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Quietly, Trump and Republicans Are Gunning to Destroy Medicaid


Quietly, Trump and Republicans Are Gunning to Destroy Medicaid

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


So much evil. How and why could this evil in the world today be so strong?


Exactly my thoughts. It takes a particular kind of evil to knowingly hurt children and the elderly. In prison, the inmates deeply dislike other inmates that are in for attacks on children. The most galling thing is that they claim to be Christians.
Too many children in this country suffer and starve everyday, have these people no shame or decency?
Republican's want to destroy the government programs that have made this country great in the first place. They don't seem to realize they are destroying their chances of ever being elected again. The Republican party is a hate cult.


First they came for Medicaid; then they came for Medicare; and by the time the Trump Administration is through, who knows what this country will look like in 4/8 years from now! Is Social Security next?


The block grants will cover the daily early-morning removal of corpses of the poor from sidewalks and alleys so that no rich "creative class" yuppie waiting for their Uber driverless car to the Google office need see be offended by the sight.


Our bankrupt country is descending deep into the third world.

In Trumpistan lives won't be worth that much. Death panels will have seen to that. The only true wealth available to most of us will be children, many, many children for everyone, because a few of these children will probably die. Oh, be careful of all the people walking around with active tuberculosis.

The police and other officials will be nothing but money conduits. If you want to deal Chinese fentinol, pay the bribes. If you don't want the fire inspectors on your back, hire them off at outrageous overtime prices to not show up.

The army is for rent.

Neither party has any loyalty to the people, they are turncoats to different foreign dictators. Some foreign cartel controls the price of oil, lowering it for a few months before most presidential elections. Everyone and anyone is selling elections.

The 13th amendment prohibits slavery except for prisoners. Our nation has more prisoners at hard labor today than it had slaves in the 1850s.

The 14th amendment makes everyone born in the U.S. a citizen. However, we keep certain kids locked up with their parents in kiddie gulags. It's so bad, a number of kids want to commit suicide.


There is an awful lot of profit to be made in the Death Industry. Depending on who you know...


Screw the cowardly bastards. For my part I will be all over our newly elected Republican hack congressman John Faso (New York 19th) should he move against Medicade. Republicans get away with destroying the social safety net because people don't pay attention. It's up to those among us to be sure they know what their representatives are doing. Letters to the editor of our regional newspaper cost nothing and are very effective as are inexpensive radio ads aimed at constituents. Silence against fascism is unacceptable.


"As governor, Pence implemented a policy requiring poor Medicaid recipients to make monthly payments for their insurance, or else lose benefits."

Free market Jesus told him to do that.



Because the good has become complacent and powerless, of partially their own fault.


Loopholes are grand aren't they?


Probably correct.


" The 14th amendment makes everyone born in the U.S. a citizen."

Let me rephrase that:
The 14th amendment makes everyone born in the U.S. a second class citizen...except the economic elite.


Yes. Just like Clinton's HMO scam as First Lady when she destroyed health care in the USA, Social Security will be subject to "Cross-Check" type scam software to "disallow" and make so complicated Social Security, that nobody will be able to collect except Wall Street Brokers.

We need to all resolve that raiding Social Security is unacceptable. If they touch that, we block all the traffic with our unreliable cars that have no gas in them. We will not cooperate.


There will be at least one fairly powerful lobbying group against destroying Medicaid: the nursing home industry. People seem to forget that Medicaid pays for a lot of nursing home care. I remember the last time there was talk of Medicaid "reform," and Michael Moore said that it should be called something like the Let's Throw Grandma Out On The Street bill. I think that's still a good idea.


We don't have to allow it to be quietly. Shout it from the rooftops, send letters and email to newspapers, push it!


they already have. the disability insurance program is on life support. Many of us with ailments that used to be automatic qualifiers have been getting turned down flt for several years now.

There's no easier (and apparently, no more satisfying) target than to kick the hell out of the poor for sport.


"...leading Democrats are planning Nationwide Rallies for Jan 15 to gird against this gutting of the US Healthcare System."

Leading Democrats could have NOW been planning Nationwide Healthcare for All, if they were truly an Opposition Party, when they had the chance to acknowledge the obvious People's Choice and permit Bernie Sanders to be their Nominee.

Here it is, folks, the Duopoly in all its Glory.

The Kabuki Theater is starting up, again.

Business as Usual.

The "Bad Reps" vs the "Good Dems" Show, for all who can swallow it.

And look at the fricking mess we have to Deal with now.


I applied for Medicaid in Texas over a year ago, first time in my life needing such help. Never been on anything other than unemployment before.

I was rejected, and after talking to an ACA person on the phone she essentially said I was "too poor."

Later, I received a letter from the Health Human services, stating "you could be eligible for free or low cost health care through Medicaid. However, the state of Texas has chosen not to offer you this new health care coverage at this time."

I just wonder how Gov. Abbott would feel if one of his family was denied healthcare under the same circumstances, or really any circumstances. This act denied Medicaid for about 1 million people in Texas. The state of the "friendliest people in the country" of my youth, has turned into the State of Hate, just between this and the wall, not to mention open carry wherever you fucking want.


Like George said :
"Next they're gonna come for you Social Security. And you know what, folks?
They're gonna get it!"