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Quiet War, Sleeping Nation


Quiet War, Sleeping Nation

Robert C. Koehler

And the race goes on. So does the war, but you’d never know that the one had anything to do with the other.

Even when the mainstream media trouble themselves to acknowledge that the primary season remains open on the Democratic side, that Bernie Sanders — and his millions of supporters — are still in the race, the Bernie revolution is never portrayed as addressing foreign policy and the still-failing, still-catastrophic war on terror.

Yet the war is there, shredding the national economy as it shreds much of the Middle East and, indeed, the whole planet.


"What principles and values rule the world?" Seven deadly sins.


What principles and values rule the world?
This is the most important question for all to ask - to ask ourselves and our neighbors. For many years this question has been primary for me. The Golden Rule Project, that was begun in 2002, has been endeavoring to remind all of us that doing unto others as we would wish others to do unto us is the most basic of all principles: throughout all teachings, religious traditions, secular traditions, all cultures and throughout all time. I would be interested to know if others feel that simply remembering each day this common-sense truth could, through hard work and dedication to reconciliation, end war.


Trillions. We never talk about the trillions we no longer have, no longer benefit from. Trillions we do not want to see doing things that we object to and which make us hated and unsafe.


Americans have stopped thinking that these huge sums of money - their money - belong to them. We have stopped even believing that trillions of dollars should have been used for our benefit and not used to kill and destroy people in an endless war.

We don't get anything for our money and are suffering for it. Once we had trillions to spend on us. Think about that. Trillions spent on us, anyway we wanted to. A swimming pool for the town. An after school program for the kids. Everybody could have free high speed internet, safe tunnels and bridges, a new electrical grid, solar roofing on every home and building, every school desk a touch screen computer built in. Oh an amazing amount of stuff really, job training programs, free college, Medicare for all, whatever... a decent dental plan even.

We never did find any WMDs did we? What happened since then? The rich got two trillion in tax cuts and we get austerity and very little for our money but hate.

Try to remember that first they gave the rich two trillion in tax cuts (and more later) before they started robbing us of our trillions and they rob us still today. Kids go hungry and yet we spend trillions ... On everybody except us. The 99% - us!

But they are quiet about it. Don't want to disturb us of course.

Trillions that could have and should have and would have been spent ... On Us!


The inset shows us one pallet of $100 dollar bills equaling $100 million.

The image shows us $1 trillion dollars. It's a lot of money!

Source: The Economic Populist

Just think how that money could impact making peace instead of war!


We produce cash and like a crop ...we are harvested. They literally grab for themselves but complain that we want to benefit from our own money. We are harvested. Heck of an image. So the small bundle at the foot is a million?


It seems when we ask what principles and values rule the world we can see debt as one of the most bizarre of those that are dehumanizing societal constructs. Where does it come from? Ahhh... that is where it gets interesting. Where does it go? Ahhh.... where it comes from. What does it do? ... more of the same.

Unlike its counterparts, debt 'demigods' make resources disappear. First it does so by claiming its deified status of declaring what is and is not resource; this psychopathic maneuver, thus creaties a assertion of SCARCITY then, in wiggly fingered sleight of hand, essentially asserts that having already been deified to create scarcity, it must deign to 'beneficently' (ahem) CONTROL access.

On the social control level it does the same thing: scribbling the 'law' to CONTROL of who is and who is not recognized as a human being with a soul. Of all inhuman degenerate assertions, that tops the list and condemns the construct from A to zed.

In the mean time the constant hammering of terrorization, strictures, divide and conquer ideologies, generates what? The societal equivalent of financial debt. Massive voids torn in the social fabric. And, in that this psychopathic construct anchors its premises of "principles" with the dissociative premise that all it surveys is not part of nature, we have direct experience of precisely how deep its shit is.

So then what principles DO rule the world? The absolute necessity of a diversity of principles present in any human grouping that takes responsibility for, loves, cherishes beyond self, the magnificent creation that so far exceeds our language capacities. Hence the eternal strength of humility that wise people from countless societies have, of necessity, utilized poetry to approach what cannot be seen but shapes our every waking and dreaming moment..


And the kicker here is that although trillions will be spent in the MIC-PIC, this particular trillion was spent in stock buybacks. Damn right we're being harvested, Wereflea. They own us--or at least they think they do. A political revolution must manifest itself or we're done.

(Someone else may have posted this here recently, but it says it all despite it's age.)


Bernie is not the usual candidate and this is not the usual election. Bernie's "revolution" has changed the nature of the race from, it's an election that will be over, to a movement that will keep growing even after the election and even if Bernie is not the nominee. He has stressed that point all along and when the dust settles regarding the election we all will keep fighting and putting pressure on the powers that be. Only voting for candidates locally that have the right values. Staying active in groups that are springing up already. My person opinion is that if all the groups fighting for one thing or another could come together with the others we would be a powerful voting block and voice in this country. We MUST have a third party, the progressive party. Bernie will no doubt be involved and active with us in or out of the White House. That's a start.


It's not just the quiet war , it is the constant bombardment of phony praise for the military. Thank you for your service !!! what does that mean....we appreciate you killing innocents around the world for motives we know are lies? Every war or action since 1945 by the military has been to dominate and enforce our will, usually to steal resources. "Rogue State" by william Blum. Smedley Butler's "War is A Racket",John Perkin's , "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"...all tell the truth about our so-called 'democracy loving govt'....problem is no one reads and the MSM keeps pumping out the propaganda.


