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Racial Justice Activist Erica Garner, Daughter of Eric Garner, Dies at Age 27


Racial Justice Activist Erica Garner, Daughter of Eric Garner, Dies at Age 27

Common Dreams staff

"She walked with a fierce dignity in this world and would not allow the powerful to get by with only words when the problems we face demand action."

Erica Garner


Erica Garner… ¡Presente!


And here is a big CLUCK OFF JERK on behalf of most who frequent this forum.

If only you had a nano particle of dignity by comparison. What a pathetic fucking comment.

Libertarianism sucks, okay?


But why can’t I just dump my old paint cans in the street and burn my garbage in my front yard? If anyone has a problem, the “market” will fix it.


Post flagged. A reasonable person would consider it manifestly offensive, and therefore it violates community guidelines.


“Erica Garner has shown …
… That members of her family can die from those two causes without needing a policeman to apply a chokehold first.”

On any day, any of us can die from a variety of causes other than police assault or brutality. That fact does absolutely nothing to excuse or mitigate wrongful killings due to police assaults and brutality. The fact that some of the population are more frail, or have health problems is the very reason that certain extreme physical measures, such as the chokehold that killed Eric Garner, are prohibited.

“Opinion or observation: I think Eric Garner would have been treated much more roughly by the Crips or the Bloods if they had caught him selling ‘crack’ without permission on their turf. …”

Okay, first, Eric Garner was killed by the police. It’s pretty hard to imagine how he could be treated much worse than that.

And second, the implication here is, what, that there are people out there who are even worse than bad cops? Are you suggesting that as some sort of interesting factoid that some people would find surprising? It would be an even more appalling state of affairs than it already is if there were any question about whether some of our police are actually are the worst and most violent people in society. Yes, of course there are people worse than even the bad cops. That doesn’t mean bad cops get a pass. This may come as a surprise to you, but we generally think it’s a good idea to hold the police to a higher standard of conduct than the behavior of murdering, raping, torturing, outlaw gangs.


Perhaps it is too soon to bring this up, but it appears that the conditions that led to her hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and resulting massive heart attack - namely her athsma and probably severe hypertension (very common in black people living in the USA - but not other, less racist countries) should have been easily treatable at her young age. Why weren’t they?

Something that is never talked about but should be is widespread racism in the medical profession. Even when a black USAn has adequate insurance coverage (which usually they do not) I have a strong suspicion that doctors neglect medical conditions in black people that they would treat aggressively in whites.


You really should not respond to posts like this one. Flag it for being incredibly offensive and leave it at that.


I wasn’t at all offended by that remark, and it is not my place to say whether a remark is offensive to others. I’m also a strong advocate of free speech, and I would be just about the last person to endorse or participate in censorship on the basis of holding unpopular views. (I will flag for spam, but that’s about it.) And I think suppressing unpopular views and sweeping them out of sight and letting them fester unaddressed in the dark is not a particularly effective way to deal with them. I think unpopular views should be out in the daylight. If people are offended by them (as, for example, most people were by the bigoted gay-hating views of preacher Phelps) then letting those views be aired can actually be helpful in motivating otherwise-undecided people to distance themselves from those views.

If you want to flag comments you want removed, that’s your business. If Commondreams decides to censor, that’s their business. And I’ll concern myself with responding as I see fit.


Great response–thank you!


I have already stated, what should be in concord with this forum, although not with KC2669, that there shouldn’t have been a law prohibiting Eric Garner from doing what he was doing, and that the police shouldn’t have bothered Eric Garner. Just a question: When the people in blue confronted Eric Garner, how many of them were people of color? Would things have been different if there were an entirely autonomous ‘City of Color’ in NYC, employing its own police? And confronted Eric Garner that day?

To suggest that New York City has more than one ‘law’ on its streets, with more than one set of enforcers. (Only two or three of them, NYPD, State Police, FBI, are ‘legal’. The bully-boys of Crips, Bloods or MS-13 are not legal but still enforce ‘their law’) You can wind up in confrontation with any of those enforcers.

About police treatment of Eric Garner, … I recall seeing some skepticism whether a policeman had applied a chokehold, and whether such was still being applied when Garner got into his emergency. - - And none of this would have happened if there wasn’t a law against what Garner was doing.


Would it surprise anyone if her heart attack was induced by a microwave beam directed at her, by entities who wanted her gone because they considered her activism a threat or because they wanted to punish her?

We’ll never know, of course. But it has been done before. It was used on my friend a few years ago. Yes, she had health problems, but she was only 27.

(To anyone quick to dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory”: have the cops not shown themselves to be thugs, like, ever…?)

RIP, Erica.


Personal attacks on the memory of a recently deceased person are not “unpopular views”, they are uncivil views.


You defend the brutality of these cops, period. The man would still be here, if it weren’t for the brutality of these fucking pigs. Not all cops are pigs, but some most certainly are.

On top of it, you offer no respect whatsoever, for the man’s daughter who witnessed such injustice, and engaged in a cause to help others seek justice.

You have to be blind to this because of racism, veiled in a touted political philosophy. I mean, it’s all the rage among the pathetic “alt-right”.

May “the free market” kick you in the gutter someday, metaphorically or otherwise. Ayn Rand would spit on you as so much human refuse, if “the free market” ends up not so good for you in the end.

Of course I do not have actual hope that you would be harmed, but wake the fuck up.

Good cluck.


Maybe, maybe not as cops find all sorts of reasons to stop and murder black folks. But this article is about the passing of a young life fighting passionately for justice in honor of her father who was murdered by cops. The fact that both, father and daughter had asthma which led to both their deaths when they should not have should give us pause. Perhaps the following will shed some light on the connection of poverty and color to high incidents of asthma and racist policies:



What courage and beauty look like. Whether or not Eric Garner would have fared worse with the Crips or Bloods does not in any way justify fatal police brutality. Another real factor is the very high incidents of high blood pressure among USA black folks and it most certainly relates to the centuries of racism and oppression. Imagine trying to live with such daily trauma and stress, can you?

Rest in peace, Erica.


Sad. A heart attack at 27 takes another valuable life. She will be missed by all those that care for humanity. I do hope also that her children will be OK, they’re the ones that carry on her legacy. RIP Erica

  1. The number of solar travels for our beautiful Sister, Erica. We Rockin’ Rockers. We Hip-hop Rappers. We be Jahmin’ Rockers, one and all. We, the Moral America, are Erica. We are Standing Rock. We are Love. We are Honor. We are Respect. We are Family. A “National Call for Moral Revival” will never take one step back. Erica. Cesar. Martin. Che. Sitting Bull. Gandhi. We hear you, still. We are you. We miss you, Erica.


Anything is possible. Nothing surprises me anymore. Look at who is in the White House.


Really? Death by cops or gangs, what a fucking choice you give the dead man. Perhaps a little tolerance could go a long way and ease tensions for all concerned. No, the cops act, what we used to call ‘Big Man’ and go ballistic. Part of the job description, I guess. I’m white and used to be hassled by cops back in the day, I can’t imagine how hard it is for an African American to navigate the minefields of racist cops. Cool the wheels of injustice for a change of pace.