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Racial Justice and Transformative Social Change Demanded in Juneteenth Celebrations Across US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/racial-justice-and-transformative-social-change-demanded-juneteenth-celebrations


Make it a National Holiday.

And while you’re at it, drop Columbus Day and make that Native American Day (or Indigenous Peoples day if you prefer)


Happy First Juneteenth of the Floyd Rebellion! May it keep vanquishing antique bigotry and hip nihilism through many more Juneteenths. Just a sip of cognac, to cheerfully acknowledge (rather than prematurely celebrate) the wonderful music and savor filling the free air. None of us have ever seen anything like this – Who knows what it is? To me it looks like it might be a long-delayed victory in progress, and only a whiff of that is enough to break out the cognac.

As a student of the Climate Catastrophe, I’ve never been an optimist. But the George Floyd Rebellion is strong enough to make me so glad to be alive to see this. Angry beyond measure at 2020 lynchings, but also with a passionate newfound attachment to Life: I really need to see how this all works out!

The basic problem with the Climate Catastrophe was the implacability of human consciousness. Up until Floyd’s murder on Memorial Day, my whole life was a continuous descent, dragged circling the drain with USA, by the false fact that revolution is impossible because people never change. George Floyd’s unbearable martyrdom made that a false fact, proving once and for all that there comes a point of critical cultural mass, where too many beating hearts and souls are transformed from the inside out, too many for oppression to keep down.

It’s so very dangerous to let something like this rise the slightest bit. That’s the meaning of CS gas and calling us terrorists and going mad-commando, on the other side of the barricades. We’re coming for them. We mean to put the predators out of business, and that truly frightens them. Also: we’re winning, goddam it. We’re shrugging off the usual co-option attempts like dandruff.

The fabulous fraternal order stages a bogus sickout in Atlanta, and the cool Mayor says “we need to talk.” Seriously, people. This is what winning looks like. This is how it goes when, every time you need another example of why we need to re-appropriate our communities from the force, they so promptly provide further justification, further proof of their incurable depravity.


Organic Consumers Association reminder on Juneteenth

We don’t farm because it’s trendy; we farm as resistance, for healing and sovereignty

Farming is not new to Black people

Absolutely everywhere, in every sphere of life, TPTB have grasped history by the coat tails and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, backward over the thresholds of integrity, decency, respect, justice, reality.

One of the most beloved pieces I’ve ever discovered

All Men Choose the Path They Walk by Archie Roach

Some men are prone to misadventure
Questions of guilt aren’t always clear
Some men run from a fate they can’t avoid
All men choose the path they walk

Some men can be faulted for their reason
Feigning to justly intervene
Some men hide from the memories that haunt
All men choose the path they walk

Some men see everything through duty
Cast off responsibility
Some regret that their courage sometimes fails
All men choose the path they walk
Some men have attitude that’s righteous
Care not about the consequence
Some men fight with the violence inside
All men choose the path they walk
Some men have reached their destination
Finding their own serenity
Some men lead others till they recognize
That all men choose the path they walk


Let’s not forget that this movement (by the People) is by and large overwhelmingly peaceful. Thank you Dr. King.


Two Americas (at least):

Tense mood grips Tulsa as Trump fans and protesters gather ahead of campaign rally


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COVID, cops and Capitalism all running wild; feeding on the exact same vulnerable, “essential workers?” We’ve a brand new dismissive euphemism! Ofay Yuppie Liberals cheer for MAGA churls’ super-spreading, ignoring the actual victims. If we’d start a KickStarter to pay workers to call-off in Tulsa, tonight. If we could ensure jobs of ER/ ICU, first responder, home nursing & mortuary workers in a general strike, a few weeks from now; as infections skyrocket, folks are evicted or homes are flipped. Maybe, that would be a more realistic commemoration of Juneteenth and 1921 Greenwood?





Enjoyable offering of Archie Roach.
It reminds me of the long description by Dylan, of the people and how they acted as the Titanic was sinking.
A little positive thinking on this Saturday morning. Thanks

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This country was built by Slave Labor so we must honor those who built this country. We need truth in all of our history books and holidays. We must acknowledge that the Thanks so far given to those who built this country has come in the form of greed and sadism by the elites for 400 years. The elites suckered the poorer levels into believing that having white skin in common makes racism is a good practice. Remember middle and lower economic levels of white color, the elites consider you outside suckers in their divide and conquer strategy to keep non- elites down. In addition to all this, we must eliminate Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day. As one of Italian heritage (some of Italian heritage are against this) I say that Columbus was a bad guy, a disgrace and one to be ashamed of being associated with in any way, however distant.

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No Racial Justice, No Peace In The Streets.