With all due respect as you may be different than many others but I am getting to lose all respect for those who keep talking this idea that the most important thing is to start a third party on the coat tails of Bernie having done all the work.

Third party people have consistently denigrated Bernie and told people not to vote for him because he runs as a dem and all that crap and now they blithely say Bernie should somehow be woking towards creating a third party for them!

Bernie did all the work and they have consistently worked against him these many months and yet they want to take the benefit of all his work without their having done anything to do with generating it. What utter hypocrites they really are. First they try to make Bernie lose and then they want to benefit from the work he did that they never did.

The third party movement in America will never amount to anything nor should it until people who say they want a third party begin organizing a third party and building the groundwork for a third party between elections instead of taking the spoiler don't vote for anyone unless it is a third party). That attitude will always make them parasites who drain trength from candidate that like Bernie who would be the best candidate with a chance of winning. Somehow all the complaints the third party people had have now disappeared somehow because now they talk pro Bernie.

But worst of all, is how they want to grab hold of the support created by Bernie as if it was something they had actually earned instead of him. False face hypocrites, they would deceive us too it seems.


What principles and values rule the world?

i for one prefer that question over, "what principals rule the world?" this year more than ever u.s. politics seem like some farcical "reality show" as entertainment detached from the reality most of us experience. i avoid most political discussions because i see that the "leaders" seldom if ever keep their campaign promises. politics have become the new american pastime where whichever team wins makes little difference in the lives of mainstream u.s.a! those elected step into a machine with gears, belts and wheels already in motion. no one among us has the power to retool the machine which chomsky admits the modern "new-world" has been building for four centuries. noam chomsky also mentions the other super-power which may be the one to toss a monkey wrench into the works--the ninety percent of us who long to stop the wars and live in peace, harmony and mutual respect. so, what's stopping us?

i think we proud humans underestimate the role emotions play. fear is a very powerful emotion which often holds people immobile. "if i speak up, i may lose my job," or "people will call me a cowardly, unpatriotic american," or "if i take a stand against opposing troubles, and by opposing go to prison?" however, we can apply that powerful fear emotion in a very positive way. fear increases adrenaline output giving us a burst of energy and momentary "super-human" strength. we have, "nothing to fear but fear, itself! the ninety percent of us should consider, "there is safety in numbers," pull together by focusing on one another and quit obsessing about the distracting political circus. sanders may very well wish a political revolution. he may well be one of the spokespersons for a saner less bellicose world and i do like how he speaks to "our" success for the ninety percent can take down the machine--if we but knew it.


It is so easy to focus on the negative of the current world atmosphere - and put forward few suggestions or steps towards actual global improvement. And, admittedly, positive change can be a daunting task.

But what can we do - as individuals and as nations to truly pursue change in what guides and directs our steps as a civilization? (This is not a rhetorical question - ideas are welcome!)

I love the suggestion to try and re-infuse our global society with the idea of the Golden Rule. It truly is a universal principle and can be found buried (or near the surface) of almost every culture, philosophy, or religion. The idea to be kind to others, to seek to understand one another and treat each other as I want to be treated and as you want to be treated. I think if this principle were truly adhered to, even recognizing that not everyone wants to be treated in the same way, positive change would follow.


You pretty much nailed it IMO. Sanders has said what he intended when he began and any who wish to manipulate him into doing otherwise are being duplicitous. He is a straight arrow and loved for it because it has made him the rebel in a corrupt field. The honest man is the rebel when everyone else lies.

Nevertheless it comes down to supporting Bernie by protesting what they have done to him and to us by these dirty tricks and disenfranchisement rigged game. We need to voluntarily protest and demonstrate because Bernie won't ask us to but it is what he needs us to do to convince the superdelegates that the better candidate is the one the most voters would vote for. The truth is Hillary just might lose to Trump and why the dems want to risk putting our country through a near fascist episode by seeing him win over an unpopular and untrusted Hillary is bizarre.

Bernie needs us to respond to the dirty tricks that are robbing our votes but he can't ask that. I don't blame him either. That kind of thing is strictly up to us. Our votes are being stolen away from us by the superdelegates overriding the popular will. Our votes. It is up to us to protest.


Values are what the election is about or what it is for. We are electing Values. Since I value Peace and I stand to resist War, I want to vote for Sanders.


People should stop saying the revolution because the establishment loves it when you scare off potential voters with something they have been taught to fear. Bernie wants a political revolution and not 'the' revolution. People should recognize that he is running for president of the whole country and not just of lefties and progressives. There are even fools who'll talk of overthrowing and bringing down and what not. Forget that kiddie crap. Those are words used by shills no trolls not by voters.

Hillary is status quo and the oligarchy while Bernie is needed change and reform.


Give Bernie credit. He has worked a miracle like no one else ever could have. An honest man which they couldn't tear down. They could cheat and lie and they could rig the game but they couldn't tear down an honest man. I am glad Bernie has seen that his long years of working on change from within has been responded to by this huge outpouring of support for his candidacy.

Go Bernie... So you were right after all these many years. Change from within the system was possible. Nobody else could have woke people up like you have. Yay Bernie.


At one time usury was consider morally wrong and illegal, why and what has changed?


At one time war profiteering was a capital crime.


At one time the news was the news.