according to new reporting by the Associated Press.


I’m all for reducing carbon emissions and nationalizing fossil fuels, but is there any evidence that pipelines are worse than trains and ships? Just curious.


When you consider that the US Dollar is not based on gold but on petrol–thanks to Nixon-- these pipelines getting built in spite of climate and ecological catastrophe, the endangerment of life as we know it and against the wishes of so many people attest to just what we are fighting. And of course their ramifications in terms of global peace or not as we witness the Ukraine war really a war against BRICS. They are sabotaging our children’s future shouldn’t it be our duty to raise the stakes? No one thought Gandhi could defeat the mighty British Empire but the people of India did. The American Empire is much worse as it threatens the entire globe. Isn’t it time for total non-cooperation to bring the machine to a halt?


That’s some mighty fine proactivity, boys.


The hydra has many heads


Well, with Obama stringing the KXL opposition along for so long - great diversion …
Looks like they got chumped …guess that’s what happens when you focus too much on a single issue … it becomes just too easy to work around …


Note that this is happening where Democrats rule the roost: “But the Michigan Public Service Commission ruled the project acceptable, and the expansion went ahead.”

Note that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans see anything wrong with this: “An analysis released in November by the Center for Biological Diversity found that there have been more than 8,700 significant incidents with U.S. pipelines involving death, injury, and economic and environmental damage since 1986—more than 300 per year.”

Note that none of the proposals are any different from ordinary Obama Hype. Talk a pretty picture; preside as if your life depends upon you destroying all the natural world and all the humans possible before your term ends.


Why is it an either or… it should be neither…


We are an odd lot wot.


I read awhile ago (months) that Obama had been signing executive orders for sections of the US to be ‘piped’ for oil – I thought at the time this was how he was going to ok the KXL without actually calling it the KXL, and after reading this article I think I see his hand right in the middle of this mess! He is definitely a lawyer! :angry:


If this surprises you after almost 8 years of Obama, then it simply means you have not been paying attention. I called Obama " the consummate con man " in 2008 and nothing has changed, but you have to give the devil his due as he is still fooling so many people after all these years.


California has one more year of water in reserve. How do the other states compare?

The oil that we must have now to join the oil in storage now hardly seems worth the risk even to the corporations that are willing to spoil the water for everyone else.

Americorp, what a country!


N.C. was officially oped to fracking today. We have been told by the state .gov that all the needed safeguards are in place. (LOL, in the most cynical way possible…)


Yup - I saw a scattered article here and there - blips on the screen, but apparently 350.org et.al. chose to focus on KXL - that Northern leg - that got all the analysis, all the press and all the action - “pressuring” Obama to “do the right thing” and all that … guess that was so much more glamorous than actually doing the research on all this other stuff … even now, unless i am mistaken, i don’t see him organizing action re other pipelines - I know he stepped down as head of 350 - and is into “divestment”, a good thing, no doubt, but focusing activists attention on KXL while all this other stuff was happening … gotta wonder …


Also, off the oil pipeline radar screen is big oil is exploring the possibility of running another pipeline north from the tar sands to Alaska.


When railways provide energy efficient passenger-rail service, they reduce fuel consumption of other modes of travel, air and auto, while building economic structure along lines that reduce global transport of goods. The only means to address the hazards of global warming is to reduce travel and transport overall. Investment in railways to achieve international standards would be viewed as a matter of national security were it not for big business interests associated with automobiles, air travel and wage-slave globalization.


But where would the US be today if Bomb-Bomb McCain or Romney the nominee were elected, or if Jeb closet warmonger Bush runs the White House? World problems seem more related to class warfare over natural resources. The powerful upper-class pit the lower classes against each other to remain in power, proudly proclaiming, “Let’s you and them fight!”


That’s what makes me think the French weren’t completely wrong … I can think of a few 1%ers that would look much better after Madame Guillotine had her way with them!


Are we becoming that jaded that we question the motives of everyone in the news? It took me quite awhile to give up on Obama, but now he just repulses me – guess it’s safer to question everyone’s motives rather than trusting them to do the ‘right thing’. When I was reading these articles about the obadrone issuing executive orders so the oil companies could build pipelines I didn’t understand why McKibbon didn’t expand his outreach …


You just made my point that Obama is the more effective evil because the democrats are the opposition party that are really the fake opposition party and warmongers like Bush, Cheney, McCain ect.; only much more subtle about it. Both parties are owned by the .01 %.