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Race for Tom Price's Vacant Seat Seen as Bellwether for Resistance

Race for Tom Price's Vacant Seat Seen as Bellwether for Resistance

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The fight for Georgia's sixth district, left vacant by the newly-installed Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Tom Price, is being seen as the first test of the resistance movement with Democrat Jon Ossof, riding a wave of frustration over President Donald Trump, emerging as the race's leading contender.

Monday marks the deadline to register for the April 18 special election, and the national organization Swing Left said it is focused on making sure every voter in the district is prepared.

Elections like these all across the country over the next two years will show whether or not the progressive agenda is making any headway in middle America. What I would then like to see, after these progressives get elected as Democrats, is that they all change Party affiliation to Independent or Green. Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, are you listening?


It would be great to pick up a congressional seat in Georgia. Price won this conservative district easily in 2016 and 2014 elections (with 62% and 66% of the vote respectively) - but the fact that Trump is quite unpopular there and Ossof is getting some energy behind him, might just win the day.


Well said, randlieb. Get away from the lunacy of the Left.

Justice Democrats or Green Democrats, they’re still Democrats, not Greens. Although I voted mostly Green in 2016 and will again, I’m a recurring (weekly) voter to Jon’s campaign. Changing the Congress is Job 1 for now.


Thank you. We have no power now and the best we are going to get is a check on the worst of Republican tendencies.


The Republican Party offers only tax cuts to the already rich who already have economic security, healthcare security, and education costs well within their means. The Republican programs offer nothing but lies to the vast majority of Americans.

To date, we’ve lost HUD, the Department of Education, the EPA, the State Department, our allies in Mexico, Australia and Europe, our civil rights and practically every Constitutional right beside the second amendment-just to name some of the most evident losses.

We are about to lose our healthcare, what’s left of our social safety net and any protection we have from police and ICE agents. And we are pointed directly at a nuclear fueled Third World War and heading right towards it.

The only entity that can impeach Donald Trump is Congress. A Congress that has formed a united front against the Democrats, against Civil Rights, and against the people of the United States.

They do not respond to their constituencies, their duties as officials, the constitution, media pressure or public shaming.

Also it has already been proven that if Donald Trump would release ALL OF HIS TAX RETURNS (other than just 2 pages of his 2005 tax returns that were already leaked to the press) that it would prove one of 2 outcomes.

1- That Trump is innocent of any illegal dealings with Russia


2- It would prove that Trump did have illegal dealings with Russia.


Wouldn’t Trump want to prove that he is innocent IF HE IS???

It is also highly suspected by prominent psychiatrists that Donald Trump has mental disorders preventing him from safely running the country.

We must demand that our Senators and Congress Representatives do everything they can to get Donald Trump and his corrupted “YES SIR” billionaire cabinet members out of the white house before they succeed in completely ruining the United States and ALL relationships with our ally countries.
And cause some kind of catastrophic catastrophe.

Churchill once said: “Politics is the art of the possible.” Yes, I know, that Churchill was Conservative and my quoting him may raise some dander, but that his observation is dead on.

The third party approach has been tried time and again, notably by Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. The latter, himself Green, has endorsed Bernie’s approach to reform the Dem Party from within.

The Justice Democrats in allegiance with 'Brand New Congress, Bernie’s own ‘Our Revolution’ and ‘The Young Turks’ have explored the possibility and found, that the system is stacked too tightly against a third party succeeding.

“Ossof is campaigning on a platform that includes defending Medicare, Medicaid, and Planned Parenthood; standing up for voting rights; protecting the right to privacy; and opposing “unnecessary military intervention.” He says he is dedicated to making the U.S. “a global leader against climate change” and reforming campaign finance laws…”
Which gives rise to the question, why is John Lewis endorsing him ?

Because Lewis is for those things as well. I would guess that Ossof is a little to the right of Lewis overall - but Ossof would be clearly left of most people in his district.



I live in the 6th district and we have a Ossof campaign sign in our yard though we are much to the Left of his politics. It’s an affluent district, conservative (Newt Gingrich once represented it), and with so many candidates running there will most likely be a runoff election in June. I wish we had ranked voting like they do in Maine but hey, this is Georgia. If any of the Democrats manage to win the election it will be a huge improvement over Tom Price.

Ossof served as an intern to Lewis after graduating college and was also an aide to another local Congressman, Hank Johnson. Trump carried the district by only 1.5 points. Of course he was running against HRC who was actively seeking Republican votes in the Atlanta metro area.

One of the major issues in the campaign is that Ossof doesn’t live in the district. He says if he wins he will move there of course. He attended a local private school and then went to Georgetown. It’s been a long time since any white Democrats were players in Georgia so he is up against long odds. To give you an idea there is not a single Democrat, white or otherwise, holding a statewide office.


