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'Quietly and Unnoticed,' Trump Administration Won't Cooperate with UN Investigators on Human Rights Violations in US


'Quietly and Unnoticed,' Trump Administration Won't Cooperate with UN Investigators on Human Rights Violations in US

Julia Conley, staff writer

Displaying what one United Nations human rights expert called "arrogance" considering international outcry over the Trump administration's record of human rights violations, the State Department has refused to cooperate with U.N. investigators regarding their complaints about such issues for the better part of a year.


The “exceptional” nation strikes again!


The US has always been an arrogant know-nothing abusive nation…and while paying lip service to its own greatness, has refused to ratify equality and human rights declarations, refused to participate in the League of Nations, and stonewalled every attempt toward accountability.


The malignant influence the depraved trump has had on the US and world is astonishing, not only for its own contempt for human and civil rights, but for the lack of strong vocal overt condemnation from people in positions of power. He makes it clear, condoning and embracing such atrocities in many brutal/repressive regimes and dictatorships, actual and de-facto, those frankly evil rulers are the kind of men he likes to consider himself akin-to apparently…the linkage seems clear enough - He ought to be aware, but may not be in his arrogance and mental illness/narcissism that has been termed rightly “malignant” and I agree strongly. That he himself will soon be further in the cross-hairs of investigations (as he is already) and prosecutors, national and perhaps international, to call his pathological actions, racism, overt financial crimes, violations of the Constitution and potential treason to account. Would love to witness him bluster, lie and rant in the dock at The Hague! May it soon-come mon!


Oh well, and here I thought we were going to go after the cabal. This is at least one step backwards.


And it is almost a miracle that slavery was outlawed. Had the South won the war (which was much closer to winning than most people realize), the US today would still be propagating the slave trade. The moral turpitude of white Americans is “immeasurable.” Anyone who doesn’t believe this should consider that one in four (25%) of whites who support Trump believe freeing the slaves was a bad idea. The obvious corollary, of course, is that 25% of the Trumpian Trash would like to re-enslave the blacks. No other country on Earth exhibits this level of moral depravity in its dominant ethnicity (the only exception would have been the ISIS Caliphate, if it had come to pass.)


I find it fascinating that people attack Trump as if Trump had plowed his way into the White House on his own.
Why is it so hard to acknowledge that it was the “White American People”, especially the uneducated racist blue collar trash, the ones responsible for Trump screwing up the planet? Depraved Trump was installed as president by the “Depraved White American People”, and those include your family, your friends, your neighbors, and, especially, those who go to Church on Sundays.
Trump’s moral turpitude mirrors, with great accuracy, the moral turpitude of the American People who elected him, and who will re-elect him in 2020.
Please repeat to yourselves: “Trump, our President, reflects our own immorality, ignorance, bigotry, and civic cowardice”. All Americans should repeat these words until they come to believe them, because they are true.