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'Quite a Closing Message': As Covid-19 Soars, Trump Threatens to Fire Fauci After Election Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/quite-closing-message-covid-19-soars-trump-threatens-fire-fauci-after-election-over


If I was a bible believer, I would think-
This devil needs to be taken out now!


This election represents the powers that be’s final bid to get literally all “Other” people to quietly acquiesce to being ruled by them.

Using a white supremacist facade to reel in racist whites (the demographic easiest to manipulate into voting against their own material interests), tptb’s plan to establish “Communism for the super-rich” in the wake of the approaching Mass Extinction Event appears to be working to perfection.

Will you throw a wrench in the gears, or will you go silently?


Trump fires all people of integrity. Smart people will listen to Fauci regardless of who he works for or with. Anyone who listens to Trump on matters of health or Covid-19 must secretly have a death wish.Trump looked unhealthy before he go Covid-19 and now looks even worse. The time has come to fire Trump!


If Fauci (and Birx) had any integrity, they would have resigned from this shit show months ago. Over 250,000 dead Americans, but without the influence of Fauci and Birx, the number would have been over 250,000 dead Americans, such is their effectiveness.


Where is a magic bullet when it is truly needed?


Fauci should resign. The election results won’t matter - lots of time tween November and January.
Or maybe not. Sometimes it’s good to be fired - may wake some people.
I am confused.

It’s the equally delusional louts whore subliminally voting FOR their portfolios equities’ INTEREST, that spook me?
They’ve never had to PAY half the working class to kill us.






i keep telling folks who i know that Trump’s handling of the stock market is not a good enough reason to vote for him if other things about him genuinely make them uncomfortable.

(i make sure to distinguish that The Economy isn’t doing better under Trump, that only Wall Street is truly “thriving”) (and that’s part of the boom-and-bust nature of stock markets, so don’t thank Trump until you see how well off your investments are after the “bust”)

*it really disgusts me that so many people put their own personal wealth above the health & wellness of the planet’s future - many of these people have children/grandchildren. Kids seem to really enjoy being around me; i might start telling them the unvarnished Truth about their parents’ politics and the effect of those politics…


“Trump is telling Americans that he has given up on protecting them from the virus.”

Protecting us? When did that start, I must have missed it.
Protecting us would have meant increasing PPE production, testing and tracing, and making sure the public could financially weather this pandemic storm like other western countries did.
The best we can hope for with this psychopath is he will stop intentionally making the situation with the pandemic worse, to benefit him in the election after it’s over. I won’t hold my breath.


My paltry equities portfolio’s up ~1.97% just now: GELYY, BYDDY, SPWR, PBW, JCL, TAN, PZD, QCLN, PBD, FAN, TSM, ICLN, ONLN, SMH, PHO…are mostly East Asian, hippy-dippy alt energy, AI, water, energy efficiency, online, smart grid (not anything oligarchs would buy, aside from Bloomberg, Bezos or Omidyar?) My UWS neighbors include LOTS of absentee DNC superdelegates, who’ve traded in their Audi Q7 & Porsche Macans on BMW i8 or Geeley Volvo EVs (there were a number of Maybachs & Bentleys on the front street, until Yom Kippur?) Guess, they’ll chance Manhattan over the Catskills & Poconos, till we see how things go, up in the hills? I’m guessing, they’ll do just FINE, either way? PS: Fauci’s Gilead & Trump’s LLY are way down, somehow?

I’d nearly been banned, for explaining my neighbor, Michael Moore… about Yuppie greenwashing of what’s now about to replace our CRITICAL Green New Deal, so… hunker DOWN!






Yes I agree and have been saying that since Fauci agreed to be part of this narcissist driven shit show. This is literally textbook narcissist triangulation—it was inevitable that trump would openly smear Fauci.
Fauci as a long term, intelligent doctor should know the dynamics of malignant narcissism and should have extracted himself from this extremely pathological dynamic months ago.
But I’m doing shoulda, coulda, woulda which is a waste of time.
Here we are. Buckle up


If ever the collective fully awakens, it will realize that DT does not belong in the U.S.A., let alone in the White House.


Did you mean to contradict yourself in that post?

Listening to Trump whining “Covid! Covid! Covid! Covid!” reminded me of a whiny three year old who’s tired of all the attention Covid is taking away from him. It also reminded me of a person with dementia repeating the same word or phrase over and over again. And…it reminded me of a stoned or meth addict repeating the same word over and over because their brain is stuck. I’m going with a mix of all three. How can Trump keep going at this pace at his age, after allegedly having had Covid, unless he’s heavily drugged? Just sayin’…


Fauci did the correct, honest, ethical duty.
Stay inside and campaign for change.
Do you think Dr. Fauci would have any media platform
if he had resigned just because Trump lies ??
I think he would have been ignored and the jerk
doctor from Stanford would be on your TV screen
every day. Saying that masks and distance does no matter.
For sure in doors.
At home, keep a window cracked for fresh make up air.
Outdoors, safer with a gentle breeze to a gale wind.


Perhaps we are all better off with Fauci leaving. As long as the media gives him a platform to keep speaking out with TRUTH.

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Sorry oldie. I didn’t see your post until I read the rest and then posted. So I guess we agree. I hope he gets that media support.


Given that Trump has spent the last six months calling this deadly virus a “hoax”, one has to wonder whether his claim to have contracted and quickly recovered from it wasn’t itself a hoax.


I have a serious scoop to report. CDC data says that new cases are suddenly drying up in all 50 states and in D.C. too.

Here’s the problem: what has been done in the 50 states to cause every last state’s pandemic to suddenly nose over and die off? Not that much!

So now we come to an important question. Is this week’s CDC data real or has the CDC been manufacturing the truth this week? We need people to wander the web and find out what state departments of health have all been saying. Is this sudden collapse real?

My CDC source site is ~https://covid.cdc .gov/covid-data-tracker/?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc. gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fcases-updates%2Fcases-in-us.html#cases

Take the spaces out of the address.

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