Both Ossof and Lewis are Dnc/third way dems. No chance in Hades I will vote for either. It’s just more of the same old same old.
First, we must cleanse the Party once and for all of Goldman Democrats. There’s not that many left, whether in the Federal or state governments. Then seize the name back. Elect candidates of the working class, for the working class, and by the working class. There is no need to be a professional politician. In fact, fresh blood, without any legislative experience I would welcome.
It is clear to this lifelong Democrat that there is currently no one in office representing the wage earner, the poor, the sick, the indigent, or the elderly. Forget the middle class, they are being driven over the cliff as we speak.
Put away your frivolous concerns of immigrants, trangender bathrooms, and the Russians/Isis/ are coming to get us. We are being played, damn it.
United we stand, divided we fall. They are successfully dividing and conquering us, at will.
The only other option is violent revolt, and TPTB are well prepared for that. If fact, it plays into their hands nicely. Why do you think our police are being militarized?

Did you read the comment above yours about the makeup of the district? This is basically like saying I want hard right conservatives to hold congress and the White House unchecked until the perfect liberal candidate wins my conservative district. It makes no sense.

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Thanks for the perspective. I didn’t realize Ossof doesn’t live in the district - that might really hurt his campaign. I wish he supported single payer health care like Lewis does. Even in a conservative district, I really think you are just as well off taking the stronger stance on that issue - otherwise your position becomes conflated with Obamacare which has too much baggage in Georgia.


Thanks for the real world comment to earthling1.

Yes, it’s a conservative district. I voted Green in the general election, write-in, because Stein wasn’t even on the ballot in Georgia. While I voted for Bernie in the primary, HRC had the backing of every significant Democrat in the state (except state senator Vincent Fort who is running for Atlanta mayor), and John Lewis was particularly aggressive against Bernie’s campaign. Very disappointing because the John Lewis of his Civil Rights days never would have supported a Wall Street, war hawk like HRC. Oh well.

Maybe older folks like me, I’m 61, should not be able to vote unless 16 year olds, who have much more at stake, could also vote. A lot of 16 year olds know more about politics (I am a retired teacher) and how it affects them than some old guy like me who might be simply worried about medicare or social security.


Great comment. I really think the Dems are missing a huge opportunity with not pushing for single payer. It’s very popular and I truly believe Obama, when he took single payer and the public option off the table in 2009, made a serious strategic error. Maybe his big donors said “no.” Who knows? Obamacare was a Heritage Foundation plan, the same folks who are writing the Trump budget. Too many Dems are closet Republicans who are good on women’s issues, gay rights and other social issues but fold on class issues. And they wonder why so many working class voters hold them in contempt?

Trump’s budget is a gold mine for Dems. War, more war, more security state, and cuts to everything else. They have to be more than “Trump is evil.”

The wild card is if a 9/11 or similar event happens. Then all bets are off. Bush got many Americans to believe that attacking Iraq was a good idea even though it had nothing to do with 9/11. Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine should be read by everyone who is concerned about our future.

You’ve got twenty years on me, but I’ve got a 6-year old and worry about the kind of country we are leaving him. I live in a very red area of California. I’ve come to realize it’s about getting the most progressive person we can in, not someone who is with me, or the progressive internet, 100%. Just doing that would be a big step in a better direction. We are in the minority. Do we want to give the hard right unchecked rule in a quest for perfection, or not?

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I worry about the kids, like your 6-year old, who will have to live in the America that we leave them. One reason we never had children. The hard right has such a dog eat dog mentality, everyone is on their own, unless of course they are born wealthy, and it seems pretty dark. I sometimes think the .01% sees us as simple serfs and as collateral damage when the economy crumbles.

My only ray of sunshine is that the rich and powerful will do what they can to prevent nuclear disaster because they have the most to lose. Living in a bunker in New Zealand for 50 years doesn’t sound so great.

No, I’m saying the entire party must be cleaned out. Ossof will get the same treatment Sanders got. He will be marginalized by party leaders, the DNC/Third way clique. The head.must be cut off this fraudulant party of the people. I’m not falling for it again.

I find it strange that you’d rather fight the party out of power than the one in power, particularly since the party in power is actively working to dismantle things you care about. HRC wasn’t going to cut meals on wheels, dismantle Medicaid, or destroy NEPA even on her worst days. More to the point, Sanders has more media spotlight and pull than any party “leader” right now. Your argument is just the opposite of Bernie’s. It’s one the wrecking crew Left seems to promulgate to justify accepting fate, hoping something good comes from hard right rule, while stamping their feet and yelling “my way!”

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