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'Quietly Putting Hundreds of Species at Risk,' Trump Opens 5,000 Square Miles of Atlantic Ocean to Commercial Fishing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/quietly-putting-hundreds-species-risk-trump-opens-5000-square-miles-atlantic-ocean


Could you imagine if human beings simply decided to stop buying fish in order to save the oceans?
Could you imagine if human beings stopped buying animal flesh produced in CAFOS?
Could you imagine if human beings stopped driving cars - except for dire emergency?
Who could imagine … ?


Another day, another atrocity and assault on our Mother Earth and Her creatures by the ignorant POS in the WH! How can one human being be so utterly devoid of common decency, understanding, and caring?
trump’s brutality toward planet Earth - Gaia - mimics and empowers the brutality criminal killer cops inflict on innocent civilians, mostly people of color; but anyone that becomes a target of their anger and “procedure”, aka training…
It is the lack of moral compass and knowledge, and respect for the Natural World and human life in the despicable trump, who has an “opinion” on many things, all of them based on his ignorance, greed, corrupt mentality and lack of any respect for any other thing beside himself, his bloated ego and malignant narcissism.
Another 4 years of this hideous piece of garbage and there will be no future or Natural World left to repair or save.

One question; how can environmental protections be “rolled-back” so easily under our obviously idiotic system of government? Why is what one president (Obama) and admin. so easily reversed? Why and how can one fool destroy so much of what so many fought so hard and so long to protect? Where is Congress and official opposition to the crimes trump & co perpetrate daily?


Actions of unevolved beings and we let these folks make the decisions that effect all our lives and the speciesystem.

Awaken We Must


John Lennon.


“What reason did he have for closing 5,000 miles? That’s a lot of miles. Five thousand square miles is a lot. He didn’t have a reason, in my opinion.”

So opines the evil racist “genius”. The lengths this monster goes though to undo policies of the first black President is astounding. He is, simply put, anti-Life. My vote will reflect my opposition to the entire culture of profit before Life. Then unto organizing a new Left and pushing for a Peoples’s Constitutional Convention. It may be necessary to spit up this nation.


We can.


Isn’t it a shame that, when the supposedly progressive party in the USA, the democrats, had an opportunity to LEGISLATE environmental protects into law, they chose instead to place their thumbs up their asses and settle for Barack Obama to address any and all “progressive” ideals to be simply “signed” into policy, at the end of his presidency of course.
It would be nice if one of America’s major parties would be even remotely conscientious about the environment?


True. Everyday I tune in to find the next series of acts of evil and destruction this turd inflicts. He is like a robot programmed to create as much havoc and destruction as possible. What better example of the morally vapid zombies produced by parents of great wealth? Unable to comprehend or give a shit about the travails of the masses, these parasites, infused by their narcissism and sense of superiority, bestow their stupidity and sociopathy on all of humankind, all the while convinced they know better than all of us. They will be the death of all of us.


All too true! Tell it like it is Maineac!

Trump is King Midas (Madass) come to life. Except everything he touches turns to shit. His family is shit. His administration is shit. His supporters are shit. And he is one big pile of obese shit.


It would be nice if d-party majorities didn’t depend on the likes of Frackie Heitkamp, Coally Manchin, and Drilly Landrieu. And it would be nice if Obama had actually bothered to pressure his majorities into doing something meaningful instead of deferring to the priorities of corporate stooges.

When all was said and done after Obama’s first two years, a handful of conservadem senators and 60 Blue Dogs in the House had more power than he did. And in a crazy coincidence, they got fuckall done, got blamed for the mess called RomneyCare, and were run out of office leaving Obama scratching his head. Obama was a lame duck – for six years. Personally, I think that was his goal.


Marine sanctuaries have proven to be effective ways of restoring depleted fish populations as well as endangered species that aren’t on anyone’s menu but get by caught. This is incredibly stupid-standard operating procedure for Trump, stupidity.

New England’s formerly incredibly abundant fish stocks have been decimated by poorly regulated fishing to the point where they actually collapsed; and presently the famous areas, George’s Bank and Gulf of Maine are still considered overfished.


“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world .”

Education in our world is seriously dysfunctional.

Teach 3 Core Subjects :


Critical thinking ,values and wisdom with some knowledge offcourse .

What you memorise you memorialise…Trump and his ilk value only profit .

theoldgoat…disagree with respect.

The uncontrolled killing of whales almost lead to their extinction. Uncontrolled corporate fishing decimated Cod and Halibut stocks in the North Atlantic. Natural Resource Management provides for Sustainable Resources and plentiful fish stocks.
Whales need to be protected by quotas and so do fisheries.

Frreedom and Liberty without ethics and morals lhas and will continue to lead to extinctions of many different species. That’s why we have laws to prevent Whale extinction and over fishing and the loss of fish species.

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“What reason did he have for closing 5,000 miles? That’s a lot of miles. Five thousand square miles is a lot. He didn’t have a reason, in my opinion.” - former Gov. Lepage

5000 square miles, is jsut a square 50 miles by 50 miles. Not very big for a ocean marine sanctuary - a whale can swim across that area in about a hour and a half, or a tuna in about an hour?

Ye. I Always wonder why they still keep that big guilded-wood “sacred cod” hanging over the Massachusetts House of Representatives. I probably have not eaten any cod caught off new England since I was a young kid.

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I don’t understand those who support this monster because-according to them, he is ‘pro-life’…
Donald Trash is anti-life in all of its manifestations, including human.
Donald Trash=death


Couldn’t agree more. I am not naive enough to think a predatory system could go unregulated - despite what many are attempting to do. And your premise would be greatly strengthened if human beings simply stopped eating animals from the sea.

Commercial fishermen (with some notable exceptions) have been horrible stewards of the sea. They’ve been so absorbed with maximizing their catch over the short term that they’ve fished out the stocks off the east coast and outer banks for example. We see this problem internationally too with countries like Japan and Russia. It’s pretty nuts because they’ve fished themselves out of work, not to mention destroyed ocean ecosystems in the process.

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