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Quietly Signed Trump Order Denounced as 'Declaration of War' Against Federal Employees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/quietly-signed-trump-order-denounced-declaration-war-against-federal-employees

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In a nutshell, what the Trump order says: unless you are loyal to me the Mafia Don…**** YOU’RE FIRED!


Republicans just cannot stand a government employee who places their commitment to public service above the self interest of corrupt politicians like drumpf. That loyalty to drumpf and party pledge comes into direct conflict with civil service. Civil, a word that doesn’t exist in the gop’s vocabulary.


The ALEC and Koch Libertarians must be plotzing themselves in joy. This isn’t Trump; this is Betsy DeVos et al using his voice as their mouthpiece. The Civil Service was set up to offset the massive corporate corruption in the federal government after the Civil War, turning such positions into those that would hire steady, reliable experts. That’s why we had the Hatch Act, to further strengthen the taboo against any actions that looked like conflict of interest.
The Donor class eventually was bound to worm its way into Trumpdom by using flattery and more business contacts. I smell oil, gas, coal, and Amway products…
A must-read in these days is Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains. The oligarchs are almost there…


Trump, Moscow Mitch, their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP, and the fascist judges they are stacking the courts with are undoing 140 years of progress, taking the US back to the days before the first civil service regulations and environmental regulations.

Consider what this man and his cronies will be doing to our nation if they remain in power. The transformation of the agencies of the federal government will be completed. To a large extent, they have already become instruments of Trump’s own design, intended to further empower and enrich the wealthy and the big corporations at the increasing expense of the masses.

Much of trump’s great stock market is made up of the 401-k’s of government employees.
I got even more concerned when trump/Barr shut down Postal Inspectors from doing their job.
Everything trump does from now until January will have to be undone. It’s all retribution legislation from here on out.


If Trump pulls this off, the first thing Biden must do is announce that all Trump appointees are fired effective immediately. And I mean this announcement should be given in his speech at the swearing-in ceremony.


Without taking the senate none of this will be reversed.

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Good idea. That gives them time to get the cash stored in the freezer and closet into a safer place.

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No doubt, taking the Senate would be required to reverse bad law and maybe pass legislation re revamping the Supreme Court. But a lot of the damage Trump has inflicted was done via executive order and within the executive branch, items like the order in this story. Foreign policy, the military, the various federal agencies, all that would be within the purview of Trump’s replacement. Much damage could be reversed and improvements made, if the Biden administration was so inclined.

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The author does not mention the central fact of this issue - something like 96% of federal employees are Democrats, most of whom are protected by public-sector unions, also alllied with the Democrats. That is the extreme opposite of a non-partisan governmental staff the author appears to believe exists (perhaps along with the tooth fairy).

This creates an inherent conflict of interest and a deeply entrenched partisan-left immunity to the power that is constitutionally vested in the public.

An autocratic and unaccountable government of Democrats is undoubtedly highly appealing to those on the left who seek centralized coercion to engage in autocratic social engineering (i.e. 95% of them. For that reason alone it has to be denuded of power.

It’s these quiet little acts of terror that will be the undoing of the democracy. The effects of the appointment of hundreds of malignantly right wing judges, for instance, will be felt for years to come.

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The only thing that surprises me is that they took this long to do it. From Day One it’s been clear that the goal of this administration has been to dismantle every single government agency because those are the only entities that can hold them responsible for their thievery and treason.

Reaching into your bag of Trump lies, I see. Just make up whatever sounds good. It’s more like 44 percent, just a wee bit less than your ridiculous lie of 96 percent. Google it (I can’t post the govexec link here).

There’s no excuse for the critical dismantling of federal agencies and making up unbelievable statistics just won’t cut it. Did you really think you could sucker people into believing that ludicrous number? Or were you gullible enough to believe it yourself?

You are consistent PB.

The government agency and work place I’m familiar with had approx. 80-85 % conservatives and most belonged to the union along with their more liberal fellow employees.
How about the appox. 99% of conservative government employees under trump’s thumb?
Bad, bad people I assume.

Yes, another act of quiet terror…Amy Barrett!

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Are you subtly implying I should change G?

Except those who burrow into civil service positions in this coming December.